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Environment, Conservation and Wildlife Organizations

Cause IQ has information on 10,803 environment, conservation and wildlife organizations. These organizations typically have revenues from $289,521 to $2.3 million, between 2 and 31 employees, and are 501(c)(3)s.Environment, conservation and wildlife organizations in Cause IQ can also be civic and social organizations, museums, historical sites, and similar institutions, and social advocacy organizations.

Most popular environment, conservation and wildlife organizations

Gavi the Vaccine Alliance (GAVI)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$4.3 billion
Plan International USA501(c)(3)Warwick, RI$620 million
New Venture Fund (NVF)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$357 million
Mercy Corps501(c)(3)Portland, OR$315 million
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)501(c)(3)New York, NY$157 million
Trust for Public Land (TPL)501(c)(3)San Francisco, CA$144 million
American Committee and the Weizmann Institute of Science501(c)(3)New York, NY$98 million
Central Park Conservancy501(c)(3)New York, NY$98 million
Jewish National Fundation (JNF)501(c)(3)Rockville Ctr, NY$95 million
Sierra Club Foundation501(c)(3)Oakland, CA$90 million
Best Friends Animal Society501(c)(3)Kanab, UT$87 million
National Geographic Society (NGS)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$79 million
Pheasants Forever Incorporated501(c)(3)Saint Paul, MN$67 million
Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA-Angell)501(c)(3)Boston, MA$65 million
Chicago Zoological Society501(c)(3)Brookfield, IL$62 million
NRA Foundation501(c)(3)Fairfax, VA$52 million
EarthJustice501(c)(3)San Francisco, CA$51 million
United States Association for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (USA for UNHCR)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$51 million
Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC)501(c)(3)Charlestown, MA$46 million
Rainforest Alliance501(c)(3)New York, NY$39 million
Lincoln Park Zoological Society501(c)(3)Chicago, IL$38 million
Oakland Zoo501(c)(3)Oakland, CA$33 million
Canine Companions for Independence (CCI)501(c)(3)Santa Rosa, CA$31 million
Guiding Eyes for the Blind501(c)(3)Yorktown HTS, NY$30 million
Oregon Humane Society (OHS)501(c)(3)Portland, OR$29 million
Dumb Friends League501(c)(3)Denver, CO$26 million
Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG)501(c)(3)Brooklyn, NY$23 million
Michigan Humane Society (MHS)501(c)(3)Bingham Farms, MI$23 million
International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)501(c)(3)Yarmouthport, MA$22 million
American Rivers501(c)(3)Washington, DC$21 million
Greenpeace Fund501(c)(3)Washington, DC$19 million
Animal Humane Society501(c)(3)Minneapolis, MN$19 million
Rare501(c)(3)Arlington, VA$18 million
Commonwealth Zoological Corporation (CZC)501(c)(3)Boston, MA$18 million
Rainforest Trust501(c)(3)Warrenton, VA$15 million
Land Trust Alliance Incorporated501(c)(3)Washington, DC$15 million
Humane Society International (HSI)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$14 million
Seattle Humane Society501(c)(3)Bellevue, WA$14 million
Humane Society Silicon Valley501(c)(3)Milpitas, CA$13 million
Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)501(c)(3)Silver Spring, MD$12 million
World Hope International (WHI)501(c)(3)Alexandria, VA$12 million
Safe Kids Worldwide501(c)(3)Washington, DC$12 million
National Marine Sanctuary Foundation (NMSF)501(c)(3)Silver Spring, MD$12 million
Morris Animal Foundation (MAF)501(c)(3)Denver, CO$11 million
Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA501(c)(3)Pasadena, CA$11 million
Wildaid Inc501(c)(3)San Francisco, CA$11 million
Grand Canyon Association501(c)(3)Grand Canyon, AZ$11 million
Media Matters for America501(c)(3)Washington, DC$10 million
Maryland SPCA501(c)(3)Baltimore, MD$10 million
California State Parks Foundation (CSPF)501(c)(3)San Francisco, CA$10 million
American Farmland Trust (AFT)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$9.5 million
American Forest Foundation (AFF)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$9.2 million
Marin Humane Society (MHS)501(c)(3)Novato, CA$8.4 million
Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF)501(c)(3)Alexandria, VA$7.4 million
Rainforest Action Network (RAN)501(c)(3)San Francisco, CA$7.1 million
Oregon Foundation For North American Wild Sheep (FNAWS)501(c)(3)Cody, WY$6.7 million
Animal Friends501(c)(3)Pittsburgh, PA$6.6 million
American Forests501(c)(3)Washington, DC$5.1 million
World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)501(c)(3)New York, NY$5.0 million
Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$4.5 million
Animal Welfare Institute (AWI)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$4.4 million
Sustainable Conservation501(c)(3)San Francisco, CA$4.2 million
Big Cat Rescue (BCR)501(c)(3)Tampa, FL$4.1 million
In Defense of Animals (IDA)501(c)(3)San Rafael, CA$3.6 million
Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$3.3 million
Animal Rescue Media & Education (ARME)501(c)(3)Valley Village, CA$1.4 million
Save the Manatee Club (SMC)501(c)(3)Maitland, FL$1.4 million
Foundation for the Carolinas501(c)(3)Charlotte, NC$445 million
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$317 million
The Conservation Fund501(c)(3)Arlington, VA$215 million
World Resources Institute (WRI)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$99 million
Urban Land Institute (ULI)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$73 million
Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy501(c)(3)San Francisco, CA$49 million
Trout Unlimited (TU)501(c)(3)Arlington, VA$46 million
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)501(c)(3)Silver Spring, MD$45 million
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)501(c)(3)Norfolk, VA$44 million
Defenders of Wildlife501(c)(3)Washington, DC$33 million
Wilderness Society501(c)(3)Washington, DC$30 million
Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF)501(c)(3)Annapolis, MD$26 million
San Diego Humane Society501(c)(3)San Diego, CA$25 million
Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST)501(c)(3)Palo Alto, CA$23 million
Antioch College501(c)(3)Yellow SPGS, OH$22 million
Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO)501(c)(3)Saint Louis, MO$20 million
Idaho Community Foundation (ICF)501(c)(3)Boise, ID$17 million
Food & Water Watch501(c)(3)Washington, DC$17 million
Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$13 million
American Bird Conservancy (ABC)501(c)(3)The Plains, VA$12 million
Earth Island Institute501(c)(3)Berkeley, CA$11 million
Justice In Aging501(c)(3)Washington, DC$3.9 million
Nature Conservancy501(c)(3)Arlington, VA$1.0 billion
International Rescue Committee (IRC)501(c)(3)New York, NY$736 million
San Diego Zoo501(c)(3)San Diego, CA$288 million
Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)501(c)(3)Bronx, NY$251 million
World Wildlife Fund (WWF)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$226 million
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (ASPCA)501(c)(3)New York, NY$217 million
Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)501(c)(3)New York, NY$177 million
National Park Foundation (NPF)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$150 million
Conservation International Foundation (CI)501(c)(3)Arlington, VA$138 million
Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$126 million
National Audubon Society501(c)(3)New York, NY$109 million
National Wildlife Federation (NWF)501(c)(3)Reston, VA$91 million
National Trust for Historic Preservation501(c)(3)Washington, DC$51 million
Student Conservation Association (SCA)501(c)(3)Arlington, VA$51 million
Woodland Park Zoo501(c)(3)Seattle, WA$42 million
North Shore Animal League America501(c)(3)Port Washington, NY$42 million
Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC)501(c)(3)Charlottesvle, VA$37 million
National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$32 million
Oceana501(c)(3)Washington, DC$24 million
Ocean Conservancy Inc501(c)(3)Washington, DC$24 million
African Wildlife Foundation (AWF)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$24 million
Morton Arboretum501(c)(3)Lisle, IL$18 million
PAWS Chicago501(c)(3)Chicago, IL$16 million
Louisiana SPCA501(c)(3)New Orleans, LA$6.8 million
Center for Research Libraries (CRL)501(c)(3)Chicago, IL$8.7 million
Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation501(c)(3)East Dundee, IL$7.5 million
Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (WPC)501(c)(3)Pittsburgh, PA$21 million
Federalist Society for Law & Public Policy Studies501(c)(3)Washington, DC$20 million
Arizona Humane Society (AHS)501(c)(3)Phoenix, AZ$17 million
African Parks Foundation of America501(c)(3)New York, NY$13 million
Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust (LANLT)501(c)(3)Los Angeles, CA$11 million
Aquarium of the Bay501(c)(3)San Francisco, CA$11 million
Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF)501(c)(3)Walnut Creek, CA$10 million
Fairmount Park Conservancy501(c)(3)Philadelphia, PA$7.5 million
Zoo Miami Foundation (ZSF)501(c)(3)Miami, FL$6.8 million
Namati501(c)(3)Washington, DC$6.2 million
Chester County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (CCSPCA)501(c)(3)West Chester, PA$6.1 million
Ecotrust501(c)(3)Portland, OR$5.9 million
Forest Trends Association501(c)(3)Washington, DC$5.2 million
The Columbus Foundation501(c)(3)Columbus, OH$364 million
Loretto Independent Living Services Inc501(c)(3)N Syracuse, NY$42 million
The International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE)501(c)(3)Kenya, $27 million
Dr Phillips Inc501(c)(3)Orlando, FL$26 million
Community Foundation for Southern Arizona (CFSAZ)501(c)(3)Tucson, AZ$14 million
Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation (PWSAC)501(c)(3)Cordova, AK$13 million
Fort Wayne Children's Zoo501(c)(3)Fort Wayne, IN$12 million
Hill Country Youth Ranch (HCYR)501(c)(3)Ingram, TX$11 million
Southern Oklahoma Regional Disposal501(c)(3)Ardmore, OK$7.5 million
Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida501(c)(3)Tallahassee, FL$7.3 million
North Carolina Zoological Society501(c)(3)Asheboro, NC$7.1 million
A21 Campaign501(c)(3)Costa Mesa, CA$6.5 million
Little Traverse Conservancy Inc501(c)(3)Harbor SPGS, MI$5.2 million
Reb Meyer Baal Haness Charity501(c)(3)Brooklyn, NY$4.7 million
Olive Branch Mission501(c)(3)Chicago, IL$2.8 million
Environment America Research and Policy Center Inc501(c)(3)Washington, DC$2.8 million
American Veterinary Medical Foundation501(c)(3)Schaumburg, IL$2.7 million
National Greyhound Adoption Program (NGAP)501(c)(3)Philadelphia, PA$2.5 million
Potomac Riverkeeper Network (PRKN)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$2.4 million
Splash International501(c)(3)Seattle, WA$2.3 million
The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County (TLC)501(c)(3)Avondale, PA$2.3 million
Dutchess County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DCSPCA)501(c)(3)Hyde Park, NY$2.1 million

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