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View key organizational descriptive and financial information in a tabular format

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Accessing the table tool and sorting the organizations by column

Cause IQ's table tool allows you to quickly and easily compare a segment of organizations by relevant descriptive and financial details. Use Cause IQ's Search filter sidebar to narrow down on a segment of organizations that meet specific parameters, or open a list of organizations you have manually created/uploaded into Cause IQ

Click the"Table" tab from the search interface to open the table tool.

You can sort organizations in the table by any column you've chosen. Simply click on the column header, and the table will sort itself. If your segment of organizations exceeds 20, you have the option to navigate to different pages at the bottom of the screen.

Adding relevant fields as columns, setting default column headers, and video overview

You can add most Cause IQ fields (quantitative and qualitative) as columns to the table tool; just click "Change columns" and search for the fields you want to include as column headers. You can also find the fields you want to add as columns by category; these sections mirror the ones in the "All filters" module of the Search filter sidebar. Once you select the fields you want to include as columns, click "Change columns" to save your settings.

Note that you have the option to make the selected columns your default column headers by checking the "Set these columns as defaults" box. If you add columns as defaults, the system remembers the columns, and they are the pre-selected column headers for whenever you return to the table tool. You can always change your default columns.

Here's an overview video of Cause IQ's search table tool:

Download the organizational information to Excel

You can easily download the information from the table tool to an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet mirrors what you see inside the table tool and includes all the organization details you added as columns. To download the packaged report, click "Download table" on the right side of the screen and then click "Download spreadsheet". This feature allows you to quickly compare organizational information without recreating the table in the export tool.

For Cause IQ customers on a usage-based plan, downloading organization information from the table tool affects your included usage based on the number of organization records included in the table. To make sure you're aware of how downloading a table will affect your usage, Cause IQ provides an overview of the usage required to carry out the download when you select "Download table". Also, when downloading the organization information from the table tool, the download is limited by the maximum number of rows per spreadsheet.

Here's a look at where you choose to download organization information from the table tool and how Cause IQ provides an overview of the usage required to download the spreadsheet (if on a usage-based plan):

Table Excel report