About us

Cause IQ provides web-based information and tools to help accounting firms, nonprofit nonprofits, technology companies, consulting firms, financial services firms, fundraising companies, and other providers grow, maintain, and serve their nonprofit clients. Our information and tools help our customers prospect for nonprofits, research opportunities, benchmark clients, and enrich information. Our customers choose Cause IQ over the competition because we have better data, purpose-built tools, and integrations.
Our team
Cause IQ's team is nimble, highly-responsive, and obsessed with how we can provide value to our customers that nobody else can. In addition to the core team of Josh and Andrew, our research team of Cloyd, David, Mary, Mayris, and Sheila help ensure we provide the best insights possible to our customers.
Picture of Josh, Cause IQ Founder and CEO
Founder and CEO

Josh Hurd

Josh founded Cause IQ and handles platform and data development, and also contributes to business development and customer success. Prior to Cause IQ, Josh worked for an environmental advocacy nonprofit in Montana and was a strategy and operations consultant at Deloitte. He attended Dartmouth College and the University of Chicago, and is a self-taught coder. In his free time, Josh enjoys fly-fishing, backpacking, getting lost on dirt roads, and enjoying new restaurants with his boyfriend.
Picture of Andrew, Cause IQ customer success
Customer Success

Andrew Jones

Andrew handles customer success at Cause IQ, where he focuses on ensuring customers get the most value out of Cause IQ, from developing best practices to training customers. Before joining Cause IQ, Andrew worked as a technical recruiter for Fortitude Systems and attended the College of William and Mary, where he earned his BA in International Relations while playing for the Tribe football team. Originally from Naples, FL, he enjoys a day spent on the water with friends and family.
Our history
Josh founded Cause IQ in 2014 to provide better information on the nonprofit sector to companies serving the sector. Having worked for nonprofits himself, and with many friends at companies who had nonprofit clients and customers, Josh saw a need for business-focused tools to help companies better serve their nonprofit clients and conduct smarter business development. Josh looked into the challenges, determined them surmountable, brought a team together, and started Cause IQ.
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