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Prospect for nonprofits with Cause IQ

Use Cause IQ to find the right organizations to grow your client base and win funding

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Prospecting for potential customers, clients, or buyers is a never-ending cycle for companies looking to develop new business. Identifying new prospects and ultimately connecting with a decision-maker are the building blocks to stable business growth. For nonprofits, grantmaking foundations are out there, and identifying funders to support your mission is essential for your organization's success.

Cause IQ equips our customers with the data and tools they need to easily narrow down on addressable target markets, export prospect information in bulk, discover characteristics that relevant organizations share, and find funding opportunities.

Find organizations in a specific target market

There are over 400 fields available for filtering in Cause IQ to help you narrow down on organizations in your target market. Cause IQ customers combine quantitative (e.g., Total revenuesNum. employees) and qualitative (e.g., Metro area, NTEE code, primary) filters to segment organizations meeting specific search criteria. For example, you can use Cause IQ to create a search that identifies 501(c)(3) organizations in the New York City metro area with more than $10 million in total revenues where at least 15% of that revenue comes from memberships. To learn more about using Cause IQ to find organizations in a specific target market, check out these links for best practices:

Here's an overview showing you how to add filters to segment organizations meeting your target market criteria:

Identify key personnel at organizations

To grow your nonprofit client base, you must have access to accurate and up-to-date personnel information so you can introduce your products and services to prospects. Cause IQ has the features you need to find the right key personnel to reach out to and export their up-to-date contact information. For example, you can use Cause IQ to pull data on C-level executives with email addresses working at organizations meeting your target market criteria. For more details on identifying key personnel at relevant organizations, check out these articles:

Here's a video showing you where you can view identified staff an board members for a specific organization and what information is available on an individual's profile:

Export prospect information in a bulk report

Cause IQ is chock full of organization and key personnel information, and most fields are available to export (e.g., Total expenses, Growth in revenue: One-year growth, Tax preparer firmOffice phone, Email address). Cause IQ customers use our purpose-built tools to export prospect information out of the system and then load the details into their CRM. With the desired information in their CRM, customers add prospects to specific campaigns to help them get in touch with the right people to grow their business. For example, you can use Cause IQ's "Export" tool to generate reports containing key financial information for prospect organizations and contact information for specific types of personnel. To learn more about generating bulk reports in Cause IQ, check out the links below:

Here's how you export organization and personnel details to a CSV file, and how the information is formatted in Excel:

Pull client lists of competitors or partners

Cause IQ has the data and tools you need to discover organizations working with your competitors and/or partners. With these insights, you have an opportunity to highlight what separates you from the competition and use your existing partner relationships to favorably position your product or service. Cause IQ's vendor filters help our customers find client lists of competitors and partners, which leads to new business opportunities. Our purpose-built tools help customers analyze vendor market penetration, so they can understand which vendors capture the majority of their target market. For example, you can use Cause IQ's Tax preparer firm filter to segment organizations working with specific accounting firms and the "Analyze" tool to discover the top technologies used amongst a group of target market organizations. For more information on identifying organizations working with specific vendors, check out these links for best practices: 

Here's a video showing you how to identify organizations working with specific firms and how you can see the top technologies used amongst a group of organizations:

Discover characteristics of your clients and qualified prospects

Your clients and qualified prospects share characteristics that make them the right fit for your company's business. Understanding these shared characteristics is crucial to increase your qualified prospect pipeline, which ultimately drives conversion rates. Cause IQ provides tools to help you learn more about the organizations that are most important to you and find organizations that share characteristics with your clients and qualified prospects. For example, you can use Cause IQ's "Analyze" tool to identify sector-wide trends for the organizations that matter to you most. For best practices on how you can better understand the organizations that matter to you most, check out the linked articles below:

Here's a video showing you how you can use Cause IQ's "Table" view to see raw financial values, year-over-year growth rates, and percentages for organizations you've added to a list:

Find funding to support your organization

Grantmaking foundations are out there, and Cause IQ equips you with the relevant grant data and searchable fields you need to discover funding opportunities. Cause IQ's customers combine quantitative (e.g., Number of grants made, Median grant amount) and descriptive (e.g., Grant recipient types, Grant recipient metros) grant filters to their search queries to segment relevant foundations that fund specific types of organizations in certain locations. For example, you can use Cause IQ's grant filters to create a search query that segments foundations that have a median grant amount of $50,000, give to human rights organizations, and give to nonprofits in California. You can also view which foundations provide grants to a peer organization and understand which foundations give to a search segment of organizations. To learn more about how you can use Cause IQ to discover funding opportunities, check out the links below for best practices:

Here's a video showing you where to access Cause IQ's grant filters, where you can view the grants a specific organization receives from the profile page, and where you can learn which foundations give to an organization segment with the "Funding" tool.