Plans and pricing

Cause IQ pays for itself with a single new client, grant, or customer

Free: Free!

No strings attached.
Search: Find nonprofits with 8 filters, including location, revenue size, and NTEE type
Profiles: Limited, with access to basic descriptive and Form 990 information
Bulk Exports: Not included
Benchmarking: Not included
Data Enrichment: Not included
Help: Chat support
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Core: $299/mo

$199/mo for nonprofits. Cancel at any time. Discount available for annual commitment.
Search: Find nonprofits with over 400 filters, including grants made, vendors used, and expenditure characteristics
Profiles: Detailed, with information on key personnel, vendors used, funding sources, grants made, and more
Bulk Exports: $0.50 per exported record
Benchmarking: Not included
Data Enrichment: Not included
Help: Chat, phone, and email support
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Pro: $399/mo

$299/mo for nonprofits. Annual contract required.
Search: Find nonprofits with over 400 filters, including grants made, vendors used, and expenditure characteristics
Profiles: Detailed, with information on key personnel, vendors used, funding sources, grants made, and more
Bulk Exports: Included, with no hard caps on number of exports
Benchmarking: Included, providing access to peer organization and executive compensation benchmark reports
Data Enrichment: Included, providing access to CSV list matching / filtering / augmentation tool
Help: Chat, phone, and email support, plus personalized onboarding
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Nonprofit pricing
Do you work for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit? You're in luck! We'll extend our Core Subscription to you for only $199/mo, a full 50% discount off the normal price. Just sign up with your .org email address and provide your organization's EIN.
Enterprise pricing
If you anticipate five or more users, we have special pricing, SAML SSO, and audit logs as part of our Enterprise Subscription. Users within your company can also share lists and searches with each other!
Frequently asked questions
Do you have a free plan?
Yes! You can sign up for a free account. However, you will only have access to a limited number of search filters, many funding, vendor, and personnel data and tools are not available.
What are my payment options?
For Core Subscription users, you must have a credit card on file with us. For Pro Subscription users, you can pay in monthly installments via credit card, or upfront via credit card, check, or ACH. Regardless, sales tax may be added to your subscription depending on where your office is located.
Do you have nonprofit pricing?
Yes! You can have access to the Core Subscription for only $199/mo (cancel any time), or the Pro Subscription for $299/mo (annual commitment required) You must be an employee of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is in the IRS Busienss Master File. We need your work email address and EIN to process your signup.
Will my account automatically renew?
It depends on your subscription type. For Core Subscriptions, yes. For Pro Subscriptions, we will reach out to get your approval for renewal.
What does "benchmarking" include?
Our benchmarking tools include a purpose-built benchmarking tool to compare up to 250 organizations to their peers or executive compensation for personnel with specific roles. The tool has both web-based and downloadable Excel reports, and allows you to download all of the raw data to construct the benchmarking results as well. The benchmarking tools also includes the ability to export the past five years of financials on thousands of organizations as once, to provide the raw data you need to conduct your own analysis.
What does "data enrichment" include?
Our data enrichment tools include our CSV Upload Tool, which allows you to upload and match rows from a CSV file to corresponding entities in Cause IQ. With this, you can filter down to specific types of organizations or augment with additional columns and export. Its typical uses are for finding out which organizations in an attendee list are worth pursuing further, augmenting CRM records, and finding whitespace opportunities by cross-referencing searches against your existing records.
Does Cause IQ integrate with Salesforce?
Yes! Cause IQ also has an API-based Salesforce integration, which is available for an extra fee. Our Salesforce integration allows you to both create and update Leads, Contacts, or Accounts in Salesforce, either individually or in bulk.
Do you have discounts for more than one user?
Yes! For our Pro Subscription, each addition user is just $1,250 annually (or $1,000 for nonprofits). For more than five users, our Enterprise Subscription is recommended.
Do you have a discount for paying upfront?
For our Core Subscription, yes! If you pay upfront for a year, our Core Subscription is just $1,999 (or $999 for nonprofits), which is basically two months free.
Can I export data in bulk with the Core Subscription?
Yes! You can export data in bulk, but we will charge you for each record (i.e., row) exported. Each record costs $0.50, so a spreadsheet report with 250 organizations would cost $125. Pro Subscriptions do not charge per export, and there are no hard caps on number of exported records.
What is a record?
A record is an individual organization or person exported from Cause IQ -- a row in a spreadsheet -- regardless of the number of fields on that record. The included use is for unique records within a 30-day window, so if you export a list of organizations and decide next week you need to re-export to add a revenue column, we won't double-count the exported organizations.
Are there limits on exporting for Pro or Enterprise?
You can export as many organizations and personnel as you want. However, we do limit each export to 3,000 records, to protect the overall experience of other Cause IQ users. As part of the export wizard, you can exclude records that you previously exported, to help you download the records that you want.
Can a license be shared?
No. However, if you need to delegate access to your Cause IQ account for a specific task or project, that is okay. If you're looking to have many colleagues using Cause IQ, our Enterprise Plan is a great value.
Do you have an API?
Yes! Our API is available as part of the Pro and Enterprise Subscriptions, and provides access to programmatic searches and organization profiles. Check out the documentation.
How do I cancel my account?
For Core Subscription accounts, use the button in your Account Settings page at least 24 hours before renewal. For Pro Subscription accounts, we will reach out to ask about renewal between 30 and 45 days before your account expires. Just let us know that you do not want to renew and no further action is necessary. Canceling your account before the contract ends is not possible.
Who do I contact if I have a billing question?
If you are logged in, click the orange circular chat button at the bottom-right of the screen to start a chat session with us -- we should be able to resolve the issue immediately. To change your credit card on file, go to the billing section of your account settings. Otherwise, just use our contact us page to send us a message, and we will get back to you quickly.