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Upload event attendee lists for filtering, enrichment, and further analysis

Narrow down to the attendees in your target market and enrich your lists with organization and personnel details

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If you attend events (e.g., conferences, trade shows) to promote your products or services, you want to make sure you spend your time talking to attendees in your target market. Additionally, contacting attendees -- that you know are in your target market -- prior to the event allows you to introduce yourself and set meeting times before you have the opportunity to meet face to face. Cause IQ customers use our CSV upload enrichment tool to identify attendees in their target market, export attendee details, and gain insights on the key personnel working at specific target organizations.

Upload attendee list for filtering and analysis

Cause IQ users use the CSV enrichment tool to upload attendee lists and narrow down to the organizations that matter, so they know who they want to talk to beforehand. Here are the general steps:

  • Step 1

    Upload the CSV

    Use the CSV enrichment tool (see link above for more details) to upload your list of attendees and match them to the corresponding organizations in Cause IQ.

  • Step 2

    Open attendee list in search interface

    From your dashboard, go to the "Lists" section on the left, select the "Uploaded from CSV" option, and then click the "Open" button on the right to open the search interface with the list as the only filter.

  • Step 3

    Analyze attendees for overall trends and characteristics

    If you are looking to compare attendees based on a specific financial or descriptive field, you can add the relevant fields to the "Table" view to see how the organizations match up against each other. If you are looking for summary stats to get a better understanding of the attendees' characteristics, you can add relevant fields to the "Analyze" view to automatically summarize the market trends for the event attendees. If you want an understanding of how specific quantitative (e.g., financial) fields for target attendees have changed over time, use Cause IQ's Benchmark tool to generate custom reports and see how attendees compare to their peers.

  • Step 4

    Add filters to attendee list

    Now that you're in the search interface, you can add filters just like on any other search. This time, though, you are further filtering down on the CSV attendee list you uploaded. The most common filters used by Cause IQ customers in this case are "Total revenue", "Num. Employees", and "All cash, savings, and investments" (i.e., investable assets). We'd also recommend "Structure and activities" or "Issues and missions" to further find specific types of organizations.

  • Step 5

    Save the search or export for a new CSV file

    You don't want to lose track of all the good work you just did. We now recommend saving this search. Note that because we are now in the search interface, it saves as a new search, and the original uploaded CSV list is unaffected. Click the floppy disk icon to the right of the "Export" tab link to save and name the search to come back to it later.

    Alternatively, you can export the results as a new CSV file. In doing so, you can maintain the columns from the CSV file you originally uploaded. So if there was additional information on points of contact, booth number, or other similar columns, you can add those to the export in the "Columns" step of the export.

Overall, when uploading attendee lists for filtering and analysis, think of specific criteria that make up your current target segments, identify filters that enable you to narrow down on your segments, and decide on the market trends that are most important to you. In addition to the process above, here are some other ways our customers utilize Cause IQ after they've uploaded a list of attendees:

  • View a specific attendee's organization profile to download their summary PDF one-pages and detailed Excel report
  • View the "Vendors" tab on an attendee's organization profile to see who they procure their products and services from
  • Find similar organizations, in Cause IQ, to the attendees in your target market using the Common Characteristics tool
  • Identify organizations that are in two or more of your internal lists, i.e., prospect list and attendee list (see the blue box below for more details)

Add organization and personnel contact details to attendee lists

You can export your enriched attendee list as a CSV spreadsheet after you've completed the above steps. You can also include columns from your original uploaded CSV attendee list during the export process to give you more insights to the attendees in your target segment.

Not all attendee lists contain the individuals that will represent organizations at the events you go to. However, if you can contact key individuals from the attendees before the event, there's a good chance you can obtain that information. Cause IQ has email addresses for nearly 725,000 key personnel that you can include in your enriched exports. So even if the attendees aren't required to provide the names of the individuals that are going to the event, there's a good chance Cause IQ has contact information for someone who can tell you who's representing their organization.

On the other hand, if the attendee list contains the names of the individuals representing their organizations, you can easily add the individuals to your enriched list and include their contact information. With the contact information you find in Cause IQ, you can reach out to the individuals attending to set meeting times and create rapport before having the opportunity to meet in person.