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Impact of COVID-19 on Nonprofits

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Organizations within the nonprofit sector have not weathered the COVID-19 storm equally. Newly-available Form 990s from December 2020 and later show that COVID-19 has disproportionately hurt museums, symphonies, performing arts organizations, historical centers, and other arts, cultures, and humanities organizations, along with trade associations, professional associations, chambers of commerce, and other business-focused organizations. Conversely, environmental advocacy organizations, environmental education centers, developmentally disabled centers, foster care providers, emergency assistance providers, and other human services providers have grown during the COVID-19 pandemic, with growth rates equal to or greater than 2018-2019.
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Impact of COVID-19 on Nonprofits

Organizations within the nonprofit sector have not weathered the COVID-19 storm equally. Organizations reliant on ticket sales, conferences, admissions, and other earned revenue have fared far worse than nonprofits reliant on grants and donations. Learn more.

Private Foundation Excise Taxes on Undistributed Income

Only 2.1% of non-operating private foundations are subject to the excise tax on undistributed income, while the vast majority give away more money than required by the IRS. Learn more.

Foundation Grants to Individuals

Almost 50k organizations made grants to individuals within the United States worth over $69 billion, helping with hunger, clothing, tuition, general assistance, and more. Learn more.

COVID-19 Grants to Nonprofits

Over 1,500 nonprofits have established COVID-19 relief funds to help fellow nonprofits and community members, with community foundations leading the charge. Learn more.

Gifts from Private Foundations to Donor Advised Funds

More than 12,454 private foundations made over 25,772 contributions to 2,007 donor advised funds, for a combined total of over $2.7 billion in contributions. Learn more.

How to Calculate a Nonprofit Operating Budget

Looking at just total revenue or total expenses can mislead you about how big an organization actually is. That's where operating budget comes in. Learn more.

How the Coronavirus affects the nonprofit sector

Nonprofits could lose $5.7 billion to $16.9 billion in income due to cancelled fundraising events, conferences, conventions, meetings, admission fees, and ticket sales. Learn more.

How Many Nonprofits Are in the US?

There are 1.7 million active nonprofit organizations in the United States. Churches, schools, and foundations account for 40% of these. Learn more about the rest!

Most Common Nonprofit Types by State in 2020

The nonprofit sector varies regionally within the United States, with geographic, economic, and social factors affecting what charitable causes are common in each state. Learn more.

Top 50 Fastest Growing Nonprofits

The fastest growing nonprofits are mostly newer organizations that have just received funding, although some are older nonprofits having a resurgence. Learn more.

Top Environmental Organizations by Employees

The largest environmental organization employers are environmental education programs, energy conservation programs, or land conservation nonprofits. Learn more.

2019 Nonprofit Employment Statistics

The nonprofit sector employs 21.7 million people, about 14% of the workforce, but nonprofits vary widely. Learn more about nonprofit employment statistics.

Largest Nonprofits by Assets in 2019

With $1.6 trillion in combined assets, these foundations, universities, and other nonprofits are the largest. See the list of the largest nonprofits.

The Highest Paid Nonprofit CEOs

The highest paid charity CEOs earn around $1M to $3M per year, and lead arts organizations, museums, research institutes, and other nonprofits. Learn more.

The Top 100 Charities by Revenue in 2019

With ~$120 billion in combined revenue, these foundations, NGOs, institutes, and other charities are the largest. See the list of top 100 charities.

Top Nonprofit Trends of 2019: Nonprofit Year in Review

Financials are solid, but not all nonprofits are growing equally, and nonprofits are outsourcing more. Learn more insights on nonprofit trends 2019.

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