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Cemeteries, Funeral Homes, and Death Care Services Nonprofits

Cause IQ has information on 2,833 cemeteries, funeral homes, and death care services nonprofits. These organizations typically have revenues from $49,106 to $534,166, between 0 and 10 employees, and are 501(c)(13)s. Cemeteries, funeral homes, and death care services nonprofits in Cause IQ can also be civic and social organizations, real estate services, and environment, conservation, and wildlife organizations.

Most popular cemeteries, funeral homes, and death care services nonprofits

Garden of Remembrance Memorial Park501(c)(3)Clarksburg, MD$2.6 million
Hebrew Free Burial Association (HFBA)501(c)(3)New York, NY$2.4 million
Maryland Masonic Homes501(c)(3)Cockeysville, MD$11 million
Forest Lawn Memorial-Park Association501(c)(13)Glendale, CA$134 million
Inglewood Park Cemetery501(c)(13)Inglewood, CA$40 million
Cypress Lawn Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Colma, CA$36 million
Pinelawn Memorial Park501(c)(13)Farmingdale, NY$31 million
Kensico Cemetery501(c)(13)Valhalla, NY$23 million
Cedar Grove Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Flushing, NY$21 million
The Woodlawn Cemetery501(c)(13)Bronx, NY$19 million
The Green-Wood Cemetery501(c)(13)Brooklyn, NY$18 million
Proprietors of the Cemetery of Mount Auburn501(c)(13)Cambridge, MA$15 million
Montefiore Cemetery Corporation501(c)(13)St Albans, NY$15 million
Cypress Hills Cemetery501(c)(13)Brooklyn, NY$14 million
Rosedale and Rosehill Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Linden, NJ$13 million
Mountain View Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Oakland, CA$13 million
West Laurel Hill Cemetery Company501(c)(13)Bala Cynwyd, PA$13 million
Beth David Cemetery501(c)(13)Elmont, NY$12 million
The Evergreens Cemetery501(c)(13)Brooklyn, NY$10 million
Woodlawn Cemetery501(c)(13)Everett, MA$10 million
Mount Olivet Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Fort Worth, TX$10 million
Washington Memorial Park501(c)(13)Mount Sinai, NY$8.3 million
Shalom Memorial Park and Funeral Home501(c)(13)Arlington Heights, IL$8.0 million
Mount Carmel Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Glendale, NY$7.9 million
Newton Cemetery Corporation501(c)(13)Newton Center, MA$6.8 million
George Washington Memorial Park Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Paramus, NJ$6.5 million
Beth Moses Cemetery501(c)(13)Farmingdale, NY$6.2 million
Wellwood Cemetery501(c)(13)Farmingdale, NY$6.2 million
Washington Cemetery501(c)(13)Brooklyn, NY$6.1 million
Mount Hope Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Hastings HDSN, NY$5.9 million
Montefiore Springfield LI Cemetery Society501(c)(13)St Albans, NY$5.6 million
Maple Grove Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Kew Gardens, NY$5.4 million
The Proprietors of Forest Hills Cemetery501(c)(13)Jamaica Plain, MA$5.2 million
Ferncliff Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Hartsdale, NY$16 million
Lebanon Cemetery Association of Queens501(c)(13)Glendale, NY$9.3 million
Passaic United Hebrew Burial Association501(c)(3)Clifton, NJ$1.4 million
Heritage Foundation Preservation of the Jewish Cemeteries (HFPJC)501(c)(3)Brooklyn, NY$1.3 million
Mount Elliott Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Detroit, MI$19 million
Green Hills Memorial Park Endowment Care Trust Fund501(c)(13)Rancho Palos Verdes, CA$14 million
West Laurel Hill Cem Co-Lot Holders Fund501(c)(13)Bala Cynwyd, PA$9.4 million
Washington Park Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Indianapolis, IN$9.3 million
Cypress Lawn Cemetery Association Endowment Care Fund501(c)(13)Colma, CA$8.3 million
Lakewood Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Minneapolis, MN$8.2 million
Lake View Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Cleveland, OH$7.9 million
Perpetual Care Trust Fund Greenwood Cemetery As Trustee501(c)(13)Brooklyn, NY$7.7 million
Fairmount Cemetery Company501(c)(13)Denver, CO$7.6 million
Glenwood Cemetery501(c)(13)Houston, TX$7.1 million
Green Mount Cemetery Corporation501(c)(13)Baltimore, MD$6.6 million
Laurel Hill Cemetery Co-Lot Holders FDS501(c)(13)Bala Cynwyd, PA$5.8 million
Jewish Cemeteries of Greater Cincinnati501(c)(3)Cincinnati, OH$1.2 million
Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum501(c)(13)Cincinnati, OH$15 million
New Cedar Park Cemetery501(c)(13)Westwood, NJ$8.8 million
Buffalo City Cemetery501(c)(13)Buffalo, NY$8.8 million
Beth Israel Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Trevose, PA$8.7 million
Cave Hill Cemetery Company501(c)(13)Louisville, KY$8.3 million
Fidelity Cemetery Association of Bergen County NJ501(c)(13)Westwood, NJ$7.2 million
Proprietors of Swan Point Cemetery501(c)(13)Providence, RI$7.0 million
The Cedar Memorial Park Cem Association Mrchdse &SRVC TR#2 Us Bank Na Trustee501(c)(13)Waterloo, IA$6.7 million
Cedar Park Cemetery501(c)(13)Westwood, NJ$6.1 million
Bellefontaine Cemetery Association501(c)(13)St Louis, MO$4.7 million
United Hebrew Cemetery501(c)(13)Staten Island, NY$4.6 million
Clover Leaf Park Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Trevose, PA$4.4 million
Knollwood Cemetery501(c)(13)Canton, MA$4.4 million
The Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts501(c)(13)Newton, MA$4.4 million
The Lutheran501(c)(13)Middle Village, NY$4.3 million
Perpetual Care Trust Fund Administered By the Kensico Cemetery As Ttee501(c)(13)Valhalla, NY$4.3 million
Flushing Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Flushing, NY$4.2 million
Crown Hill Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Trevose, PA$4.0 million
The Evergreen Cemetery501(c)(13)Morristown, NJ$3.9 million
Catholic Cemeteries Association501(c)(3)Indianapolis, IN$3.8 million
Fairmount Cemetery Association of the City of Newark501(c)(13)Newark, NJ$3.8 million
East Ridgelawn Cemetery501(c)(13)Clifton, NJ$3.7 million
Mount Moriah Cemetery Company501(c)(13)Fairview, NJ$3.6 million
Ivy Hill Cemetery Company501(c)(13)Philadelphia, PA$3.6 million
Holyhood Cemetery Association501(c)(13)West Roxbury, MA$3.5 million
Laurel Hill Cemetery501(c)(13)Bala Cynwyd, PA$3.5 million
Beverly Hills Cemetery Corporation501(c)(13)Putnam Valley, NY$3.5 million
Fairview Cemetery501(c)(13)Westfield, NJ$3.4 million
Elmwier Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Maspeth, NY$3.3 million
Oakwood Cemetery Association of Los Angeles501(c)(13)Chatsworth, CA$3.3 million
The River View Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Portland, OR$3.2 million
Endowment Care Trust Fund of Inglewood Park Cemetery501(c)(13)Inglewood, CA$3.2 million
Elmwood Cemetery501(c)(13)Detroit, MI$3.2 million
Hollywood Memorial Park Co501(c)(13)Pittsburgh, PA$3.2 million
Mount Pleasant Westchester Cemetery Corporation501(c)(13)Hawthorne, NY$3.2 million
The Proprietors of the Rosedale Cemetery501(c)(13)Orange, NJ$3.2 million
Lakewood Cemetery Association Riverside Cemetery501(c)(13)Saddle Brook, NJ$3.1 million
Oak Lawn Cemetery of Baltimore County501(c)(13)Baltimore, MD$3.1 million
Lone Tree Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Hayward, CA$3.1 million
Hollywood Cemetery Company501(c)(13)Richmond, VA$3.0 million
Odd Fellows Cemetery Company of Philadelphia501(c)(13)Rockledge, PA$3.0 million
Mount Ararat Cemetery501(c)(13)Farmingdale, NY$3.0 million
Union Dale Cemetery501(c)(13)Pittsburgh, PA$3.0 million
The Hillside Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Scotch Plains, NJ$2.9 million
Nassau Cemetery Association501(c)(13)PRT Washingtn, NY$2.8 million
St Michael Cemetery Corporation501(c)(13)Roslindale, MA$2.8 million
Cedar Hill Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Hartford, CT$2.6 million
Trustees of the Graceland Cemetery Improvement Fd501(c)(13)Chicago, IL$2.5 million
Allegheny Cemetery501(c)(13)Pittsburgh, PA$2.5 million
Ocean View The Cemetery Beautiful501(c)(13)Staten Island, NY$2.4 million
Linden Hill United Methodist Cemetery Corporation501(c)(13)Ridgewood, NY$2.4 million
Glendale Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Bloomfield, NJ$2.4 million
Fairview Cemetery Company501(c)(13)Fairview, NJ$2.4 million
Ocean County Memorial Park Association501(c)(13)Toms River, NJ$2.3 million
Proprietors of the Lowell Cemetery501(c)(13)Lowell, MA$2.3 million
Oak Hill Cemetery Company501(c)(13)Washington, DC$2.3 million
Beit Olam of Contra Costa501(c)(3)San Francisco, CA$750,146
Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries501(c)(13)Canada, $65 million
Cave Hill Investment501(c)(13)Louisville, KY$8.3 million
Sunset Memorial Park Association501(c)(13)North Olmsted, OH$6.9 million
Mountain View Cemetery501(c)(13)Reno, NV$5.1 million
Arlington Memorial Gardens Association501(c)(13)Cincinnati, OH$4.5 million
Cherokee Memorial Park501(c)(13)Lodi, CA$4.5 million
Memorial Park501(c)(13)Tulsa, OK$4.4 million
Mountain Grove Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Bridgeport, CT$4.1 million
White Haven Memorial Parks501(c)(13)Pittsford, NY$3.9 million
Woodland Cemetery Association of Dayton501(c)(13)Dayton, OH$3.7 million
Cedar Memorial Park Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Cedar Rapids, IA$3.7 million
Heritage Family Cemetery501(c)(13)Elizabethton, TN$3.6 million
Calvary Cemetery Association of Dayton Ohio501(c)(13)Dayton, OH$3.5 million
Toledo Memorial Park and Mausoleum501(c)(13)Sylvania, OH$3.5 million
Llano Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Amarillo, TX$3.5 million
Olivewood Memorial Park501(c)(13)Riverside, CA$3.4 million
Mount Calvary Cemetery501(c)(13)Buffalo, NY$3.4 million
Ontario Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Ontario, CA$3.4 million
Ferncliff Cemetery501(c)(13)Springfield, OH$3.2 million
Ivy Lawn Memorial Park & Funeral Home501(c)(13)Ventura, CA$3.0 million
Evergreen Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Jacksonville, FL$3.0 million
The Mount Royal Cemetery Company501(c)(13)Canada, $2.9 million
Highland Cemetery501(c)(13)FT Mitchell, KY$2.9 million
Sherwood Memorial Park501(c)(13)Salem, VA$2.9 million
Greenwood Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Wheeling, WV$2.8 million
Walnut Hills Cemetery Association of Cincinnati501(c)(13)Cincinnati, OH$2.8 million
Turlock Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Turlock, CA$2.8 million
Santa Barbara Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Santa Barbara, CA$2.8 million
Beth Yeshurun Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Houston, TX$2.8 million
Sunset Hills and River Rest Cemeteries501(c)(13)Flint, MI$2.7 million
Lexington Cemetery Company501(c)(13)Lexington, KY$2.7 million
Erie Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Erie, PA$2.6 million
Tulocay Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Napa, CA$2.3 million
Evergreen Cemetery Association501(c)(13)New Haven, CT$2.3 million
Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services of Spokane501(c)(3)Spokane, WA$2.3 million
Forest Lawn Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Omaha, NE$2.2 million
Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery501(c)(13)Poughkeepsie, NY$2.2 million
Greenlawn Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Akron, OH$2.1 million
Woodlawn Cemetery501(c)(13)Syracuse, NY$2.1 million
Charles Evans Cemetery Company501(c)(13)Reading, PA$2.1 million
Pasadena Cemetery Association501(c)(13)Altadena, CA$2.0 million
Mobile Memorial Gardens501(c)(13)Mobile, AL$2.0 million
Baltimore Cemetery Co Trust for Perpetual Care501(c)(13)Baltimore, MD$2.0 million

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