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All identified personnel in Cause IQ have a unique profile. Cause IQ's personnel profiles contain descriptive, contact, and compensation information, with the types of information on a given person depending on the data sources for that person.

You can access an individual's personnel profile by clicking on their name from the "Personnel" section in the corresponding organization's profile. You can also access an individual's personnel profile by selecting their name from the people search. Here's a look of where to access a personnel profile within the "Personnel" section of an organization's profile:

Accessing a personnel's profile

General details and contact information

The top of a personnel's profile includes their name and general details about the individual. This section includes the individual's:

  • Title(s)
  • Staff or board
  • Organization
  • Primary location
  • Email address (if available)
  • Direct phone number (if available)
  • Most recent data

All personnel in Cause IQ are stamped with a "Most recent data" date. This date represents the most recent date we received a piece of information on that person (e.g., website analysis, data partner). Here's a look the top of a personnel's profile:

The top of a personnel's profile

View all positions and corresponding levels and functions

The middle of a personnel's profile shows the individual's job title(s) and corresponding Cause IQ levels and functions. The levels and functions of the indidual are how they are identified in Cause IQ. Here's a look at the middle section of a personnel's profile:

Positions at organizations

View an individual's bio

If available, you can access the individuals "Bio" within the "Additional Info" section. The "Bio" provides details on the individual's role within their organization, as well as personal information. To view the individual's complete bio select "View full bio." Here's a look at where you see an individuals "Bio" on their personnel profile:

Personnel's bio

View Form 990 and Schedule J compensation details

If available, Cause IQ displays an individual's Form 990 and Schedule J compensation right on their profile. The compensation section provides details on the individual's base salary and other forms of compensation including bonuses. 

The compensation section provides the compensation details for the corresponding organization's two most recent tax returns, and provides a "% Change" for the compensation figures. Here's a look at the Form 990 and Schedule J compensation sections in a personnel's profile:

Form 990 and Schedule J compensation details