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Health and Welfare Funds

Cause IQ has information on 5,309 health and welfare funds. These organizations typically have revenues from $1.1 million to $34 million, between 0 and 4 employees, and are 501(c)(9)s. Health and welfare funds in Cause IQ can also be pension funds, real estate services, and direct property and casualty insurance carriers.

Most popular health and welfare funds

NRECA Group Benefits Trust501(c)(9)Arlington, VA$725 million
NECA-Ibew Welfare Trust Fund501(c)(9)Decatur, IL$170 million
California Small Manufacturing Health & Welfare Trust Fund501(c)(9)Phoenix, AZ$14 million
Health Plan of CareOregon501(c)(3)Portland, OR$220 million
Law Enforcement Health Benefits (LEHB)501(c)(8)Philadelphia, PA$165 million
Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund (FMSMF)501(c)(6)Encino, CA$124 million
Container Royalty Fund501(c)(6)Jersey City, NJ$104 million
Steamfitters' Industry Trust Fund501(c)(5)Long Island City, NY$84 million
Steamfitters Industry Fund Office501(c)(5)Long Island City, NY$52 million
Polish National Alliance of the US of NA501(c)(8)Chicago, IL$41 million
Luso-American Financial A Fraternal Benefit Society501(c)(8)Dublin, CA$14 million
Liuna Local 731 Training Fund501(c)(3)Astoria, NY$6.9 million
National Academy of Sciences Retiree Welfare Benefit Plan Trust501(c)(3)Portsmouth, NH$6.8 million
Multi-Plan Services Agency501(c)(5)Alameda, CA$6.1 million
WB Community Health (WBCH)501(c)(3)Cranston, RI$149 million
Electrical Industry Labor Management Cooperation Trust501(c)(5)Dorchester, MA$49 million
Keep Them Safe Foundation501(c)(3)Brooklyn, NY$4.5 million
Hampton Roads Shipping Association Ila Container Royalty Fund501(c)(6)Norfolk, VA$30 million
Reformed Benefits Association501(c)(3)Grand Rapids, MI$15 million
District Council 37 Education Fund501(c)(3)New York, NY$7.5 million
Sheet Metal Workers' Local 100 Apprent Trust Fund of the Wash DC Area501(c)(3)Suitland, MD$2.7 million
Central States SE and SW Areas Health and Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Chicago, IL$4.9 billion
1199seiu National Benefit Fund for Health and Human Service Employees501(c)(9)New York, NY$2.0 billion
National Elevator Industry Health Benefit Plan501(c)(9)Newtown Square, PA$1.0 billion
Line Construction Benefit Fund501(c)(9)Lombard, IL$1.0 billion
Management-Ila Managed Health Care Trust Fund501(c)(9)New York, NY$773 million
Neca IBEW Family Medical Care Trust Fund501(c)(9)Rockville, MD$708 million
Unite Here Health501(c)(9)Aurora, IL$699 million
Accenture United States Benefit Trust501(c)(9)Chicago, IL$691 million
Midwest Operating Engineers Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Countryside, IL$576 million
Exelon Corporation Employees' Benefit Trust501(c)(9)Chicago, IL$520 million
United Federation of Teachers Welfare Fund501(c)(9)New York, NY$429 million
Nyc District Council of Carpenters Welfare Fund501(c)(9)New York, NY$416 million
New York Hotel Trades Council and Hotel Association of Nyc Health Benefits Fund501(c)(9)New York, NY$314 million
Laborers Health and Welfare Trust Fund for Southern California501(c)(9)Covina, CA$292 million
Excavators Union 731 Welfare501(c)(9)Astoria, NY$265 million
Electrical Insurance Trustees501(c)(9)Chicago, IL$263 million
Special Agents Mutual Benefit Association501(c)(9)Rockville, MD$241 million
Compass Rose Benefits Group501(c)(9)Reston, VA$233 million
Chicago and Vicinity Laborers' District Council Health and Welfare Plan501(c)(9)Westchester, IL$222 million
Carpenters Trusts of Western Washington501(c)(9)Seattle, WA$219 million
Mason Tenders' District Council Welfare Fund501(c)(9)New York, NY$219 million
Western Growers501(c)(9)Irvine, CA$210 million
Heavy and General Laborers Local 472 and Local 172 of New Jersey Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Newark, NJ$206 million
Teamsters Union Local 25 Health Services and Insurance Plan501(c)(9)Charlestown, MA$206 million
Directors Guild of America - Producer Health Plan501(c)(9)Los Angeles, CA$206 million
1199SEIU Greater New York Benefit Fund501(c)(9)New York, NY$198 million
District Council 33 Health -welfare Fund501(c)(9)Philadelphia, PA$197 million
Northeast Carpenters Health Fund501(c)(9)Edison, NJ$194 million
General Employees Trust Fund501(c)(9)Brisbane, CA$181 million
Pipe Fitters Welfare Fund Local 597501(c)(9)Chicago, IL$170 million
Operating Engineers Local No 825 Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Springfield, NJ$170 million
IBEW Local 18 Health and Welfare Trust501(c)(9)Los Angeles, CA$167 million
Transit Employees Health and Welfare Plan501(c)(9)Forestville, MD$161 million
Armed Forces Benefit Association (AFBA)501(c)(9)Alexandria, VA$157 million
Electrical Welfare Trust Fund501(c)(9)Lanham, MD$156 million
Ufcw National Health and Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Englewood, NJ$156 million
Chicago and Vicinity Laborers' District Council Retiree Health and Welfare Plan501(c)(9)Westchester, IL$137 million
Seafarers Health and Benefits Plan501(c)(9)Camp Springs, MD$134 million
Seiu Local 1 and Participating Employers Health Trust501(c)(9)Chicago, IL$132 million
Welfare Trust Fund Local 804501(c)(9)Long Island City, NY$126 million
Iron Workers Local 40 361 and 417 Health501(c)(9)New York, NY$125 million
Seiu Healthcare Il Home Care and Child Care Fund501(c)(9)Chicago, IL$123 million
Plumbers Local Union No 1 Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Long Island City, NY$122 million
Division 1181 Atu - New York Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Valley Stream, NY$118 million
Painting Industry Insurance Fund501(c)(9)New York, NY$117 million
Christian Brothers Risk Pooling Trust501(c)(3)Romeoville, IL$116 million
Los Angeles County Fire Fighters Local 1014 Health and Welfare Plan501(c)(9)El Monte, CA$115 million
California Service Employees Health and Welfare Trust Fund501(c)(9)Brisbane, CA$112 million
National Iam Benefit Trust Fund501(c)(9)Washington, DC$109 million
Philadelphia Area Independent School Business Officers Association501(c)(9)Wayne, PA$109 million
Automobile Mechanics' Local No 701 Union and Industry Welfare501(c)(9)Burr Ridge, IL$107 million
Local 282 Welfare Trust Fund501(c)(9)New Hyde Park, NY$103 million
Southern California Drug Benefit Fund501(c)(9)Los Angeles, CA$103 million
Local 464A United Food and Commercial Workers Union Welfare Service Benefit Fund501(c)(9)Little Falls, NJ$103 million
Smart-Mta Trust Fund501(c)(9)Irwindale, CA$100 million
Operating Engineers Welfare Fund of Eastern Pa & Delaware Local 542501(c)(9)Fort Washington, PA$100 million
IUOE Local 15501(c)(9)Long Island City, NY$98 million
United Mine Workers of America 1992 Benefit Plan501(c)(9)Washington, DC$93 million
Steamfitters Local Union 420501(c)(9)Philadelphia, PA$89 million
United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1262 Employers Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Clifton, NJ$87 million
UFCW Local 1500 Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Westbury, NY$80 million
Plumbers Welfare Fund Local 1301 UA501(c)(9)Chicago, IL$79 million
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - 0164 Local Joint Welfare Fund501(c)(5)Roseland, NJ$78 million
Board of Trustees of SMWIA Lu No 28 Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Mineola, NY$78 million
District Council 47 Health and Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Philadelphia, PA$78 million
Steamfitters Industry Fund501(c)(9)Long Island City, NY$76 million
Suburban Teamsters of Northern Illinois Welfare Fund501(c)(9)West Chicago, IL$76 million
IUOE Local 4 Health & Welfare Plan501(c)(9)Medway, MA$74 million
National Organization of Industrial Trade Unions (NOITU)501(c)(9)Jamaica, NY$71 million
Bellsouth Corporation Rfa Life Veba Trust501(c)(9)Dallas, TX$70 million
Local 580 Insurance Fund501(c)(9)New York, NY$70 million
Bakery and Confectionery Union and Industry International Health Benefits Fund501(c)(9)Kensington, MD$69 million
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 399 Health and Welfare Tru501(c)(9)Chicago, IL$66 million
Central States Joint Board Health and Welfare Trust Fund501(c)(9)Hillside, IL$65 million
United Mine Workers of America Combined Benefit Fund501(c)(9)Washington, DC$64 million
Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania Retiree Medical and Death Benefits Trust501(c)(3)Philadelphia, PA$64 million
Teamsters Local 727 Health and Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Park Ridge, IL$63 million
Philadelphia Fire Fighters Union Local 22 IAF AFL-CIO Health Fund501(c)(9)Philadelphia, PA$62 million
Iron Workers Locals 40 and 361 Topping Out Out Fund501(c)(9)New York, NY$57 million
Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Health and Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Philadelphia, PA$56 million
Graham Holdings Company EBAT501(c)(9)Arlington, VA$56 million
Metro-ILA Funds501(c)(9)Rutherford, NJ$55 million
Automotive Industries Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Dublin, CA$54 million
Retiree Health and Welfare Fund of Patrolmen's Benevolent Association of New York City501(c)(9)New York, NY$54 million
Allied Pilots Association Welfare Benefits Trust501(c)(9)Fort Worth, TX$54 million
Pipefitters Union Local No 537 Health and Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Dorchester, MA$53 million
SEIU Local 32BJ District 36 Benefit Fund501(c)(9)Philadelphia, PA$53 million
Board of Trustees Greater St Louis Construction Laborers Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Saint Louis, MO$53 million
IUPAT District Council 21501(c)(9)Philadelphia, PA$53 million
Local 68 Engineers Union Welfare Board of Trustees501(c)(9)West Caldwell, NJ$51 million
Teamsters Local 710501(c)(9)Mokena, IL$51 million
Welfare Fund Teamsters Local 237 Ibt Gen Acct501(c)(9)New York, NY$51 million
New England Health Care Employees Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Hartford, CT$50 million
Sheet Metal Workers Health Fund of Local Union No 19501(c)(9)Philadelphia, PA$50 million
Psc-Cuny Welfare Fund501(c)(9)New York, NY$49 million
Local 817 Ibt Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Great Neck, NY$48 million
Teamsters Local 705501(c)(9)Chicago, IL$47 million
Toyota Motor Sales USA501(c)(9)Plano, TX$47 million
Local 812 Health Fund501(c)(9)Great Neck, NY$46 million
International Brotherhood of TMSTRS 863 Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Mountainside, NJ$45 million
Health and Welfare Fund of the pba of the city of new york501(c)(9)New York, NY$45 million
Local 338 RWDSU / UFCW501(c)(9)Mineola, NY$44 million
Ironworkers Local 11 Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Springfield, NJ$44 million
NJBLS Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Jersey City, NJ$43 million
Fox Valley Laborers Health and Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Elgin, IL$42 million
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 138 Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Farmingdale, NY$41 million
The Catholic Charities USA Employee Welfare Benefit Trust501(c)(9)Alexandria, VA$41 million
United Teamster Fund501(c)(9)Brooklyn, NY$41 million
Social Service Employees Union Local 371 Administrative Fund501(c)(9)New York, NY$40 million
Uswu Local 74 Welfare Fund Local 74 Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Long Island City, NY$40 million
Ironworkers Local 580501(c)(9)New York, NY$39 million
Airconditioning and Refrigeration Industry Health and Welfare Trust501(c)(9)Orange, CA$39 million
Uniformed Firefighters Association of Greater New York501(c)(9)New York, NY$39 million
Craft Division of Local 1049 Health and Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Holtsville, NY$39 million
Chicago Area Ib of T Health and Welfare Trust Fund501(c)(9)Downers Grove, IL$39 million
Stanford University Trust for Post Retirement and Post Employment Benefits501(c)(9)Redwood City, CA$39 million
Sheet Metal Workers Union Local No 17 Insurance Fund501(c)(9)Dorchester, MA$38 million
Ua Local 38 Health and Welfare Trust Fund of SF Marin Sonoma Lake and Mendo Counties501(c)(9)San Francisco, CA$38 million
Laborer's District Council Building and Construction Industry H&W Fund501(c)(9)Philadelphia, PA$37 million
Benefit Fund For Hospital And501(c)(9)Philadelphia, PA$37 million
United Wire Metal and Machine Health and Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Long Island City, NY$37 million
Wisconsin Health Fund (WHF)501(c)(9)Milwaukee, WI$37 million
Ironworkers District Council of New England Health & Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Dorchester, MA$36 million
Teamsters Local 830 Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Philadelphia, PA$36 million
Smart Local 265 Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Carol Stream, IL$35 million
Producers' Health Benefits Plan501(c)(9)West Covina, CA$35 million
IBEW Electrial Workers General Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Warrenville, IL$35 million
Administrative Fund of the Detectives Endowment Association501(c)(9)New York, NY$34 million
Laborers' National Health and Welfare Fund501(c)(9)Washington, DC$34 million

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