Benchmark clients

Compare an organization's financial and descriptive information to its peers

Compare organizations to their peers

Benchmark organization details to see how an organization compares to its peers with the Benchmark Tool. You can pick from any quantitative filter in Cause IQ, like total revenues or number of employees. You're also able to pick a reference organization; simply pick one from the current list or search query you're benchmarking or search for a specific organization.

Analyze executive compensation

Cause IQ has compensation information from the Form 990 and Schedule J. With this information, you're able to benchmark based on position levels and functions, as well as fields like Total Compensation, Compensation from Related Organizations, and more. You're also able to view this information in the Personnel and Organization Profiles.

Analyze pricing of vendor services

Cause IQ helps you understand vendor pricing, both across the sector and for individual organizations. Through the Analyze and Benchmark Tools, you can compare all professional service fees across peer organizations to understand trends in use of vendors and service providers. Also see what individual organizations are paying for specific vendors.

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