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Technical and Trade Schools

Cause IQ has information on 1,520 technical and trade schools. These organizations typically have revenues from $433,226 to $2.9 million, between 6 and 44 employees, and are 501(c)(3)s. Technical and trade schools in Cause IQ can also be civic and social organizations, elementary and secondary schools, and professional and management development training.

Most popular technical and trade schools

International Masonry Training and Education Foundation (IMTEF)501(c)(3)Bowie, MD$25 million
Special Education Services501(c)(3)North Aurora, IL$39 million
William Carey International University501(c)(3)Pasadena, CA$38 million
Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences (FAES)501(c)(3)Bethesda, MD$35 million
International Masonry Institute (IMI)501(c)(6)Bowie, MD$19 million
North Bennet Street School (NBSS)501(c)(3)Boston, MA$14 million
Hampton Roads Shipping Association (HRSA)501(c)(6)Norfolk, VA$9.8 million
Centex Independent Electrical Contractors501(c)(6)Austin, TX$2.3 million
1199Seiu League Training and Upgrading Fund501(c)(3)New York, NY$72 million
International Training Fund501(c)(3)Annapolis, MD$31 million
Apprentice & Journeyman TRG Trust Fund501(c)(3)Van Nuys, CA$29 million
Op Eng & Participating EMP Pre-Appren / Apprentice & Journeyman Affirm Act Trng501(c)(3)Alameda, CA$19 million
Northeast Carpenters Apprentice Training and Educational Fund (NCATEF)501(c)(3)Edison, NJ$18 million
Southern Nevada Operating Engineers Journeyman & Apprentice Training Trust501(c)(3)Pasadena, CA$18 million
The Building Service 32Bj Benefit Funds501(c)(3)New York, NY$18 million
New England Laborers Training Trust Fund501(c)(3)Hopkinton, MA$18 million
Hope Montessori Academies (HMA)501(c)(3)St Louis, MO$17 million
Liuna Chicagoland Laborers' District Council Training and Apprentice Fund501(c)(3)Carol Stream, IL$17 million
New York City District Council of Carpenters Benefit Funds (NYCDCCBF)501(c)(3)New York, NY$17 million
Laborers Training and Retraining Trust Fund for Southern California501(c)(3)El Monte, CA$17 million
International Training Institute for the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Industry (ITI)501(c)(3)Fairfax, VA$15 million
Carpenters Training Center501(c)(3)Kent, WA$15 million
International Union of Operating Engineers National Training Fund501(c)(3)Washington, DC$15 million
Carpenters and Joiners Apprentice and Journeymen Training Trust Fund501(c)(3)St Paul, MN$12 million
Sheet Metal Workers 104 and Bay Area Industry Training Fund501(c)(3)San Leandro, CA$11 million
Electrical Local No 26 Joint Apprenticeship and Training Trust Fund501(c)(3)Lanham, MD$11 million
Northwest Laborers-Employers Train501(c)(3)Bothell, WA$10 million
Laborers' district council EDUCATION and TRAINING FUND OF the Philadelphia AREA501(c)(3)Exton, PA$10 million
Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTIC)501(c)(3)Chicago, IL$10 million
Poynter Institute501(c)(3)St Petersburg, FL$9.4 million
Pipefitters Local Union No 537 Education Trust Fund501(c)(3)Dorchester, MA$9.3 million
United Association Local Union 290 (UA Local 290)501(c)(3)Tualatin, OR$9.2 million
Mason Tenders Training Fund (MTTF)501(c)(3)Long Island City, NY$8.3 million
Oregon-Washington Carpenters Emplyr Apprenticeship Training Trust Fund501(c)(3)Portland, OR$8.1 million
Kirov Academy of Ballet (KAB)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$7.7 million
Heavy and General Laborers' Local Unions 472 and 172 Safety Education and Training Fund Set Fund501(c)(3)Newark, NJ$7.6 million
Santa Clara County Electrical JATC501(c)(3)San Jose, CA$6.8 million
San Francisco Electrical Industry Apprenticeship and Training Trust501(c)(3)San Francisco, CA$6.7 million
UA Local 38 Apprenticeship and Supplemental Training Trust Fund of San501(c)(3)San Francisco, CA$6.6 million
KML Carpenters Apprenticeship and Training Fund501(c)(3)Pittsburgh, PA$6.4 million
Apprentice Training for the Electrical Industry501(c)(3)Philadelphia, PA$6.2 million
Stephen Ministries501(c)(3)Saint Louis, MO$5.6 million
Center for American and International Law (CAIL)501(c)(3)Plano, TX$5.4 million
Brazosport Safety Council (CSC Brazosport)501(c)(6)Freeport, TX$5.4 million
Hebrew University of Jerusalem501(c)(3)Israel, $787 million
University of Manitoba (U of M)501(c)(3)Canada, $720 million
Institut Europeen Dadministration Des Affaires501(c)(3)France, $195 million
National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP)501(c)(3)Attleboro Falls, MA$36 million
Pipe Fitters' Training Fund Local 597501(c)(5)Mokena, IL$23 million
New England Carpenters Training Fund (NECTF)501(c)(3)Millbury, MA$23 million
Laborers Training and Retraining Trust Fund for Northern California501(c)(3)Fairfield, CA$20 million
National Test Pilot School (NTPS)501(c)(3)Mojave, CA$19 million
Drexel Foundation for Educational Excellence501(c)(3)Gary, IN$12 million
Village Tech Schools501(c)(3)Duncanville, TX$10 million
American Line Builders Apprenticeship Training (ALBAT)501(c)(3)Medway, OH$10 million
West Virginia Laborers Training Trust Fund501(c)(3)Mineral Wells, WV$9.8 million
International Academy of Science501(c)(3)Kansas City, MO$9.7 million
California-Nevada Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Trust Fund501(c)(3)Riverside, CA$7.8 million
NorthEastern Joint Apprenticeship and Training (NEAT)501(c)(3)Douglassville, PA$7.3 million
Local 798 Training Center501(c)(3)Tulsa, OK$6.8 million
Illinois Laborers and Contractors Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program (ILCJATP)501(c)(3)MT Sterling, IL$6.5 million
Lundeberg Maryland Seamanship School501(c)(3)Camp Springs, MD$6.4 million
Talmudic Research Center of Northern New Jersey501(c)(3)Passaic, NJ$6.0 million
Michigan Laborers' Training and Apprenticeship Fund501(c)(3)Lansing, MI$5.9 million
A Starting Place501(c)(3)Pearl River, NY$5.3 million
Seiu Healthcare 1199NW Multi-Employer Training and Education Fund501(c)(3)Renton, WA$5.2 million
The Florence Academy of Fine Art501(c)(3)Jersey City, NJ$4.1 million
JGB Education Services501(c)(3)New York, NY$4.0 million
North East Multi-Regional Training (NEMRT)501(c)(3)North Aurora, IL$3.8 million
Resource Training Center501(c)(3)Brooklyn, NY$3.1 million
Institute of Buddhist Studies501(c)(3)Berkeley, CA$2.9 million
SCATS Gymnastics501(c)(3)Huntington Beach, CA$2.3 million
Neighborhood Playhouse501(c)(3)New York, NY$2.0 million
WyoTech Altierus Career College Altierus Career Education Everest College E verest University & Everest Institute501(c)(3)Minneapolis, MN$172 million
SEIU Healthcare Northwest Training Partnership501(c)(3)Seattle, WA$31 million
Apprenticeship and Skill Improvement Program Local 150501(c)(3)Countryside, IL$24 million
Avant Garde Academy501(c)(3)Doral, FL$21 million
Daisy Education Corporation501(c)(3)Gilbert, AZ$21 million
Urban Teachers501(c)(3)Baltimore, MD$20 million
International Safety Training Council (ISTC)501(c)(3)Beaumont, TX$17 million
Union Academy501(c)(3)Monroe, NC$14 million
St Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Training Fund501(c)(3)St Louis, MO$11 million
National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC)501(c)(3)Largo, FL$10 million
The Launchcode Foundation501(c)(3)Saint Louis, MO$10 million
University of North Florida Training and Services Institute501(c)(3)Jacksonville, FL$10 million
Construction Industry Training Council of Washington (CITC)501(c)(3)Bellevue, WA$10 million
Northern California Construction Training (NCCT)501(c)(3)Sacramento, CA$9.8 million
Operating Engineers Local No 825 Apprenticeship Training and Retraining Fund (IUOE Local 825)501(c)(3)Springfield, NJ$9.8 million
Summit Academy Oic (SAOIC)501(c)(3)Minneapolis, MN$9.5 million
IUPAT Finishing Trades Institute501(c)(3)Hanover, MD$9.4 million
UMBC Training Centers501(c)(3)Columbia, MD$9.3 million
Seattle Area Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry Training Trust501(c)(3)Renton, WA$9.2 million
Hobart Institute of Welding Technology501(c)(3)Troy, OH$9.2 million
Wisconsin Operating Engineers Skill Improvement and Apprenticeship Fund501(c)(3)Pewaukee, WI$9.2 million
Pointe Educational Services501(c)(3)Phoenix, AZ$9.0 million
Operating Engineers Local 324 Journeyman and Apprentice Training Fund501(c)(3)Howell, MI$8.4 million
Willamette Carpenter Training Center501(c)(3)Portland, OR$8.3 million
Joint Apprenticeship and Training Trust Fund Local 103 IBEW501(c)(3)Boston, MA$8.3 million
Leadership Development International / Management Technologies International Inc (LDI)501(c)(3)Newnan, GA$8.2 million
Pivot Online Charter School501(c)(3)San Marcos, CA$8.1 million
Local 126 IBEW Occupational Safety Health & EducationTrust501(c)(3)Collegeville, PA$7.8 million
Puget Sound Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (PSEJATC)501(c)(3)Renton, WA$7.4 million
National Plastering Industry Joint Apprenticeship Trust Fund501(c)(3)Columbia, MD$7.3 million
Neca Ibew Electrical Training Center501(c)(3)Portland, OR$7.2 million
International Union of Operating Engnrs JT Apprentshptrain and Safety of E Pa and de501(c)(3)Fort Washington, PA$7.1 million
Texas Educational Foundation (TEF)501(c)(3)San Antonio, TX$7.0 million
Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship Training Fund of Phila and Vicinity501(c)(3)Philadelphia, PA$6.8 million
Western Pennsylvania Operating Engineers & Joint Apprenticeship501(c)(3)New Alexandria, PA$6.8 million
Philadelphia Techinician Training I501(c)(3)Philadelphia, PA$6.8 million
International Technological University Foundation (ITU)501(c)(3)Santa Clara, CA$6.8 million
Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Local Union 130 UA501(c)(3)Chicago, IL$6.7 million
Journeymen and Apprentice Training Trust501(c)(3)Los Angeles, CA$6.3 million
MEBA Training Plan501(c)(3)Baltimore, MD$6.2 million
Global Preparatory Academy501(c)(3)Indianapolis, IN$6.0 million
Local 15 15A 15D Operating Engineers Apprenticeship Skill Improvement & Safety Fund501(c)(3)Long Island City, NY$5.7 million
Bidwell Training Center501(c)(3)Pittsburgh, PA$5.7 million
Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee of the NW Line Construction501(c)(3)Vancouver, WA$5.6 million
Northern California & Northern Nevada Sound & Communication Apprenticeship Training Trust Fund501(c)(3)San Leandro, CA$5.5 million
Center for Applied Behavioral Instruction501(c)(3)Worcester, MA$5.5 million
Western Washington Sheet Metal JATC501(c)(3)Everett, WA$5.4 million
Texas Carpenters and Millwrights Training Trust Fund (TCMTTF)501(c)(3)Austin, TX$5.4 million
Citizens Academy501(c)(3)Cleveland, OH$5.1 million
Sheet Metal Workers Local Union No 28 Education501(c)(3)Jamaica, NY$5.0 million
Construction Craft Laborers Training of New Jersey / Delaware501(c)(3)Monroe Township, NJ$4.9 million
Seacoast Learning Collaborative501(c)(3)Rochester, NH$4.9 million
REED Academy501(c)(3)Oakland, NJ$4.8 million
Finishing Trades Institute of New England501(c)(3)Roslindale, MA$4.8 million
Metropolitan Learning Institute (MLI)501(c)(3)Rego Park, NY$4.7 million
Finishing Trades Institute of the Mid-Atlantic Region (FTI)501(c)(3)Philadelphia, PA$4.6 million
Taller San Jose Hope Builders501(c)(3)Santa Ana, CA$4.3 million
UA Local 12501(c)(3)Boston, MA$4.2 million
Plumbers Local Union No 1 Trade Education Fund501(c)(3)Long Island City, NY$4.2 million
National Tooling and Machine Association Training Centers (NTMA)501(c)(3)Santa Fe Springs, CA$4.2 million
Garden Academy501(c)(3)West Orange, NJ$4.1 million
Plumbers and Pipefitters Apprenticeship Fund501(c)(3)Camp Springs, MD$3.9 million
Hoisting and Portable Engineers Apprentice Training Program Fund501(c)(3)Canton, MA$3.9 million
Iron Workers Local 7 Joint Apprentice Committee Educational501(c)(3)South Boston, MA$3.8 million
Stationary Enginers No Ca and NO NV Apprenticeship and Training Trust Fund501(c)(3)San Francisco, CA$3.7 million
Steamfitters Local 420 Apprenticeship and Journeyman Training Fund501(c)(3)Philadelphia, PA$3.4 million
Finishing Trades Institute of New York501(c)(3)New York, NY$3.3 million
Business Education in Science and Technology501(c)(3)Brooklyn, NY$3.2 million
Mid Atlantic Carpenters Training Centers501(c)(3)Uppr Marlboro, MD$3.2 million
Sheet Metal Workers Local Union No 17 Apprentice and Training Trust Fund501(c)(3)Dorchester, MA$3.1 million
Chaparral Star Academy501(c)(3)Austin, TX$3.0 million
District Council 5 Apprenticeship and Training Trust Fund501(c)(3)Seattle, WA$3.0 million
Construction Education Foundation (CEF)501(c)(3)DFW Airport, TX$2.9 million
Operating Engineers and No Calif Surveyor Pre-Apprentice Apprentice and Journeyman501(c)(3)Alameda, CA$2.9 million
Harvard Student Agencies501(c)(3)Cambridge, MA$2.7 million
Painters District Council 711 Finishing Trades institute of new jersey501(c)(3)Springfield, NJ$2.6 million
Insulation Industry's International Apprentice and Training Fund501(c)(3)Lanham, MD$2.6 million

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