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Saving and monitoring searches for updates

Save and monitor your searches to stay up-to-date on a segment of organizations

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Oftentimes you'll want to go back to searches you've previously completed. To avoid having to create the search from scratch, you can save your search in Cause IQ. Cause IQ will remember all of your filters and the various settings within the search, such as columns in the "Table" view, fields in the "Analyze" view, and how your results are sorted.

Many Cause IQ customers spend a lot of time in organization profile pages conducting research. Tagging the organizations that meet the criteria of your saved searches allows you to quickly understand if you've come across a specific organization in the past and what segment of the market an organization belongs to.

Monitoring your saved searches helps you stay up-to-date on changes within your market segments. Since organizations are constantly changing -- with updated financials, new locations, and different vendors -- knowing which new organizations meet your criteria is important. With Cause IQ, this is easy.

Here's an overview video highlighting how to save your target searches, how to monitor them, and where to access them from your dashboard:

After you've added filters from the search filter sidebar to narrow down on a segment of organizations (see this article on best practices for segmenting markets), click the "Save" button at the top-right of the screen to save your search. Here's a screenshot showing where to save your search from the search interface:

Where to save your searches

After you click the "Save" button, the next step is to name your search. Pro tip: You want to remember what segment of organizations your saved searches include. To keep them organized, give them a meaningful name that allows you to know what type of organizations the search includes (e.g., Major associations in California). Here's a look at where you name your saved search:

Name your saved search

Choose the "Tag search results in organization profiles" checkbox to show the name of the saved search in the "Your search matches" section on the profiles of the organizations belonging to the search. Many Cause IQ customers create saved searches of organizations meeting their target market criteria, working with competitors or partners, and they want to avoid. These market segment tags will help you understand more about a given organization when you're conducting research in their profile. Here's a look at where you choose to tag the organizations that meet the criteria of your saved search:

Tag search results in organization profiles

To start the active monitoring of the search, select the "Monitor this search" checkbox. Each week our servers will look for organizations that newly-match your search, or organizations that used to match but no longer do. Please note that you can only monitor searches that contain 2,500 or fewer organizations. Here's a look at where you choose to tell Cause IQ to monitor your saved search:

Naming and monitoring your searches

Accessing your saved and monitored searches

You can access your monitored searches from your Cause IQ Dashboard, by clicking the “Searches” section on the left, and then selecting “Saved searches.” Select your saved search and scroll down to the “Updates to search results” to see changes. We will also send you weekly emails (you can opt-out of these) with updates from that week, as well as in-website notifications.

To re-open your saved search in Cause IQ's search interface, select the "Open search" button at the top of the search profile. 

Here’s a look at where you access your saved and monitored searches through your Cause IQ Dashboard:

Access your saved and monitored searches from your Cause IQ Dashboard