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Data tools for grant-seeking nonprofits

Find foundations that fund nonprofits like yours

You need additional funding for your nonprofit, but relevant foundations are hard to find, especially lesser-known foundations.

You want to know who funds your peer organizations, but it's hard to find out which foundations fund which organizations.

Cause IQ's software provides the information you need on foundations and their grantmaking activities all in one place.

Plus, our purpose-built tools help development directors find foundations from the top-down and bottom-up, so you'll never hit a dead end.

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Discover foundations

Find out which foundations fund nonprofits similar to your own, and search for foundations by grant focus areas and sizes. Learn more

Understand missions / structures

See what categories, NTEE codes, and NAICS codes are associated with an organization. Learn more

Identify key personnel

Find contact information for staff and board members identified by their job levels and functions. Learn more

See grantmaking activity

Know which nonprofits a foundation funds, and the various foundations that fund specific organizations. Learn more

Identify whitespace

Find organizations not on your radar by excluding records already in your CRM from your searches . Learn more

Benchmark organizations

Analyze specific characteristics to see how organizations match up against others. Learn more

Research trends and operations

Learn more about an organization, including historical financials, operational activities, and administrative functions. Learn more

Export bulk reports

Generate reports of organization details and personnel records. Learn more

Stay up-to-date

Monitor target markets for new entrants and only export records you haven't previously exported. Learn more

Tools and integrations for nonprofits

Find specific types of foundations in the Search Interface, filtering on grantee geographic focus, issue areas, grant sizes, foundation size, and other facets
See specific grant information with our Grant Details Tool, where you can drill down on grant sizes, grant descriptions, and historical grant funding
Make better use of your existing spreadsheets and CRM data with our CSV Upload Tool, which matches your existing records to Cause IQ records for filtering and augmentation
Generate reports of key personnel and their organizations with the Export Tool, and even include contact information in the reports
Learn all you need to know about foundations in their Organization Profiles, which contain program descriptions, historical financials, grantee details, and grantmaking trends

Data for grant-seeking nonprofits

Cause IQ has already collected the nonprofit information you need, cleaned it up, and put it all into one unified database from which you can see foundation grantmaking activity, learn who works at foundations, and discover new foundations.

Manually researched Organization and personnel profiles with a human touch, including manually-researched descriptions and categories

Schedule I Details from Schedule I of the Form 990 on grantmaking activity, in addition to general financial and program information

Form 990-PFs Private foundation specific information on grants made and trustees / directors, in addition to general financials and characteristics

Secret sauce Classification of mission, vision, structure, activities, NAICS codes, and NTEE codes

Federal funding Federal grants and contracts from agencies and departments, to see which federal funding sources an organization has developed

Up-to-date personnel Directors, board members, trustee, and employee information, often including contact information, for the foundations you care about

Identify foundations that can fund your nonprofit

Access all the information your grant-seeking nonprofit needs in one place, already collected, with tools to find foundations that fund your peers, see trends across foundation giving, and discover grantmakers by their grant characteristics.
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