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Data tools for nonprofit financial advisory firms

Identify nonprofits by investable asset characteristics, generate reports on target markets, and provide client insights

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How financial services firms use Cause IQ

  • Find organizations in their target market based on nonprofits' investable assets and other characteristics
  • Analyze specific characteristics (e.g., asset allocation) to see how organizations compare to one another
  • Identify CFOs, directors of finance, and others, along with their contact information
  • Save and monitor their searches to stay up-to-date on their current clients and/or prospects

Data sources for financial services firms

Researchers Organization and personnel profiles with a human touch, including manually-researched descriptions and categories

Form 990 Detailed organization financials, including investable asset characteristics and investment management expenditures

Secret sauce Classification of mission, vision, structure, activities, NAICS codes, and NTEE codes

Form 5500 Audit firms, insurance brokers, and financial advisors, in addition to general information on the employee benefit plans

Data Partners Other companies that provide additional details on organizations and their key personnel

Personnel Watcher Notifications on when personnel get hired or leave an organization, individually or across market segments

Tools and integrations for financial services firms

Find specific market segments, including clients of other firms, in the Search Interface for marketing campaigns or strategic analysis
Create Leads, Contacts, and Accounts in Salesforce with the Salesforce Integration Tool, and even enrich existing objects
Make quick work of webinar or tradeshow lists with the CSV Upload Tool to narrow down attendees to just the target market
Generate reports of key personnel and their organizations with the Export Tool, and even include contact information in the reports
Easily identify trends in the Analyze Tool, which can summarize information on thousands of nonprofits at once
Compare clients to their peers with the Benchmark Tool to provide insights to clients and prepare proposal responses

Curious how Cause IQ can help financial services firms?
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