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Stay up-to-date on relevant personnel and organizations

Add new records to your CRM and monitor your target markets for new entrants

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Organization and personnel details in the nonprofit sector change regularly, and Cause IQ understands that it's important to stay up-to-date with these changes. That's why we have purpose-built tools to help you export records that you haven't previously exported and monitor your target markets for new entrants. Cause IQ customers use our:

  • Export deduping feature to exclude organization and personnel records they've previously exported;
  • Salesforce deduping to make sure duplicate objects aren't created when exporting directly to Salesforce; and
  • Saving and monitoring searches feature to stay informed on changes in their target markets.

Export records that you haven't previously exported

Cause IQ's export deduping feature helps you export records that are new to your CRM and is helpful when exporting information from multiple searches that have overlapping results. 

To use the deduping feature, you need to do two things:

    1. Track your exports as you do them. Naming your exports allows Cause IQ to keep track of them for future deduping purposes.
    2. During the export process, tell Cause IQ that you only want to export records that you haven't previously exported.

    Here are the general steps that take you through how to dedupe records from previously tracked exports and how to name your exports for future deduping purposes:

    • Step 1

      Choose the organizations you want to export

      Either create a new search for a desired target market, load a saved search, or open a list (from scratch or an uploaded CSV file) in the search interface. To open a list of specific organizations:

      1. Go to the "Lists" section on the left of your Dashboard
      2. Select the name of the list that contains the organizations you want to export
      3. Click the "Open" button on the right

    • Step 2

      Access the "Export" tool

      Select the "Export" tab from the search interface to start the export process.
    • Step 3

      Choose your export type

      In the "What" step, choose:

      • The type of export you want to run ("Organization details" or "Personnel, with organization details")
      • Where you want to export to (CSV file or Salesforce)
      Please note that only users with the Data Enrichment Add-on will have the option to export directly to Salesforce.
    • Step 4

      Select the tracked exports you want to dedupe

      In the "What" step, the "Dedupe this export?" section is where you choose the previously tracked exports you want to dedupe from your current export. You can choose to:

      • Exclude records from specific tracked exports
      • Exclude records from all tracked exports

      Your current export won't include any of the records that were included in the tracked exports that you choose to dedupe.

      When choosing the tracked exports you want to dedupe, the options change whether you're exporting personnel or organizations. If you're exporting personnel, only tracked exports that included personnel records will appear. If you're exporting just organizations, tracked exports containing only organization records will appear.

    • Step 5

      Choose the information you want to include in your export

      If you're exporting personnel, choose the appropriate personnel settings (e.g., Position levels and Position functions) in the "Personnel" step. In the "Columns" step, choose the details you want to include in your export

    • Step 6

      Name your export for future deduping purposes

      The "Name this export, for future deduping (optional)" section in the "Confirm" step is where you tell Cause IQ to remember the records that you're currently exporting. To tell Cause IQ to track your export, simply type a name in the "Enter name for this export" textbox. 

      When tracking exports, we recommend naming the exports something that will allow you to know what records the exports contain (e.g., "NYC prospects, > $10M in revenue, Convio users"). This will help you to stay organized with all your tracked exports.

      Since you named and tracked your current export, you'll be able to exclude the records from your future exports.

    • Step 7

      Finish the export process

      Select "Create spreadsheet" in the "Confirm" step, and Cause IQ will begin processing your export. Since you chose to exclude records from previously tracked exports, your file will only contain new records

      Once the export is complete, you can download the file from the blue pop-up box, from your Dashboard, or from the email Cause IQ sends you with the file attached.

    Here's an overview video that shows you how to exclude personnel records from previously tracked exports and where you name your exports for future deduping purposes:

    For Salesforce users, dedupe Accounts, Contacts, or Leads

    For customers using the Salesforce integration, Cause IQ's internal Salesforce deduping proactively queries your Salesforce instance to make sure we don't override or create duplicate Account, Contact, or Lead records. 

    For Accounts, we identify existing records by a couple of organization characteristics, including:

    • EIN
    • Name
    • Zip code

    For Contacts, we identify existing matching records by a couple of personnel characteristics, including:

    • Email address (if available)
    • First initial
    • Last name

    For Leads, we identify existing records by a couple of personnel and organization characteristics, including:

    • Email address (if available)
    • First initial
    • Last name
    • Organization name
    • EIN

    In addition to our internal Salesforce deduping, Cause IQ will respect your Salesforce deduping rules when creating new objects. The process of creating new Account, Contact, or Lead records in your Salesforce instance is very similar to the steps above. Check out this article for more details.

    Monitor your target markets for new entrants

    Cause IQ's saving and monitoring search feature helps you stay on top of changes in your target markets. Organizations change constantly -- with updated financials, different vendors, and new locations -- and knowing which new organizations meet your target criteria is important. Here are the steps to monitor your target markets in Cause IQ:

    • Step 1

      Search for organizations to narrow down on a target market

      Add both quantitative (e.g., financial) and qualitative (e.g., categorical) filters from the search filter sidebar to narrow down on relevant organizations in your target market.

    • Step 2

      Save and monitor your search query

      Select the floppy disk icon on the right of the screen to access the "Save this search query" webpage. From there:

      1. Name your search (we advise you name your saved searches appropriately, so you can quickly understand the types of organizations the search contains -- e.g., "DC large associations, > $5M in revenue")
      2. Select to monitor your search for updates

      When you select to monitor your searches, Cause IQ will notify you when new organizations match your criteria and have been added to the saved search, and when previously-matching organizations no longer meet the criteria.

      Please note that you can still save a search and choose not to monitor it.

    • Step 3

      View updates on your target markets

      Once a week Cause IQ takes a look at your saved and monitored searches. You can view any updates to your monitored searches right from your Dashboard. Additionally, Cause IQ sends you an email that overviews the changes to your monitored searches.

    Here's a summary video showing you how to save and monitor your searches and where you can view their updates from the "Searches" section of the Dashboard: