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Direct Property and Casualty Insurance Carriers

Cause IQ has information on 399 direct property and casualty insurance carriers. These organizations typically have revenues from $294,566 to $10 million, between 0 and 7 employees, and are 501(c)(6)s. Direct property and casualty insurance carriers in Cause IQ can also be civic and social organizations, direct life, health, and medical insurance carriers, and real estate services.

Most popular direct property and casualty insurance carriers

Property Insurance Association of La501(c)(6)Metairie, LA$5.5 million
New Jersey Property-Liability Insurance Guaranty Association (NJPLIGA)501(c)(6)Basking Ridge, NJ$126 million
Unsatisfied Claim and Judgment Fund (UCJF)501(c)(6)Basking Ridge, NJ$95 million
KSKJ Life (KSKJL)501(c)(8)Joliet, IL$81 million
Guaranty Association Benefits Company (GABC)501(c)(6)Washington, DC$63 million
Workers' Compensation Security Fund (WCSF)501(c)(6)Basking Ridge, NJ$51 million
Insurance Board501(c)(3)Cleveland, OH$49 million
Polish National Alliance of the US of NA501(c)(8)Chicago, IL$35 million
Texas Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association (TPCIGA)501(c)(6)Austin, TX$27 million
Illinois Insurance Guaranty Fund501(c)(6)Chicago, IL$27 million
OSF Gen / Prof Liability501(c)(3)Pittsburgh, PA$22 million
New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board (NYCIRB)501(c)(6)New York, NY$21 million
Pennsylvania Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association (PPCIGA)501(c)(6)Philadelphia, PA$17 million
Property and Liability Resource Bureau501(c)(6)Downers Grove, IL$10 million
Excess Line Association of New York501(c)(6)New York, NY$8.3 million
St. Francis Workers Company501(c)(3)Pittsburgh, PA$5.7 million
Promedica Indemnity Insurance Corporation501(c)(3)Burlington, VT$11 million
North Carolina Insurance Underwriting Association (NCIUA)501(c)(6)Raleigh, NC$349 million
North Carolina Joint Underwriting Association (NCJUA)501(c)(6)Raleigh, NC$89 million
North Carolina Insurance Guaranty Association501(c)(6)Raleigh, NC$45 million
National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR)501(c)(6)Kansas City, MO$42 million
Michigan Automobile Insurance Placement Facility (MAIPF)501(c)(6)Johnston, RI$39 million
Louisiana Insurance Guaranty Association501(c)(6)Baton Rouge, LA$18 million
Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group (NIAC)501(c)(3)Santa Cruz, CA$16 million
South Carolina Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association501(c)(6)Columbia, SC$12 million
Washington Life and Disability Insurance Guaranty Association501(c)(6)Shelton, WA$10 million
Southeast Grand St Guild Residential Management Association501(c)(3)Garden City, NY$8.4 million
Nevada Insurance Guaranty Association (NIGA)501(c)(6)Las Vegas, NV$7.5 million
Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA)501(c)(6)Livonia, MI$1.9 billion
Texas Mutual Insurance Company501(c)(27)Austin, TX$1.4 billion
Fiat Lux Risk and Insurance Company501(c)(3)Washington, DC$300 million
Wisconsin Workers Compensation Insurance Pool (WCRB)501(c)(6)Waukesha, WI$96 million
Five Pointe Professional Liability Insurance Company501(c)(3)Wilmington, DE$38 million
Michigan Property and Casualty Guaranty Association (MPCGA)501(c)(6)Novi, MI$26 million
RVC Insurance Company501(c)(3)Rockville Ctr, NY$25 million
Mississippi Insurance Guaranty Association501(c)(6)Ridgeland, MS$19 million
Virginia Property Insurance Association501(c)(6)Glen Allen, VA$17 million
Georgia Insurers Insolvency Pool501(c)(6)Duluth, GA$17 million
Minnesota Insurance Guaranty Association501(c)(6)Edina, MN$16 million
Michigan Basic Property Insurance Association501(c)(6)Detroit, MI$15 million
Virginia Life Accident & Sickness Insurance Guaranty Association501(c)(6)Henrico, VA$14 million
Colorado Insurance Guaranty Association (CIGA)501(c)(6)Denver, CO$12 million
National Crop Insurance Services501(c)(6)Overland Park, KS$12 million
Oregon Insurance Guaranty Association501(c)(6)Beaverton, OR$10 million
Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Corporation (PCIGC)501(c)(6)Towson, MD$9.5 million
Kansas All Industry Placement Facility501(c)(6)Topeka, KS$8.3 million
Alaska Insurance Guaranty Association501(c)(6)Anchorage, AK$7.6 million
Minnesota Workers Compensation Insurers Association501(c)(6)Minneapolis, MN$7.5 million
Indiana Insurance Guaranty Association (IIGA)501(c)(6)Indianapolis, IN$7.4 million
Nassau County Schools Cooperative Workers Compensation Self-Insured Trust501(c)(3)Northport, NY$6.7 million
Kentucky Assigned Claims Plan501(c)(6)Louisville, KY$6.5 million
Kansas Insurance Guaranty Association (KIGA)501(c)(6)Denver, CO$6.4 million
Nebraska Property & Liability Ins Guaranty Assn501(c)(6)Denver, CO$5.2 million
New Mexico Property Insurance Program (NMPIP)501(c)(6)Albuquerque, NM$5.0 million
Trusted Choice (TC)501(c)(6)Alexandria, VA$4.8 million
Illinois Fair Plan Association501(c)(6)Chicago, IL$4.7 million
Insurance Security Fund501(c)(6)Madison, WI$4.2 million
Hawaii Insurance Bureau (HIB)501(c)(6)Honolulu, HI$3.5 million
Compensation Advisory Organization of Michigan501(c)(6)Livonia, MI$3.2 million
Wisconsin Insurance Plan501(c)(6)Milwaukee, WI$2.8 million
Delaware Insurance Guaranty Association501(c)(6)Newark, DE$2.2 million
Western Guaranty Fund Services (WGFS)501(c)(6)Denver, CO$2.0 million
Southern Mutual Church Insurance501(c)(4)Columbia, SC$51 million
Portage Bay Insurance501(c)(3)Seattle, WA$27 million
United Transportation Union Insurance Association501(c)(8)North Olmsted, OH$23 million
Connecticut Insurance Guaranty Association (CIGA)501(c)(6)Boston, MA$15 million
Virginia Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association501(c)(6)Boston, MA$15 million
Assured Life Association501(c)(8)Greenwood Village, CO$13 million
Guaranty Fund Management Services (GFMS)501(c)(6)Boston, MA$9.8 million
Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #5501(c)(8)Philadelphia, PA$7.8 million
Rhode Island Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association (GFMS)501(c)(6)Boston, MA$6.3 million
Rhode Island Automobile Insurance Plan501(c)(6)Johnston, RI$4.3 million
Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association501(c)(6)Johnston, RI$4.3 million
Rubicon Insurance Company501(c)(3)Evanston, IL$4.1 million
New York Automobile Insurance Plan (NYAIP)501(c)(6)Johnston, RI$3.8 million
Hebrew Homes Captive Services501(c)(3)N Miami Beach, FL$3.6 million
County Technical Services (CTSI)501(c)(3)Denver, CO$3.5 million
West Virginia Insurance Guaranty Association501(c)(6)Columbus, OH$3.4 million
Middle Atlantic Catholic Risk Management Group501(c)(3)Philadelphia, PA$3.4 million
New Jersey Surplus Lines Insurance Guaranty Fund (NJSLIGF)501(c)(6)Basking Ridge, NJ$2.9 million
Minnesota School Boards Association Insurance Trust501(c)(4)St Peter, MN$2.6 million
U.S. Mortgage Insurers (USMI)501(c)(6)Washington, DC$2.0 million
Mississippi Surplus Lines Association (MSLA)501(c)(6)Flowood, MS$1.7 million
Missouri Property Insurance Placement Facility501(c)(6)St Louis, MO$1.7 million
Underwriters Rating Board (URB)501(c)(6)Albany, NY$1.6 million
Texas Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association501(c)(6)Austin, TX$1.6 million
Professional Insurance Agents of Georgia501(c)(6)Duluth, GA$1.4 million
Ironworkers Workers' Compensation Trust501(c)(6)Pasadena, CA$1.0 million
Crop Insurance and Reinsurance Bureau (CIRB)501(c)(6)Washington, DC$1.0 million
Joint Insurance Association (JIA)501(c)(6)Ellicott City, MD$968,644
American Agents Alliance501(c)(6)Sacramento, CA$959,041
Oregon FAIR Plan Association501(c)(6)Beaverton, OR$922,115
Texas Automobile Insurance Plan Association501(c)(6)Austin, TX$833,941
Washington Insurance Examining Bureau501(c)(6)Seattle, WA$821,722
Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company501(c)(27)Towson, MD$328 million
United Church Insurance Company501(c)(3)Cleveland, OH$25 million
Non Profits United Workers Compensation501(c)(3)Sacramento, CA$22 million
Tuscarora Intermediate Unit Capital Insurance Trust (TIUCIT)501(c)(4)Bellefonte, PA$21 million
Nonprofit Insurance Trust501(c)(3)Lakeville, MN$15 million
MRM Property and Liability Trust501(c)(3)Sewickley, PA$13 million
SC Insurance Company501(c)(3)Phoenix, AZ$8.9 million
Cambridge Arizona Insurance Company501(c)(3)Phoenix, AZ$6.5 million
Lions Insurance Company501(c)(3)Indianapolis, IN$5.6 million
California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan501(c)(6)Johnston, RI$1.4 million
Palmetto State Teachers Association501(c)(6)West Columbia, SC$1.4 million
New Jersey Personal Automobile Insurance Plan501(c)(6)Johnston, RI$884,189
Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance Risk Retention Group501(c)(3)Santa Cruz, CA$36 million
Hills Insurance Company501(c)(3)Mishawaka, IN$23 million
College Insurance Company501(c)(3)Colchester, VT$22 million
Providers Insurance Corporation501(c)(3)Honolulu, HI$16 million
First Medical Insurance Company501(c)(3)Burlington, VT$15 million
Academic Physicians Insurance Company501(c)(3)Colchester, VT$14 million
Child Dimensions Insurance Company501(c)(3)Akron, OH$13 million
National Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance501(c)(3)Santa Cruz, CA$6.9 million
Southern Oregon Insurance501(c)(3)Honolulu, HI$5.8 million
Heartland Risk Management Company501(c)(3)Decatur, IL$4.8 million
International Brotherhood of Peace Officers501(c)(8)Hesperia, CA$4.3 million
Ruminco501(c)(3)Minneapolis, MN$4.2 million
Northwestern Arizona Regional Insurance Company501(c)(3)Phoenix, AZ$2.8 million
Old Crescent Insurance Company501(c)(3)South Burlington, VT$2.3 million
Cruden Bay Risk Retention Group501(c)(3)Williston, VT$2.3 million
Willamette Valley Insurance Corporation501(c)(3)Honolulu, HI$2.0 million
New York State Local Government Services Foundation501(c)(3)Albany, NY$1.6 million
Community Reinvestment Foundation X501(c)(3)Indianapolis, IN$930,550
Uniformed Services Benefit Association (USBA)501(c)(9)Overland Park, KS$39 million
South Carolina Automobile Dealers Employee Benefit Trust501(c)(9)Columbia, SC$13 million
Mada Insurance501(c)(9)St Paul, MN$10 million
Horsemen's Workers' Compensation Insurance Trust501(c)(4)New Orleans, LA$3.7 million
German Farmers Mutual Assessment501(c)(15)Cairo, NE$2.3 million
National Guard Association of Mississippi Group in501(c)(19)Jackson, MS$2.1 million
Insulating Glass Certification Council501(c)(3)Sackets Harbor, NY$1.8 million
American Postal Workers Accident Benefit Association501(c)(9)Rochester, NH$1.7 million
Fraternal Order of Police - 20 Walter E Headley JR Lodge501(c)(8)Miami, FL$1.7 million
Kansas Health Care Provider Insurance Availability Plan501(c)(6)Topeka, KS$1.5 million
San Jose Poa Insurance and Benefit Fund501(c)(9)San Jose, CA$1.4 million
South Dakota Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association (SDIGA)501(c)(6)Sioux Falls, SD$1.2 million
New York Alliance Against Insurance Fraud501(c)(4)Albany, NY$1.2 million
Allied Services Risk Retention Group501(c)(3)Charleston, SC$1.1 million
Shoals Presbyterian Montreat Apts501(c)(3)Florence, AL$1.1 million
Millcreek Health System Medical Professional Liability Self-Ins Trust501(c)(3)Erie, PA$1.0 million
Pennsylvania Acacia Insurance Company501(c)(3)Burlington, VT$993,186
Bethesda Memorial SIT - Malpractice501(c)(3)Boynton Beach, FL$951,825
Treehouse Therapies Associates501(c)(3)Bend, OR$760,105
Oklahoma Receivership Office501(c)(3)Oklahoma City, OK$613,603
New Hampshire Insurance Guaranty Association (GFMS)501(c)(6)Boston, MA$4.1 million
New Mexico Property & Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association501(c)(6)Albuquerque, NM$4.0 million
Washington Insurance Guaranty Association (WAGA)501(c)(6)Denver, CO$3.9 million
District of Columbia Insurance Guaranty Association501(c)(6)Boston, MA$3.6 million
Maine Insurance Guaranty Association (GFMS)501(c)(6)Boston, MA$3.6 million
North Carolina Self Insurance Security Association501(c)(6)Raleigh, NC$3.5 million

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