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Cause IQ for Accounting firms

Identify whitespace opportunities, help prepare proposals, and provide benchmark insights to clients

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How accounting firms use Cause IQ

  • Find organizations in their target market based on organization accounting fees and other characteristics
  • Compare organizations to their peers by analyzing details like tax preparer firms and total revenues
  • View and benchmark Form 990 and Schedule J compensation information individually or in bulk
  • Save and monitor their searches to stay up-to-date on their current clients and/or prospects

Data sources for accounting firms

Form 990 Most fields from the Form 990, including many schedules

Researchers Organization and personnel profiles with a human touch, with manually-researched descriptions and categories

A-133 Single Audits Which firm did an audit, and search organizations by federal agency, CFDA programs, or audit firm used

Form 5500 Audit firms, insurance brokers, and financial advisors, in addition to general information on the employee benefit plans

Secret Sauce Mission and structure of organizations, NAICS and NTEE codes, detailed descriptions

College Scorecard Higher education information on school characteristics from the federal Department of Education

Tools and integrations for accounting firms

Compare clients to their peers with the Benchmark Tool to provide insights to clients and prepare proposal responses
Find specific market segments in the Search Interface for strategic planning, marketing campaigns, or client support
Easily identify trends and patterns in the Analyze Tool, which can summarize information on thousands of nonprofits at once
Enhance existing spreadsheets using the CSV Upload Tool to easily benchmark peer groups, append information, or narrow down lists
Generate reports of organizations and their key personnel with the Export Tool, and even include contact information in the reports

Curious how Cause IQ can help accounting firms?
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