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Real Estate Services Nonprofits

Cause IQ has information on 5,875 real estate services nonprofits. These organizations typically have revenues from $70,348 to $1.4 million, between 0 and 0 employees, and are 501(c)(2)s. Real estate services nonprofits in Cause IQ can also be civic and social organizations, fraternity houses, sorority houses, residential clubs, and worker camps, and community housing services.

Most popular real estate services nonprofits

Klare Holdings501(c)(3)Los Angeles, CA$20 million
Delta Properties501(c)(3)Los Angeles, CA$7.7 million
Pacific Charter School Development501(c)(3)Los Angeles, CA$7.0 million
Kingston Educational Holdings501(c)(3)Newark, NJ$5.8 million
Community Capital Corporation501(c)(3)Washington, DC$5.3 million
Naiop Socal Commercial Real Estate501(c)(6)Santa Ana, CA$2.6 million
Preservation Freehold Company501(c)(3)Lewisville, TX$99 million
HSS Properties Corporation501(c)(3)New York, NY$72 million
Royal Charter Properties East501(c)(3)New York, NY$60 million
Aztec Shops501(c)(3)San Diego, CA$47 million
United Nations Development Corporation (UNDC)501(c)(3)New York, NY$46 million
Artspace Projects501(c)(3)Minneapolis, MN$34 million
Avery Properties501(c)(3)Decatur, GA$28 million
Colombia Rice Export Quota501(c)(6)Washington, DC$27 million
MSMC Residential Realty501(c)(3)New York, NY$27 million
Allies and Ross Management and Development Corporation501(c)(3)Pittsburgh, PA$26 million
The Pasadena Center Operating Company501(c)(4)Pasadena, CA$24 million
Choice Books501(c)(3)Bristow, VA$18 million
Main Line Realty Corporation (MLH)501(c)(3)Newtown Square, PA$13 million
Land Bank Twin Cities501(c)(3)St Anthony, MN$6.2 million
Uw-Platteville Real Estate Foundation501(c)(3)Platteville, WI$5.9 million
199 Hunting Park Corporation501(c)(3)Philadelphia, PA$5.6 million
Hudson East River Systems LLC501(c)(3)New York, NY$309 million
Harvard Private Capital Realty501(c)(3)Boston, MA$266 million
The Moses H Cone Memorial Hospital501(c)(3)Greensboro, NC$146 million
Cal Poly Corporation501(c)(3)San Luis Obispo, CA$93 million
Nevada Health and Bioscience Asset Corporation501(c)(3)Las Vegas, NV$78 million
Father Flanagans Fund for Needy Children501(c)(3)Boys Town, NE$60 million
Blue Marble Holdings Corporation501(c)(3)Boston, MA$56 million
JFMC Facilities Corporation501(c)(3)Chicago, IL$53 million
Longwood University Real Estate Foundation501(c)(3)Farmville, VA$31 million
Dumac501(c)(3)Durham, NC$28 million
College for Certain501(c)(3)Oakland, CA$19 million
University Facilities501(c)(3)Hammond, LA$18 million
RTH Mission Park Realty Corporation501(c)(3)Boston, MA$17 million
Csu Strata501(c)(3)Fort Collins, CO$15 million
Virginia Tech Real Estate Foundation (VTF)501(c)(3)Blacksburg, VA$14 million
University of South Carolina Development Foundation501(c)(3)Columbia, SC$12 million
Cendevco Ii Redevelopment Fund501(c)(3)New York, NY$11 million
Kipp Administrative Services Corporation501(c)(3)Philadelphia, PA$9.6 million
UCM Community Health and Hospital Division501(c)(3)Harvey, IL$8.9 million
Academic Properties501(c)(3)Philadelphia, PA$8.1 million
Linc - Community Development Corporation501(c)(3)Long Beach, CA$7.5 million
Masonicare Corporation501(c)(3)Wallingford, CT$7.3 million
Queens College Special Projects Fund501(c)(3)Flushing, NY$7.0 million
Ucla Investment Company501(c)(3)Los Angeles, CA$7.0 million
South Riding PROPRIETARY (SR)501(c)(4)South Riding, VA$6.9 million
Foundation Properties501(c)(3)Columbus, GA$6.1 million
Sandia Foundation501(c)(3)Albuquerque, NM$6.1 million
South Shore Property501(c)(3)South Weymouth, MA$5.7 million
Madison Street Properties501(c)(3)Baltimore, MD$37 million
Worldwide Inventory Network (WIN)501(c)(3)Saint Louis, MO$31 million
St Anthony's Professional Buildings and Services501(c)(3)Tampa, FL$24 million
Midpen Property Management Corporation501(c)(3)Foster City, CA$16 million
Augustus & James Corporation501(c)(3)New York, NY$12 million
DAV Industries501(c)(3)Spring Valley, CA$10 million
The Connection Fund501(c)(3)Middletown, CT$10 million
G D L Farms Corporation501(c)(3)Warrington, PA$9.7 million
Resident Owned Parks Inc Parent Return (ROP)501(c)(3)Sacramento, CA$8.7 million
Century Affordable Development501(c)(3)Culver City, CA$7.1 million
Talbert Services501(c)(3)Cincinnati, OH$6.4 million
University Gateway Corporation501(c)(3)Minneapolis, MN$5.5 million
Ascension Manor501(c)(3)Philadelphia, PA$4.3 million
Friends of Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools501(c)(3)Brooklyn, NY$4.2 million
Purchase Housing Corporation Ii501(c)(3)Purchase, NY$4.0 million
RDC Commercial Center501(c)(3)Brooklyn, NY$4.0 million
University Lab Partners501(c)(3)Irvine, CA$3.7 million
Walnut Hill Properties Corporation501(c)(3)Medford, MA$3.3 million
GDL Estates Corporation501(c)(3)Warrington, PA$2.8 million
The Pathway Corporation501(c)(3)Jeffersonville, PA$2.5 million
Come Together Property Management LLC501(c)(3)North Hills, CA$2.3 million
The Ed Roberts Campus501(c)(3)Berkeley, CA$2.3 million
Fame501(c)(3)Seattle, WA$2.3 million
Council Towers Ii Housing Development FUND CORPORATION501(c)(3)New York, NY$2.2 million
Partners Pooled Investment Holdings LLC501(c)(3)Somerville, MA$817 million
IPS Enterprises501(c)(3)Weslaco, TX$79 million
Providentia Prima Trust501(c)(3)Tewksbury, MA$68 million
Provident Oklahoma Education Resources501(c)(3)Baton Rouge, LA$54 million
Delta Delta Delta National House Corporation501(c)(2)Dallas, TX$33 million
AHRC NYC New Projects501(c)(3)New York, NY$28 million
Beaver Creek Resort Company of Colorado501(c)(4)Avon, CO$26 million
Health Systems Real Estate501(c)(3)Gray, GA$22 million
Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity Housing Corporation501(c)(7)Indianapolis, IN$20 million
Cedar Village Senior Living501(c)(3)Bloomington, IN$20 million
Local Government Corporation501(c)(3)Columbia, TN$20 million
Flying Crown Land Group501(c)(3)Steamboat Springs, CO$19 million
The Road Home Corporation501(c)(3)Baton Rouge, LA$16 million
Campus Research Corporation501(c)(3)Tucson, AZ$14 million
Sigma Kappa National Housing Corp Group Return501(c)(7)Carmel, IN$13 million
Trimount Foundation501(c)(3)New Rochelle, NY$12 million
Lee Healthcare Resources (LHR)501(c)(3)Fort Myers, FL$11 million
OSU Beaver Store501(c)(3)Corvallis, OR$11 million
Pi Kappa Phi Properties501(c)(7)Charlotte, NC$10 million
Cahec Management501(c)(3)Raleigh, NC$10 million
Huntington Beach City School District Financing Corporation501(c)(3)Huntington Beach, CA$10 million
Bridgewater Village501(c)(3)Bridgewater, VA$9.9 million
Student Cooperative Association501(c)(3)Indiana, PA$9.6 million
ERS Strategic Properties501(c)(3)Rootstown, OH$9.4 million
Chi Management501(c)(3)Modesto, CA$8.3 million
Depaul Properties501(c)(3)Rochester, NY$8.0 million
Provident Commonwealth Education Resources501(c)(3)Baton Rouge, LA$7.3 million
TSF Properties501(c)(3)Seattle, WA$6.6 million
Carter Street Corporation501(c)(3)Chattanooga, TN$6.5 million
Al Sigl Community of Agencies501(c)(3)Rochester, NY$6.5 million
Cornerstone Public Asset Fund501(c)(3)Benton Harbor, MI$6.3 million
Serv Properties and Management501(c)(3)Ewing, NJ$6.0 million
Advantix Development Corporation501(c)(3)Evansville, IN$5.6 million
Friends of Growing Up Green Charter School501(c)(3)Long Island City, NY$5.4 million
Clinton County Board of Services501(c)(3)Cameron, MO$5.2 million
Freedom West Homes Corporation501(c)(4)San Francisco, CA$5.0 million
Phi Sigma Sigma National Housing Corporation501(c)(7)Eldersburg, MD$4.5 million
Midtown Sacramento PBID Corporation501(c)(6)Sacramento, CA$3.1 million
Oberlin Student Cooperative Association (OSCA)501(c)(7)Oberlin, OH$3.0 million
Broad Hollow Bioscience Park (BHBP)501(c)(3)Farmingdale, NY$2.2 million
Tilden Gardens Housing Development Fund Company501(c)(4)New York, NY$1.1 million
Alpha Phi Chapter Corporation of Bloomington501(c)(2)Elk Grove, CA$1.0 million
Forrestal Agricultural Corporation501(c)(3)Princeton, NJ$297 million
New Water Street Corporation501(c)(25)New York, NY$174 million
Diocesan Real Estate501(c)(3)Wheeling, WV$135 million
Hartford HealthCare Endowment LLC501(c)(3)Hartford, CT$117 million
Clny Alliance501(c)(3)Westbury, NY$105 million
Worcester City Campus Corporation501(c)(3)Shrewsbury, MA$50 million
Fernwood Group Fund501(c)(4)New York, NY$49 million
Charleston Educational Excellence Financing Corporation501(c)(3)Charleston, SC$37 million
University of Louisville Real Estate Foundation501(c)(3)Louisville, KY$30 million
Lancer Educational Housing Corporation501(c)(3)Riverside, CA$25 million
Ubf Faculty-Student Housing Corporation501(c)(3)Buffalo, NY$24 million
Ifbf Property Management501(c)(2)West Des Moines, IA$20 million
Community Real Property Holdings501(c)(3)Charlotte, NC$19 million
MMC Corporation501(c)(3)Bronx, NY$18 million
USF Financing Corporation501(c)(3)Tampa, FL$17 million
Pro-Industrial Funding Company501(c)(3)Newark, DE$16 million
50 Broadway Realty Corporation501(c)(2)New York, NY$16 million
University at Albany501(c)(3)Albany, NY$16 million
Los Angeles County Facilities501(c)(3)Seattle, WA$15 million
Delta Community Developers Corporation501(c)(3)Stockton, CA$15 million
University of Louisiana Monroe Facilities501(c)(3)Monroe, LA$15 million
Uga Real Estate Foundation (UGAREF)501(c)(3)Athens, GA$14 million
Comerica Bank501(c)(3)Detroit, MI$13 million
Innovative Student Facilities501(c)(3)Ruston, LA$12 million
Georgia Tech Facilities501(c)(3)Atlanta, GA$11 million
Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America501(c)(3)Wichita, KS$11 million
CCF Real Estate Holdings501(c)(3)Los Angeles, CA$10 million
CRC Real Estate Corporation501(c)(3)Orange, CA$10 million
Liberty Commons NFP501(c)(2)Aurora, IL$10 million
Clven National House Corporation501(c)(7)Carmel, IN$9.6 million
Pacific Ackworth Foundation501(c)(3)Arcadia, CA$9.5 million
Virginia Commonwealth University Real Estate Foundation501(c)(3)Richmond, VA$9.4 million
Army Retirement Residence Supporting Foundation501(c)(3)San Antonio, TX$9.4 million
Swans Marketplace501(c)(3)Oakland, CA$8.7 million

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