Our Customers

Companies with nonprofit clients trust Cause IQ for data on nonprofits and associations to help them grow, maintain, and serve their client base

Whether you need help benchmarking a current client, identifying organizations in your target market, qualifying a specific organization, or updating records in your CRM, Cause IQ's website has you covered.

Our customers are leading companies in the nonprofit space, including tech, accounting, financial advisors, professional fundraisers, digital agencies, and other firms.

Accounting firms

Nonprofit accounting firms use Cause IQ to identify whitespace opportunities, help prepare proposals, and provide benchmark insights to clients. Learn more about nonprofit accounting firms and Cause IQ.

Nonprofit organizations

Grant-seeking nonprofits use Cause IQ to find foundations that fund specific types of organizations, and know which foundations fund which nonprofits. Learn more about grant-seeking nonprofits and Cause IQ.

Technology companies

Nonprofit tech companies use Cause IQ to find target market organizations, qualify inbound leads, and enrich records in their CRMs. Learn more about nonprofit tech companies and Cause IQ.

Consulting firms

Nonprofit consulting firms use Cause IQ to identify specific market segments, gain insights for client services, and maintain internal CRM data quality. Learn more about nonprofit consulting firms and Cause IQ.

Financial services firms

Nonprofit financial advisory firms use Cause IQ to identify nonprofits by investable asset characteristics, generate reports on target markets, and provide client insights. Learn more about nonprofit financial advisory firms and Cause IQ.

Fundraising companies

Professional fundraising companies use Cause IQ to identify specific types of organizations by mission and fundraising characteristics. Learn more about professional fundraising companies and Cause IQ.

Other providers

Nonprofit service providers use Cause IQ to gain insight into nonprofit trends, identify organizations with specific characteristics, and research specific organizations. Learn more about nonprofit service providers and Cause IQ.
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