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Deduplication: Exporting only new personnel and organization records

Built in deduplication feature allows you to only export personnel and organization records you haven't previously

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Cause IQ has built-in deduping within our export wizard, so you can choose not to export personnel and organization records that you've previously exported out of the system. To use this feature, you need to do two things:

  1. Tell Cause IQ to remember your exports as you do them, providing a name for the export allows you to keep track of your exports for deduping purposes.
  2. During the export process, tell the system you only want to export new organizations or people you haven't previously exported

Remembering your exports for future deduping

You tell Cause IQ to remember an export in the "What" step of the export process. Just look for the "Remember exported records" section and enter an appropriate name for the export. Cause IQ automatically makes a note of which organizations and/or people that are included in the export. Here's where you tell Cause IQ you want to remember all records included in a specific export:

Reember this export for future deduping

Telling Cause IQ which records to include (deduplication options)

In the "What" step of the export process, you have three options for deduping. Here are the options that appear in the "Which records to include" section:

  • Include all records: Export all organizations and/or personnel that appear in the search results
  • Exclude records from previously remembered exports: Exclude organizations and/or personnel from previously remembered exports that you select from the dropdown list. If an organization or personnel was previously exported in one of the remembered exports you select, Cause IQ skips it. If you want to exclude all organizations and/or personnel from all of your previously remembered exports, click the "Exclude records from all remembered exports" box.
  • Include only updated or new values since previously-remembered exports: Export only the record values that have been updated since selected previously-remembered exports, or that are new and weren't part of selected previously-remembered exports (e.g., a new column or new organizations, a person with an updated email).

Here's a look at the "Which records to include" section of the "What" step of the export process:

Select which records to include an export

After you select the desired option for the records to include in your export, complete the rest of the export steps, and generate your report in the "Confirm" step.