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American Humane - First To Serve is an organization committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of animals. Its leadership programs promote and nurture bonds between humans and animals. The American Humane hero dog awards celebrate acts of heroism by dogs across the country. American Humane rescue teams have been saving animals from natural disasters, cruelty, neglect, or hoarding for over 100 years. It is located in Washington, DC.
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American Humane Association
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Program areas at American Humane - First To Serve

American Humane hollywoodamerican Humane's "no animals were harmed" certification program was and is the First To Serve in the protection of animals in film and television, safeguarding millions of animals on tens of thousands of productions worldwide for more than 80 years. Since 1940, our program has been at the forefront of animal welfare in filmed entertainment. We are the only industry-sanctioned organization with oversight of animals in filmed production and the sole entity To award the internationally recognized no animals were harmed end-credit certification To productions that meet our rigorous standard of care.the purpose of the no animals were harmed certification program is To help ensure and certify the safety of animal actors, which also results in greater safety for human actors, in the production of filmed media. The program fundamentally: works To protect animals used in film, television and commercial production, no matter where filming occurs, during the production and on set. Educates and informs film industry professionals and the public regarding the Humane treatment of animal actors in the global media community. Verifies American Humane's guidelines for the safe use of animals in filmed media with specially trained certified animal safety representatives, many of whom are veterinarians.our certified animal safety representatives successfully protected 90,000 animals in more than 300 films and episodic series, supervising 3,000 production days of action on everything from indie films To the biggest box-office blockbusters.
American Humane rescuefor more than 100 years, American Humane rescue teams have been First To Serve in the protection of animals suffering in natural disasters as well as man-made cases of cruelty, neglect, or hoarding. American Humane rescue teams save, feed and shelter animals in crisis, and provide lifesaving tips and disaster preparation training before, during and after disasters. The program's purpose is To provide intervention for communities in crisis and To help build more Humane communities nationwide through training, grants, shelter support and Humane education. Provided hurricane relief: American Humane rescue had two requests with four mission tasks for hurricane ida that was a federally declared disaster following the strong category 4 hurricane that hammered Louisiana for over 13 hours with 150 mph sustained winds, 10-15 inches of rain and 5-12 feet of storm surge. American Humane received the second request by Louisiana department of agriculture and forestry (ldaf) To assist our mou partner terrebonne and lafourche parishes with three mission tasks. Terrebonne parish reported 90% of homes were damaged, 60% of them were left uninhabitable. Six teams responded, operating under hybrid covid-19 safety protocols due To the lack of hotels. Oklahoma and Louisiana regional response trucks and trailers were utilized along with an rv To house responders on site for 31 days. An emergency temporary animal shelter was created To handle the overflow dogs for both parishes providing care, medical support for 120 plus dogs, decontamination, and demobilization of the shelter at the end. Saved animals during the pandemic: American Humane took a leadership role in supporting shelter pets abandoned during the pandemic, providing one million meals, as well as critically needed supplies and medicines through its "feed the hungry covid-19 fund" (the fund). The fund continues To offer relief To shelters and rescues beyond the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic. We were able To provide grant funding To shelters and rescue organizations in desperate need of assistance. Two of the receiving shelters were impacted by the devastating december tornado outbreak in Kentucky. This brought us To a total of 1,166,250 meals across 46 states and 1 territory. The fund enables us To support local shelters and rescues during challenging times, and we will continue To leverage grant opportunities To provide relief nationwide. Sheltered animals amidst the caldor wildfires: American Humane rescue was requested by el dorado county animal services To assist with four mission tasks To assist el dorado county, ca and douglas county, nv during the caldor wildfire that became a federally declared disaster, burned over 200,000 acres, and threatened south lake tahoe. Still operating under covid 19 safety protocols, three teams responded, helping shelter over 680 small animals on both the west side and east side of the fire, provided critical transport of animals out of the south lake tahoe evacuated areas on the east side, set up, secured, and provided management of the east side temporary shelter, and assisted with decontamination and demobilization of resources on the west side as pets went home after evacuation orders were lifted. All this enabled el dorado county animal services To shelter over 1,700 animals and provide critical services To the animals in their county. Helped those who need it most: American Humane rescue held a vaccine and wellness clinic during national pet preparedness month in june with our partners at zoetis and terrebonne parish animal shelter. The clinic enabled low-income families To access essential preventive vet care for their cats and dogs, educate them on the importance of vet care, and helped connect them with local veterinary resources for continued routine care. Trained more rescuers: American Humane was able To provide a series of First responder rescue trainings at the American Humane sanctuary, "saturdays at the sanctuary." Class participants received hands-on education about dog and cat behavior and proper handling techniques, how To prepare their pets and community for a disaster, and essential components of deploying as an American Humane rescue First responder. Provided support overseas: as war broke out in ukraine, the concern was not only for the citizens, but the animals caught in the crossfire. American Humane collaborated with narsc partners that had existing ukraine contacts and networks To support operations and facilitate logistics. American Humane provided $75,000 in emergency relief grants that have supported local animal shelters and assisted evacuees and their pets fleeing To neighboring countries in securing essential medical care, documentation, and supplies. The grants have also provided relief, food, care, and critical evacuation transport for zoo and wildlife rehab facilities that have been impacted.
American Humane farm animal programthe American Humane farm animal program was - and is - the First To Serve in the protection of farm animals. Our American Humane certified farm animal welfare certification program is the oldest, largest, and fastest-growing auditing and certification effort in the country. The purpose of this vital program is To help improve and verify the treatment of animals on farms and ranches utilizing evidence and science-based welfare standards, and To educate consumers and people involved in the food supply chain about the significance and benefits of the Humane treatment of farm animals.this program certifies the Humane treatment of more animals in food production than any other and has expanded into south america. Farm animal welfare standards are regularly reviewed by the program's scientific advisory committee, an international group of animal science experts, veterinarians, and ethicists. Third-party audits are conducted annually by independent auditors, and are based on objective, measurable, science-based criteria. The program covers thousands of farms and ranches throughout the united states and canada. The American Humane certified seal is now found on many products in grocery stores, including dairy, chicken, turkey, pork, ducks, and eggs.
American Humane conservationin the face of what scientists are calling a "sixth mass extinction" with species disappearing at an unprecedented rate, zoos and aquariums are playing an outsized role in preserving the vital web of life on earth. To elevate standards and shine a spotlight on those who take good care of their animals, American Humane developed the first-ever independent, science-based Humane certification dedicated solely To helping ensure the welfare and Humane treatment of the animals in the world's zoos, aquariums, and conservation centers. We are proud To announce the following accomplishments on behalf of the remarkable and endangered animals with whom we share the earth. Helping protect species in zoological settings worldwide: American Humane now helps protect the welfare and Humane treatment of nearly 400,000 animals at 65 leading zoological facilities around the world. Fewer than one percent of zoos and aquariums have earned our prestigious Humane certified seal of approval. Global expansion: major institutions around the world are lining up To become American Humane certified and we now certify major zoological facilities in 18 u.s. states and 12 countries in north and central america, the caribbean, europe, and asia. Award-winning conservation film launched: To counter the"sixth mass extinction" now taking place and rally a new generation of advocates for the preservation of earth's precious animals, American Humane created its First documentary film, "escape from extinction," narrated by oscar-winning actress dame helen mirren. The film is galvanizing animal lovers around the world and was named the "best environmental documentary" of 2020 at doc la. Raised public awareness for Humane conservation: hundreds of millions of people have been reached through our educational videos and national tv and radio public service announcements (psas) about the vital role of zoos and aquariums in conservation.
American Humane's lois pope life center for military affairssince 1916, American Humane has been First To Serve those who Serve our country by helping our nation's military heroes on the battlefield and on the home front. Brought battle buddies back together: after a lifetime of serving our country and protecting our troops, far too many retired military dogs are separated from their handlers and left overseas. American Humane has already brought 52 of these heroes home and reunited them with their battle buddies. Saved lives on each end of the leash: To help stem the tide of veteran suicide and find forever homes for animals in need of them, American Humane helped provide another dozen u.s. veterans struggling with pts and tbi free, highly trained service dogs through its "pups4patriotstm" program, bringing the total so far To 196. Created more training centers across the country: American Humane has six pups4patriots training locations and plans To add more next year. Galvanized support for america's four-legged military heroes: American Humane's annual "pups4patriots dinner dance" raised funds for our veterans with the help of internationally renowned philanthropists and veterans' advocates.
American Humane hero dog awards the American Humane hero dog awards were created To celebrate the extraordinary acts of heroism performed by our best friends. This popular, yearly national campaign draws hundreds of courageous canines from across the country, more than a million votes by the American public, and four billion media impression, including features by nbc nightly news with lester holt kid's edition, today show and people magazine all culminating in a celebrity-studded, national television broadcast. American Humane sanctuary the American Humane sanctuary is a transformational rescue retreat for animals set in west palm beach, fl. Ever since we were called upon To Serve our country during world war i, American Humane has been supporting the u.s. military. We work To help our brave veterans overcome the invisible wounds of duty through American Humane's famed "pups4patriots" program. While at the sanctuary, p4p teams will continue their complete hands-on training sessions To cultivate the important connection between the veteran and his or her new service dog. Creating a welcoming environment conducive To this bonding process is crucial To the success of our program.in addition To helping our nation's veterans, the sanctuary is a haven where rescued animals can find hope and healing and eventually a forever home of their own. This one-of-a-kind refuge will Serve many functions, ultimately leading To a better tomorrow for all living creatures and the people with whom they come into contact. American Humane certified pet provider program throughout time, pets have been, are, and will always be staples in our lives. Because of this special bond it's important that we consider not only where our pets come from but also who is involved in the process of caring for them before they reach your home. Pet providers who meet American Humane's rigorous science-based certification standards set themselves apart from others and give pet owners assurance that their pets have been treated well on the journey To their new family.american Humane's pet provider program is focused on assessing the condition, well-being and welfare of small mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and aquatic life at pet provider locations and animal suppliers. American Humane certified brands are distinguished as those that prioritize animal welfare. The program incorporates science- and evidence-based practices into a verifiable third-party audit program.american Humane in actionamerican Humane in action is a tv series that provides viewers with a firsthand look at how our groundbreaking programs affect change in the real world, from animals rescued from perilous disasters To endangered species on the brink of extinction. Hosted by American Humane ceo and president dr. robin ganzert, the series features hollywood stars four-legged and two-legged leading conservationists, frontline rescue workers, those battling To keep our country safe and those who ensure a Humane food supply. Each episode shines a spotlight on a different program area: rescue, military, conservation, hollywood and farm, with an overarching theme emphasizing how we continue To strengthen the human-animal bond. Public education, prevention, and outreachas the leader on animal welfare issues since 1877, news organizations are constantly seeking our expertise and commentary. We work with thousands of local, regional, and national news groups To get out lifesaving information and spread our message of compassion, caring and hope. Recent highlights of our educational outreach include: reaching the world with our Humane messages, reaching millions of people, encouraging them To be kind To animals and providing them with tools To create a more compassionate world. Generating major news stories on helping animals carried by prominent national publications, newspapers, magazines, and news stations. Touching millions through a national television broadcast of the 11th annual American Humane hero dog awards on hallmark channel with its 80 million+ subscribers. This annual campaign highlights the life-changing, life-saving power of the bond between animals and people. Our award-winning national television and radio psas and billboard campaigns are reaching hundreds of millions of people each year with lifesaving information, messages of compassion, and practical ways the public can support Humane farming, Humane conservation of the world's remarkable and endangered creatures, veterans needing service dogs, and animals caught in disasters and cruelty cases. To encourage people To rescue, adopt and save animals in need American Humane ran billboards across the country reminding people To "be a hero." Teaching kids To be kind: for the 107th annual "be kind To animals week," the oldest commemorative week in u.s. history, American Humane unveiled a spanish version of its comprehensive web site featuring free, humane-themed math and language arts lesson for kids from pre-k To grade 5, along with downloadable be kind To animals posters, a pledge with simple ways To protect the animals in our lives, and a fascinating historical retrospective all of which were sent To teachers and classrooms across the country. Building a better world for all of us begins with teaching the next generation To respect and value living beings . . . And this robust campaign was designed To do just that for millions of future members of the compassion movement. Award-winning campaigns: American Humane was named the 2022 social media & digital awards winner in pr daily's social media & digital awards for its work To foster community growth through the hero dog awards. This national, highly selective awards competition celebrates the teams, organizations and agencies who create captivating digital campaigns and have redefined the field with their groundbreaking work.

Grants made by American Humane - First To Serve

GranteeGrant descriptionAmount
Rewild (GWC)Programmatic Support$80,000
International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)Animal Welfare$60,000
Tri County Humane SocietyAnimal Welfare$10,000

Who funds American Humane - First To Serve

Grants from foundations and other nonprofits
Sag-Aftra Producers Industry Advancement and Cooperative FundGeneral Support$2,938,122
Aftra Industry Cooperative FundGeneral Support$736,447
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift FundFor Grant Recipient's Exempt Purposes$290,938
...and 73 more grants received totalling $5,258,065
Federal funding details
Federal agencyProgram nameAmount
Department of Health and Human ServicesCHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT DISCRETIONARY ACTIVITIES$630,914
Department of Health and Human ServicesSOCIAL SERVICES BLOCK GRANT$24,115

Personnel at American Humane - First To Serve

Robin R. GanzertPresident and Chief Executive Officer$713,907
John HubbardSenior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer$360,613
Melissa SanoffChief Financial Officer
Karthik DevarajanChief Technology Officer
Cheryl LeskoChief Development Officer
...and 16 more key personnel

Financials for American Humane - First To Serve

RevenuesFYE 06/2022
Total grants, contributions, etc.$13,822,948
Program services$5,859,782
Investment income and dividends$565,511
Tax-exempt bond proceeds$0
Royalty revenue$2,531,717
Net rental income$0
Net gain from sale of non-inventory assets$1,787,545
Net income from fundraising events$-68,787
Net income from gaming activities$0
Net income from sales of inventory$0
Miscellaneous revenues$6,393
Total revenues$24,505,109

Form 990s for American Humane - First To Serve

Fiscal year endingDate received by IRSFormPDF link
2021-062022-01-10990View PDF
2020-062021-02-22990View PDF
2019-062020-01-28990View PDF
2018-062019-03-15990View PDF
2017-062018-01-19990View PDF
...and 8 more Form 990s

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