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See foundations grantmaking activity

View a foundation's grantmaking trends and list of grants made to discover development opportunities for your organization

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Grantmaking organizations (e.g., foundations) provided $295 billion last year to support the charitable activities of other nonprofits, individuals, and government agencies. Opportunities for your organization's development are out there, and Cause IQ's grant data and purpose-built tools are designed to help you research and realize these opportunities.

Cause IQ customers access a specific foundation's profile page to understand their grantmaking trends, see a list of their grantees, and learn details of their most recent and past grants they've made. Our users also use the "Table" view in the search interface to view grantmaking details for multiple foundations at once.

Grantmaking activities

If you're looking to understand a specific foundation's grantmaking activity, the "Grantmaking" section on their profile page is the place to start your research. Click here to learn more about searching for a specific organization to access their profile.

The "Grantmaking" section lets you see a summary of the foundation's grantmaking activity, trends of the types of nonprofits the foundation gives to, their grant recipients, and a list of all the grants Cause IQ has identified the foundation making. You can even search the identified grants to quickly view grants meeting certain criteria.

Grantmaking activity overview and characteristics of grant recipients

The top of the "Grantmaking" section on an organization's profile includes a "Grantmaking activity overview, most recent year" part. You'll see the values for the foundation's:

  • Number of grants
  • Average grant size
  • Geographic focus
  • Smallest grant size
  • Median grant size
  • Largest grant size

You'll also see a "Characteristics of grant recipients, most recent year" part. This part provides graphs that let you understand the trends of the types of nonprofits an organization gives to and where they're located. Here's a look at the "Grantmaking activity overview, most recent" and "Characteristics of grant recipients, most recent year" parts:

Top of the "Grantmaking" section
Grantmaking activity summary

Listing of grants made

The bottom of the "Grantmaking" section on an organization's profile page is where you can see a list of the identified grants the foundation makes.  For the grants in the list, you'll see the grantee's name, their EIN, the grant description, the grant amount, and a "Details" link. You can also filter the grants displayed in the list by certain grant characteristics.

You can filter the grant list by:

  • Grantee type
  • Grantee issue
  • Grantee characteristics
  • Grantee state
  • Grantee metro
  • Grantee NTEE code
  • Organization name
  • Grant description

For example, if you work for a human service organization in Los Angeles, you can add a Grantee type filter with a "Human service organization" selection and a Grantee metro filter with a "Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA" selection to see a list of the human service organizations in the LA metro area that the foundation gives to and the grant amount. This helps you understand a foundation's grantmaking activity towards similar nonprofits and discover development opportunities for your organization.

Here's a look at the "Listing of grants made" part of a foundations "Grantmaking" section:

List of grants made

View specific grant details

In the grantee list at the bottom of the "Grantmaking" section of an organization's profile, you'll see a blue "Details" link on the far right of the row. You can click this link to view specific details on the grantmaker, grant recipient, and their grant history. This details page shows the most recent grant and any other past grants Cause IQ has identified the grantmaker making to the grantee. Cause IQ provides the "Tax period", "Description", and "Amount" for the identified grants so you can get an understanding of how long the foundation has provided funding to the grantee.

Here's a look at where you click to view specific grant details and what the details page shows:

Grant details click
Grant details page

View grantmaking activity details for multiple foundations at once

Cause IQ's organization's profiles are great for researching one foundation, but many Cause IQ users want to understand the grantmaking activities of multiple foundations at once. That's when Cause IQ customers create a peer list of specific foundations and access the "Table" view in the search interface. Here are the general steps:

If your subscription includes exporting capabilities, you can download the contents of the "Table" view to Excel to share your findings and insights with colleagues. To do so, click "Download table" at the top-right of the screen. Here's a look at the "Table" view with grantmaking details selected as columns and where you choose to download the table to Excel:

View grantmaking activity for multiple foundations