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Data tools for professional fundraising companies

Evaluate potential clients and find more charities like them

You want to find charities needing fundraising help, not waste time on nonprofits who don't do fundraising or don't have budget/mission alignment.

You need to know everything you can about a charity before going into meetings and submitting proposals, not be surprised or caught off-guard.

Cause IQ's software provides the information you need on charities all in one place.

Plus, with our website you can export contact information in bulk and download client lists of your competitors.

Fundraising customers include
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Understand missions / structures

See what categories, NTEE codes, and NAICS codes are associated with an organization. Learn more

Pull client lists

Find out which organizations vendors work with. Learn more

Identify key personnel

Find contact information for staff and board members identified by their job levels and functions. Learn more

Export bulk reports

Generate reports of organization details and personnel records. Learn more

Analyze vendor pricing

Compare service fees across peer organizations, including changes over time. Learn more

Enhance attendee lists

Automatically match attendee list records to narrow down on relevant organizations. Learn more

Qualify organizations

View key financial and descriptive information on an organization. Learn more

Benchmark organizations

Analyze specific characteristics to see how organizations match up against others. Learn more

Stay up-to-date

Monitor target markets for new entrants and only export records you haven't previously exported. Learn more

Tools and integrations for fundraising companies

Find specific market segments, including clients of professional fundraisers, in the Search Interface for marketing campaigns or strategic analysis
Make quick work of webinar or tradeshow lists with the CSV Upload Tool to narrow down attendees to just the target market
Generate reports of key personnel and their organizations with the Export Tool, and even include contact information in the reports
Easily identify trends in the Analyze Tool, which can summarize information on thousands of nonprofits at once
Compare clients to their peers with the Benchmark Tool to provide insights to clients and prepare proposal responses

Data for professional fundraising companies

Cause IQ has already collected the nonprofit information you need, cleaned it up, and put it all into one unified database from which you can see current fundraisers, evaluate budget / mission alignment, and export lead lists.

Researchers Organization and personnel profiles with a human touch, including manually-researched descriptions and categories

Form 990 Details on fundraisers used and revenue sources, in addition to fundraising events and general financial characteristics

Secret sauce Classification of mission, vision, structure, activities, NAICS codes, and NTEE codes

College Scorecard Higher education information on school characteristics from the federal Department of Education

Data Partners Other companies that provide additional details on organizations and their key personnel

Personnel Watcher Notifications on when personnel get hired or leave an organization, individually or across market segments

“Cause IQ has revolutionized the way we approach the nonprofit market. Their products for lead identification, prospect research, and competitive intelligence are the most valuable tools we have for our marketing strategy and tactical sales research. Cause IQ is the brain of our entire B2B outreach effort, and it's worth its weight in gold.”

Cory Kizielewicz, Marketing Director, Concord Direct

Identify charities needing fundraising help

Access all the information your professional fundraising company needs in one place, already collected, with tools to evaluate current revenue sources, determine mission alignment, and find more charities like your best clients.
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