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Form 5500: Employee benefit plan details

Search, view, and export details on an organization's employee benefit plan characteristics and providers

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The Form 5500 is a Department of Labor report that is filed to disclose the details on the employee benefit plans organizations offer, the vendors they use to run the plans, and the number of employees that participate in the plans. Cause IQ added these details to give our customers insights on the audit, financial, and insurance providers organizations use, as well as the details on the employee benefit plans for relevant organizations. Form 5500 information is available for viewing, searching, benchmarking, analyzing, and exporting.

Narrowing down on organizations based on their employee benefit details

You can use Cause IQ's search filter sidebar to narrow down on a segment of organizations based on their employee benefit plans' characteristics. To access the employee benefit fields for filtering, navigate to "Employee benefit plans" section in the "All" filters tab. From there you have access to filters like Form 5500 total assets, Form 5500 number of active participants,and Form 5500 service providers to help you narrow down on an organization segment.To add a field as a filter, choose the appropriate numerical value or the desired service provider(s) and select "Add filter." Here are all the available "Employee benefit plans" fields within the "All" filters tab:

  • Form 5500 service providers
  • Form 5500 total assets
  • Form 5500 number of active participants
  • Form 5500 total fees
  • Form 5500 investment fees
  • Form 5500 accounting and legal fees
  • Pension/retirement accruals and contributions

Here's where you can access the fields from Cause IQ's search filter sidebar:

View Form 5500 details on an organization's profile

If you want to get a better understanding of the benefit plans a specific organization offers, whether it's an inbound opportunity or current client, you can view their plans' details right on the organization's profile page in Cause IQ. To access this information, go to the desired organization's profile and select the "Employee benefit plan" tab. The information available in this section includes:

  • The name of the plans
  • The number of participants (active and inactive)
  • The contributed assets
  • The fees for putting the plans together
  • Details on the vendors working on the organization's plan

Here's a look at the "Employee benefit plan" tab on an organization's profile.

Employee benefit plan section on an organization's profile

Exporting employee benefit fields

Once you narrow down on a specific segment of organizations and are ready to include their employee benefit plans' details in your export, select the "Export" tab in the search interface to start the export process. The "Columns" step is where you have the option to include the relevant Form 5500 information. You can search for the fields you want to include in your export with the "Keywords" search box, or you can find the filters by "Categories." These mirror the options within the "All" filters tab.

Here's where you can find the available Form 550 fields to add to your export:

Search for the Form 5500 details you want to add to your export

Compare and analyze employee benefit details

Just like most fields available in Cause IQ, you can add all the available Form 5500 details to Cause IQ's "Table" view and "Analyze" view. Select the "Table" tab from the search interface to view and compare employee benefit details in a tabular format. To add the relevant Form 5500 details to the "Table" view, select "Change columns" and search for the fields you want to add as column headers. You can also access the fields by "Categories," these sections mirror the ones in the "All" filters tab. Once you select the fields you want to include as columns, click "Change columns" within the "Change table columns" window. 

Adding Form 5500 details to the "Analyze" view automatically summarizes the employee benefit trends for the segment of organizations you're looking at. You can access the view by selecting the "Analyze" tab from the search interface. The "Analyze" view breaks down the quantitative details (e.g., Form 5500 total assets) in a histogram graph, and shows the average, median, and sum total for the selected field. The qualitative field (Form 5500 service providers) is represented in a list, showing you the top 10 results for the selected field. You can choose "... view more" to see the top 30 results in a list. Select "Change" fields to add the desired employee benefit details to the "Analyze" view. You can search for the field names with the "Keywords" search text box or find the fields by "Categories."