Why Cause IQ

Better data

We have up-to-date key personnel information, grant details, contact information, client lists of many vendors, and segment-specific data sources

Up-to-date key personnel

Cause IQ has up-to-date key personnel information, with multiple data sources beyond the Form 990 feeding a specific person's profile.

Staff Change Monitoring We use secret sauce to know when people join and leave organizations

Researchers Our staff conduct manual research on key personnel to build more complete profiles

Data Partners We use data partners specializing in key personnel to keep our information up-to-date

Contact information

You need contact information to build relationships with clients and customers, which Cause IQ provides with email addresses and phone numbers.

Email Addresses View or get reports of email addresses you can use for CAN-SPAM-compliant emails

Phone Numbers Both general office numbers and direct dials for key personnel at organizations

Email Validation Emails are validated with a third-party validation service to minimize hard bounces

Client lists

Cause IQ knows which products and services organizations buy, and makes it easy to search organizations using specific companies or tech products.

Service Providers Multiple sources for accounting, financial, fundraising, consulting, insurance, and other firms nonprofits use.

Tech Products Which fundraising, CRM, CMS, marketing, and other tech products organizations use

Historic Usage Know the firms organizations used to use and how often they change their service providers

Vertical-specific data

Cause IQ has niche data sources for specific verticals, so you can target and service specific types of your clients.

Form 5500 Employee benefit plan information with service provider and plan characteristics

Website Analyzer Tools that analyze publically-facing websites to know what powers nonprofit technologies

Schedule G Fundraising information on amounts raised, fundraising solicitors, and fundraising events

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