Research opportunities

Determine if an organization is a good fit for your company's or nonprofit's needs

See if an organization is in your target market

Using Cause IQ, you're able to view key financial (e.g., total revenues) and descriptive (e.g., metro area, city, state) information on a specific organization to help determine if it's the right fit. The Key Performance Indicators and Detailed Excel Reports provide the insight you need to evaluate an organization.

See foundations grantmaking activity

View the grants a foundation has made, including specific grant details, and see the overall trends of a foundation's grantmaking activities.

Understand interactions with vendors and service providers

Within the Vendors tab on an organization profile, you're able to examine all identified vendors and service providers to see what services the organization is paying for. Additionally, by using the Vendor Search, you're able to examine client lists of competitors and/or partners.

Understand organizational mission and structure

Fully understand the mission and structure of an organization with Cause IQ's tools and information. Our algorithms mine a plethora of data on organizations to classify organizations' activities and visions. Access this information throughout the website, and even export it in reports.

Determine if an organization has a sufficient budget

Cause IQ is full of financial information that helps you determine if an organization has the budget to afford your product/services. Filter on over 300 line-item financial characteristics, including total revenues.

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