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Cause IQ understands that finding funding to support your organization isn't always an easy task, but funding opportunities are out there. You just need to know where to look. Cause IQ mines grant information from Schedule I of the Form 990 and Part XV of the Form 990-PF, and the platform equips our customers with the data and purpose-built tools they need to find potential funders. There are three ways to find grant funding to support your nonprofit with Cause IQ:

  • Use Cause IQ's grant-specific filters to identify foundations based on their grantmaking characteristics;
  • The "Funding" section on an organization's profile to view the grants a certain nonprofit receives; and
  • The "Funding" tool within the search interface to learn which foundations fund organizations in a search segment.

Search for foundations based on grantmaking characteristics

Cause IQ has grant-specific filters to help you easily identify potential funders based on their grantmaking characteristics and the organizations they give to. To start your search query to segment foundations meeting certain grantmaking thresholds, you first need to open the Cause IQ search interface. You can access the search interface to create a new search from:

Cause IQ's search filter sidebar lets you filter by over 400 fields, but the filters you're looking for are located in the "Grant characteristics" subsection of the search filter sidebar's "All" tab. Cause IQ's grant filters let you search for foundations based on the types of organizations they give to, the size of their grants, and their geographic focus. Here's a list of the grant filters within Cause IQ:

  • Grant recipient types
  • Grant recipient issues
  • Grant recipient characteristics
  • Grant recipient NTEEs
  • Grant recipient metros
  • Grant recipient state
  • Number of grants made
  • Grant geographic focus
  • Grant purpose descriptions
  • Median grant amount
  • Average grant amount
  • Maximum grant amount
  • Minimum grant amount
  • Grants to all govts., orgs., and individuals

These filters, for example, allow you to put together a search query that segments foundations that have a median grant size of $10,000, give to human service organizations, and give to nonprofits in the Washington DC metro area. After you've segmented a relevant group of foundations, you can access a specific foundation's profile to view their grantmaking activities, view and compare specific organization details in the "Table" view, or understand summary trends for the foundation group in with the "Analyze" tool.

Here's a look at how to create a search segment using Cause IQ's grant filters:

View the grants a specific organization receives

The "Funding" section on an organization's profile page provides details on where an organization gets its money from, including specific grants from foundations. This helps you learn which foundations give to your peers and how much they provide. In the "Funding" section on an organization's profile, there's a "Grants from foundations and other nonprofits" part where you can see the total number of grants Cause IQ identifies the organization receiving, the total value of the identified grants, and a list of the specific grants they received. The list of grants shows you the:

  • Grantmaker
  • Grantmaker Tax Period
  • Description
  • Amount

By default, Cause IQ displays the grants from largest to smallest (based on amount), and you can sort the grants accordingly by column header. You can also search for keywords in grant descriptions or specific grantmaker organizations by using the "Search grants..." search field.

Here's a look at the "Funding" section on an organization's profile:

Learn which foundations fund an organization segment

When searching for funding opportunities, it's helpful to understand which grantmaking organizations give to nonprofits that share similar characteristics to your organization. The "Funding" tool within Cause IQ's search interface is designed to do just that. This feature shows you a list of the foundations that Cause IQ identifies providing grants to the organizations matching your search query (or organizations you've added to a peer list).

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Cause IQ search interface
  2. Add filters to segment a specific group of organizations you want to analyze the grant funding sources for (or load a previously-created list)
  3. Click the "Funding" tab at the top of the page to load the "Funding" tool

For each grantmaker we've identified, Cause IQ shows how many grants the foundation made to organizations within the search, the average grant size, and the smallest and largest grant sizes. You can also see the sum total of the grants that the identified grantmakers made to the organizations in your search, and you can view the specific grant details the foundation provides to the organizations by clicking "View grants" in the "Grants" column.

For example, if you're a professional association in Washington DC with $3,500,000 in annual revenue, you can use  Cause IQ's search filter sidebar to put together a search that segments professional associations in DC with revenues between $2,000,000 and $10,000,000, and the "Funding" tab lets you quickly understand which foundations fund the associations.

Here's a look at Cause IQ's "Funding" tool within the search interface: