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Product update: Smart Search Box

Published May 7, 2021

Get to where you want to go in Cause IQ more quickly

Cause IQ's Smart Search Box is a predictive search feature that we designed to help our customers get to where they want to go in Cause IQ more quickly. You access the Smart Search Box right from your Dashboard -- you'll see the "Search organizations..." search box at the top of the page. You can use the Smart Search Box to access specific organization profile pages or to start organization search segments -- using suggested filters.

To get to specific organization profile pages, you can search by organization NameEIN, or Website domain. For example, if you want to access Martha's Table profile, you can start typing in "Martha's Table" or their EIN, which is 52-1186071. The Smart Search Box displays and highlights the name of the organization, and you just need to click on the "Open..." message to immediately access the desired organization's profile page. 

Here's the Smart Search Box in action for accessing an organization's profile page:

You can start a new organization search directly from the Smart Search Box using the following filters:

  • Types (blue)
  • Issues (gold)
  • Characteristics (green)
  • State (pink)
  • Metro (grey)
  • Keywords

For example, if you type in "Florida" in the Smart Search Box, Cause IQ suggests the option to "Search for Florida (FL) nonprofits". If you type in "Food banks", Cause IQ suggests the option to "Search for Food banks". You just need to click on the "Search for..." message and Cause IQ starts a new search for you with that selected filter and option. Cause IQ displays the name of the suggested filter on the right and also differentiates the filters by color (see above). If Cause IQ can't find a filter with an appropriate suggestion, you still have the option to "Search names and descriptions for..." what you're looking for. This option adds a Cause IQ Keywords filter with the text that you enter.

Here's how the Smart Search Box suggests and adds filters to start a new organization search: