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Detailed Excel-based reports on organizations

Download all information on an organization in one place

You can download most of the information that appears in an organization's profile into one Excel file. To download this file, click the download icon at the top-right of the organization's profile and click the "Download report (XLSX)" link.

The Excel file has separate worksheets for the corresponding sections in an organization's profile. Current worksheets include:

  • Overview: Description, location, categories, key performance indicators
  • Program areas: What the organization is self-reporting as the most important areas of its mission
  • Funding: Grants we've identified an organization receiving, including the grantmaker, the amount, what the grant was for, and fiscal year
  • Grantmaking: Grants we've identified an organization making, including the grant recipients, the amount, what the grant was for, and fiscal year
  • Financials: Line-item financials from Form 990, including information for the past five years (if available)
  • Personnel: Key staff and board members, including phone numbers, email addresses, and compensation information (if available)
  • Schedule J: Executive compensation information for certain officers, directors, key employees, and highest compensated employees (if available)
  • Vendors: Service providers we've identified working with the organization, including the name of the vendor, amount paid to the vendor (when available), and service provided
  • Related entities: Related tax-exempt organizations, private companies, transactions with them, and disregarded entities (if available)

Organization Excel-based reports, link on profile

Here's an example of what the spreadsheet report looks like:

Organization Excel-based reports, screenshot of Excel