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Upload CSV spreadsheets to create lists

Use uploaded CSVs to enrich data, augment information, and further segment lists

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Are you currently tracking clients or prospects in a spreadsheet or your CRM? You can upload these lists into Cause IQ to enrich the data, from finding their key personnel to adding columns on financial characteristics.

Cause IQ's easy-to-use wizard walks you through uploading your CSV spreadsheets, mapping columns from your spreadsheet to fields in Cause IQ, and matching spreadsheet rows to corresponding organizations in Cause IQ.

Step 1: Upload file

From the Cause IQ dashboard, click on the "Upload spreadsheet to create list" link, on the left sidebar in the Tools and options section. Here's a screenshot showing you where to upload your CSV file:

Upload your CSV spreadsheet to Cause IQ

Next select the CSV file from your computer that you want to upload to Cause IQ to create a list.

Step 2: Map columns

Map the columns from the uploaded CSV file to the corresponding Cause IQ fields. Cause IQ uses these mapped columns to try to automatically match rows in your spreadsheet to organizations in Cause IQ. 

In the screenshot below, the Organization CSV column was mapped to Organization name in Cause IQ, City column was mapped to City, State column was mapped to State, and Website column was mapped to Website URL.

Map spreadsheet columns to Cause IQ fields

You can map columns to the following Cause IQ fields to help match rows in the spreadsheet to corresponding organizations in Cause IQ:

  • Organization name
  • EIN
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Website URL

Step 3: Match rows

The final step is to match the rows in your spreadsheet to organizations in Cause IQ. Cause IQ makes this easier for you (we know it can be tedious) with smart matching and bulk processing. When matching rows, there are three statuses for spreadsheet rows:

  • Unmatched: These are the rows you haven't matched or ignored yet
  • Matched: These are the rows you have matched to their corresponding organizations in Cause IQ
  • Ignored: These are rows you chose to ignore, either because they aren't actually nonprofits, or because you can't find a corresponding organization match

For each unmatched row, there are four separate tools to help you do the matching:

  • Auto match: Based on the spreadsheet columns you mapped to corresponding Cause IQ fields, this finds the organization that best matches the spreadsheet row
  • Recommended: This shows the top five organizations that might correspond to the row, based on the spreadsheet columns you mapped to the corresponding Cause IQ fields
  • Search: Manually find the corresponding organization, based on name, metro, state, and/or revenue range
  • Ignore: Ignore the row, because the row isn't a nonprofit organization or you can't find a matching organization

Auto match uploaded rows in bulk

In the matching the step of the CSV upload process, you can auto-match all uploaded rows to the corresponding organizations in Cause IQ. To do so, click the "Bulk auto match" link on the right side of the screen and select "Start auto matching." Cause IQ automatically accepts every uploaded row's auto-match, if one exists. We've had customers use this to process CSV files with thousands of rows. Here's a look at the matching step and where to access the bulk auto match link.

Match rows to corresponding Cause IQ organizations

Accessing an uploaded list for searching, further analysis, and exporting

You can access an uploaded list's profile right from your dashboard. To do so, click the "Lists" link on the left of the screen, then select "Uploaded from CSV", and then choose the appropriate list's name.

The number inside a blue tag indicates the number of unmatched rows in your CSV file. To continue the matching process of the rows in your uploaded CSV to the corresponding organizations in Cause IQ, simply click on the "Match rows" button.

From the list's profile, click "Open in search interface" to view the list in the Cause IQ search interface, export organization and personnel details, and benchmark the organizations with Cause IQ's benchmarking tool. Here's a look at an uploaded list's profile:

Uploaded list's profile

Open your lists in the search interface with the My saved lists filter

When you're in Cause IQ's search interface, you can open a list of organizations you've created with the CSV upload tool with the My saved lists filter -- you can find the My saved lists filter within your search filter sidebar. Once you click the My saved lists filter, you'll see all the lists you've created in Cause IQ in the dropdown. Just select the list that you want, and click "Add filter". Cause IQ will segment the organizations that belong to the selected list. If you want to open multiple lists, just select the appropriate names of the lists when adding the My saved lists filter.

Here's a look at where you open a list in the search interface with the My saved lists filter:

Open lists in the search interface with the My saved lists filter

Enriching information from an uploaded list

Cause IQ's CSV upload tool allows you to export both the originally uploaded columns and appended columns from Cause IQ. In Excel-speak, it eliminates the need to do a VLOOKUP between the original CSV file and an export from Cause IQ. After you have uploaded your CSV file, mapped your columns, and matched your rows to the corresponding organizations in Cause IQ, you can export your original columns (e.g., CRM ID) and new columns right in the list's profile (which can be accessed from both the dashboard and matching screen).

Once you're in the list's profile, click the "Export bulk report" link to start the export process. This export process is the same as exporting from Cause IQ's search interface.

The Columns step of the export process is where you have the option to include columns from your uploaded CSV file and add new details to your export. The Columns from uploaded spreadsheet section includes the names of the columns from your uploaded CSV. To include a column from your uploaded file in your enriched export, simply check the box next to the name. The enriched export file includes the selected columns, with the original uploaded details. Many Cause IQ customers choose to include a CRM ID, or another external ID, in their enriched exports, allowing them to easily upload the enhanced data back into their CRM.

In addition to including uploaded columns in your enriched export, you can include new organization and personnel details to augment your information. Simply click "Change columns" and search for the fields you want to include in your export. You can also find the fields you want to include in your export by category; these sections mirror the ones in the "All filters" module of the search filter sidebar. Here's a look at the Columns step of the export process:

Export lists with enriched data