Prospect for nonprofits

Find the right organizations to increase your funding or grow your nonprofit client base

Find organizations in a specific target market

With over 400 filters in the Cause IQ Search Interface, you're able to drill down by organizational characteristics (e.g., nonprofit type, all vendors and service providers, and metro area) and financial details (e.g., total revenues, total expenses, and program service revenues). You can also save and monitor these searches to stay up-to-date on any changes.

Find funding to support your organization

Cause IQ has the data and tools to help you discover foundations that provide grants to specific nonprofits like yours.

Identify the key personnel at an organization

Cause IQ breaks personnel down by position level (e.g., Chief, Director, and Vice President) and function (e.g., Marketing, Executive, and Accounting). The 50 most common job roles and responsibilities in the nonprofit sector are indexed in Cause IQ.

Export prospect information in a bulk report

Cause IQ's Export Wizard allows you to export relevant information for both organization and personnel directly to Salesforce or to a CSV file. Any filter within Cause IQ is available for export (e.g., office phone, city and state, one year growth for total revenues, direct phone, and email address).

Pull client lists of competitors and/or partners

Cause IQ provides you with the information and tools to identify client lists of your partners and/or competitors. You're able to look at clients of a specific firm or explore the top 30 firms used among a group of organizations using the All Vendors and Service Providers filter in your search or the Analyze Tool.

Discover characteristics of qualified prospects

Cause IQ has powerful tools to help you learn more about your existing clients or target market prospects. You're able to use our specialized tools to automatically discover sector-wide trends in seconds with our Analyze Tool. Or just easily view the metrics you care about.

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