Enrich information

Augment and make better use of existing spreadsheets, lists, and CRM records

Identify whitespace opportunities

By using Cause IQ's My Saved Lists filter, you're able to identify whitespace opportunities by excluding lists you've previously uploaded or manually created from your search results. These lists could contain current clients, prospects, or organizations you know are a bad fit that are already in your CRM.

Stay up-to-date on personnel and organizations

Within Cause IQ's Export Wizard, you're able to track an export for future deduping. Adding a deduping rule allows you to only export new personnel and/or new organizations from Cause IQ that you haven't previously exported.

Make attendee lists more actionable

Cause IQ's CSV Upload Tool can do more than just add new information and organizations to your CRM; it also helps make attendee lists from events (e.g., conferences and trade shows) more actionable and manageable. Once the list is uploaded, you're able to drill down to the most relevant attendees.

Fill in missing record information

Using Cause IQ's CSV Upload Tool, or our Salesforce Integration Tool, you're able to automatically match your current CRM records to those in Cause IQ. Once matched, this tool can be used to export new information from Cause IQ to your CRM, apply additional filters in the search interface, and benchmark.

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