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Levels and functions of key personnel

Cause IQ classifies job titles according to their level and function, which you can use to find information on specific types of personnel

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To make finding the right people easier, Cause IQ built a proprietary algorithm (along with our great research team) that classifies titles according to their various levels and functions. If a title has multiple positions in it -- such as Treasurer and CFO -- we assign multiple sets of levels and functions to that title. You can access these levels and functions in the export wizard, people search, and organization search (filtering organizations by the characteristics of their staff).

Job levels

Levels represent how high up in a given organization's hierarchy a position is. While there is great variation in the nonprofit sector in the title structures organizations use -- charities using director-based structures, with associations having vice-presidents and chiefs -- by select multiple levels in your personnel searches, you can isolate the right people across all sorts of organizations. Here are the levels in Cause IQ, and a few example titles for each:

Assistant / Associate Chief: e.g., Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Assistant Chief, Assistant Chief Engineer

Assistant / Associate Director: e.g., Assistant Director, Associate Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director

Associate Dean: e.g., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Senior Associate Dean, Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Board: e.g., Board Member, Treasurer, Secretary

Chief: e.g., Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer

Dean: e.g., Dean, Dean of Students, Academic Dean

Deputy / Second Vice President: e.g., Associate Vice President, Second Vice President, Assistant Vice President

Director: e.g., Executive Director, Director of Development, Program Director

Founder / Owner: e.g., Founder, Owner, Founding Member

Manager: e.g., Program Manager, Business Manager, Operations Manager

Vice President: e.g., Executive Vice President, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Operations

Job functions

Cause IQ has about 50 different functions for the most common job roles and responsibilities across the nonprofit sector. We have grouped similar functionalities together -- such as marketing and communications -- so that you can more easily find the right personnel in your addressable market. Here are the functions in Cause IQ, with a few sample job titles for each function:

Academic programs / School departments: e.g., Math Department Chair, Course Director, Director of Curriculum

Accounting: e.g., Accountant, Accounting Manager, Senior Accountant

Administration: e.g., Director of Administration, Chief of Staff, Chief Administrative Officer

Admissions / Enrollment: e.g., Director of Admissions, Associate Director of Admissions, Admissions Director

Alumni Affairs: e.g., Director of Alumni Relations, Executive Director of Alumni Relations, Director of Alumni Programs

Athletics / Sports / Recreation: e.g., Athletic Director, Aquatics Director, Sports Director

Business / Business Development: e.g., Business Manager, Sales Manager, Business Development Manager

Career Services / Employment Services: e.g., Associate Director of Career Services, Director of Career Development, Director of Professional Development

Case Management: e.g., Director of Case Management, Medical Case Manager, Case Management Manager

Chair / Vice-Chair / President: e.g., Chairman, Chair, Vice Chair, Vice Chairperson

Children / Childhood: e.g., Youth Development Director, Early Childhood Director, Childcare Director

Community / Volunteering: e.g., Director of Volunteer Services, Director of Community Relations, Director of Community Engagement

Controller / Comptroller: e.g., Controller, Comptroller, Chief Compliance Officer

Creative / Art / Design / Music: e.g., Music Director, Creative Director, Stage Manager

Development / Fundraising / Giving / Advancement / Philanthropy: e.g., Director of Development, Development Manager, Chief Development Officer

Diversity / Inclusion: e.g., Director of Diversity, Associate Director of Diversity Programs, Director of Multicultural Affairs

Editorial / Publications: e.g., Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Director, Publications Director

Education / Learning: e.g., Director of Education, Education Manager, School Director

Engineering: e.g., Director of Engineering, Engineering Manager, Software Engineer

Environment / Nature / Conservation / Sustainability / Energy: e.g., Director of Conservation, Director of Sustainability, Director of Horticulture

Events / Meetings / Catering: e.g., Events Manager, Special Events Manager, Director of Special Events

Executive: e.g., Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer

Facilities / Maintenance / Grounds / Construction: e.g., Facilities Manager, Director of Facilities, Maintenance Director

Finance: e.g., Chief Financial Officer, Director of Finance, Vice President of Finance

Financial Aid: e.g., Director of Financial Aid, Associate Director of Financial Aid

Financial Services / Financial Operations: e.g., Senior Vice President of Tax, Director of Financial Services, Director of Financial Operations, Director of Reimbursement

Government Relations / Public Affairs / Public Relations / Advocacy / External Affairs: e.g., Director of Public Relations, Director of Government Affairs, Policy Director

Grants / Foundations: e.g., Grants Manager, Foundation Director, Director of Grants

Housing Services / Resident Services: e.g., Vice President Housing Operations, Director of Resident Services, House Director

Human Resources: e.g., Director of Human Resources, Human Resources Manager, Vice President Human Resources

Information / Technology: e.g., Chief Information Officer, Director of Information Technology, Technical Director

Legal / Counsel: e.g., General Counsel, Legal Counsel, Associate General Counsel

Libraries: e.g., Library Director, Director of Library Services, Director of Libraries

Marketing / Communications: e.g., Director of Communications, Communications Manager, Director of Marketing

Medical / Health / Medical Specialties: e.g., Medical Director, Chief Medical Officer, Director of Nursing

Membership / Member Services: e.g., Membership Director, Vice President Membership, Director of Member Services

Operations: e.g., Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Operations, Chief of Staff

Partnerships: e.g., Director of Strategic Partnerships, Director of Partnerships, Director of Community Partnerships

Planning: e.g., Director of Planning, Planning Director, Director of Strategic Planning, Director

Procurement: e.g., Vice President Acquisitions and Projects Development, Director of Procurement, Director of Supply Chain Management

Product / Production: e.g., Product Manager, Director of Production, Production Manager

Programs / Projects: e.g., Program Director, Program Manager, Program Officer

Quality Improvement / Quality / Performance Improvement: e.g., Director of Quality Assurance, Director of Performance Improvement, Director of Quality Improvement

Relationships / Corporate Relations: e.g., Director of Corporate Partnerships, Director of Corporate Development, Director of Corporate Communications

Research / Laboratory: e.g., Director of Research, Research Director, Lab Manager

Risk / Risk Management: e.g., Director Risk Management, Vice President Risk Management, Chief Risk Officer

Safety / Security / Police / Fire: e.g., Fire Chief, Safety Director, Chief of Security

Sales: e.g., Account Manager, Director of Sales, Director of Client Services

Secretary: e.g., Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Board Member / Secretary

Social Services / Family Services: e.g., Director of Social Services, Director of Adult Services, Director of Family Services

Strategy: e.g., Chief Strategy Officer, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Students / Student-Related Services / Academic Affairs: e.g., Dean of Students, Vice President for Student Affairs, Director of Student Services

Transportation: e.g., Transportation Director, Director of Transportation, Transportation Manager

Treasurer: e.g., Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Board Member / Treasurer