Why Cause IQ


Cause IQ plays well with the tools you depend on, including direct Salesforce integration for creating and enriching CRM information

Salesforce integration

Create new and enrich existing Leads, Contacts, and Accounts in your Salesforce instance with Cause IQ's API-based Salesforce integration

Create new records Individually or in bulk create new records, including full deduping functionality

Update current records Fill in missing fields or update out-of-date information in your records

Custom field mapping Map all your custom fields to corresponding fields in Cause IQ

Other CRM integrations

Cause IQ customers using Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Zoho, and other CRMs can create new records and update existing records

Match existing records Bulk match your existing CRM records to those in Cause IQ for filtering or enriching

Create new records Use the export tool to generate bulk reports for loading into your CRM

Update existing records Append columns to your matched records, and include CRM object IDs for easy data loading

Attendee list filtering and enriching

Make your lists more actionable by filtering down on which records matter and appending columns for additional context

Auto match rows Quickly bulk match rows to Cause IQ objects with our CSV Upload Tool

Isolate target market Filter your list with financial, geographic, or qualitative fields

Append information Create an updated list with appended columns for additional context


Use the Cause IQ Application Programming Interface (API) to access the industry-leading nonprofit data of Cause IQ directly in a machine-readable format

Organization data Retrieve information on specific organizations by EIN lookup

Programmatic searches Find nonprofits that match specific keywords, financials, or categories

Customize fields returned Customize organization results with over 400 fields available to pull

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