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Your Dashboard is a one-stop-shop to see all relevant information with your Cause IQ account. You can access all of your exports, saved searches, lists, manage your account settings, and more. Here's an overview video of the Cause IQ Dashboard:

At the top of your Dashboard, you see the "Search organizations..." search box. This is Cause IQ's Smart search box, which we designed to help our customers get to where they want to in Cause IQ as easily and quickly as possible. The Smart search box is a predictive search feature that you can use to access specific organization profile pages, by name or EIN, and to start organization search segments, using suggested filters.

To get to specific organization profile pages, you just need to start typing the organization's name or EIN. For example, if you want to access Martha's Table profile, you can start typing in "Martha's Table" or their EIN, which is 52-1186071. The Smart search box displays and highlights the name of the organization, and you just need to click on the "Open..." message to immediately access the desired organization's profile page. 

Here's the Smart search box in action for accessing an organization's profile page:

You can start a new organization search directly from the Smart search box using the following filters:

  • Types (blue)
  • Issues (gold)
  • Characteristics (green)
  • State (pink)
  • Metro (grey)
  • Keywords

For example, if you type in "Florida" in the Smart search box, Cause IQ suggests the option to "Search for Florida (FL) nonprofits". If you type in "Food banks", Cause IQ suggests the option to "Search for Food banks". You just need to click on the "Search for..." message and Cause IQ starts a new search for you with that selected filter and option. Cause IQ displays the name of the suggested filter on the right and also differentiates the filters by color (see above). If Cause IQ can't find a filter with an appropriate suggestion, you still have the option to "Search names and descriptions for..." what you're looking for. This option adds a Cause IQ Keywords filter with the text that you enter.

Here's how the Smart search box suggests and adds filters to start a new organization search:


The main overview page of the dashboard helps new Cause IQ users get value out of the platform immediately and allows existing users to access previous searches, organization profiles, report downloads, and more. In addition to a Smart search box at the top of the page, and a button to begin a "New organization search" in the search interface, your Cause IQ activity is tracked in the following sections:

Recent searches: Search queries the user has recently conducted with Cause IQ filters

Recent organizations: Organization profiles the user has recently viewed

Recent downloads: Personnel and organization bulk reports the user has recently generated with the Export wizard

Saved searches: Search queries the user has saved to the Dashboard

Manual lists: Lists of specific organizations the user has manually created in Cause IQ

Shared searches (if applicable): Search queries the user has saved and shared with colleagues that have a separate Cause IQ license

Uploaded lists (if applicable): Lists of specific organizations the user has created with the CSV upload tool

Shared lists (if applicable): Lists of specific organizations the user has created and shared with colleagues that have a separate Cause IQ license

All the activities are linked within their appropriate section so you can access them quickly in Cause IQ.

Please keep in mind that these activity sections won't contain any past activities for new Cause IQ users. In this case, we do include linked relevant help articles with information about how to use Cause IQ to accomplish a given activity.


The Activity page allows you to access and view your activity log with Cause IQ. This allows you to quickly find information you were previously looking at, pertinent notifications on downloads, and updates to your monitored searches. The activity section contains the following sections:

  • All: A log of everything, including your activity history, monitored searches, and notifications
  • Monitored searches: Updates to the saved searches that you are monitoring, with links to detailed information
  • Notifications: View notifications on exports ready to download
  • History: See your recent searches conducted (with links to the searches), as well as organization, company, and personnel profiles viewed


The Searches page of the dashboard allows you to see and access all of your previously saved searches and their characteristics. You can see how many organizations match your search criteria, the date you created the search, if you are monitoring the search or not, and the last time Cause IQ checked the search for updates. You can also see the filters that were used to create the search query. You can open a previously saved search in the search interface by clicking "Open in search interface."


The Lists page of the dashboard allows you to see and access lists you've manually created, uploaded with our CSV enrichment tool, and the exports you chose to remember. All lists you've created in Cause IQ have a unique profile. From the profile, you're able to open your list by clicking the "Open in search interface" link, export organization and personnel details, and benchmark the organizations with Cause IQ's benchmarking tool.


The Salesforce section of the dashboard is where you can set up Cause IQ's Salesforce integration, map your Salesforce objects to the corresponding fields in Cause IQ, and match up records to enrich in bulk. Also, you can open in the search interface Accounts (or Leads) you created or previously matched in Cause IQ's.

To do this, click the "Open Accounts in Cause IQ search" button, and Cause IQ will create a new search with a filter automatically added isolating just these organizations.You can choose to filter down on the list further by adding relevant filters from the search filter sidebar. You can also change the filters "Method" dropdown to "Exclude", which will show you all organizations that meet the other criteria, but aren't currently in your Salesforce instance. This is great to identify whitespace opportunities.Here's a look at the Salesforce section of the Dashboard:

Salesforce section of the Dashboard

Usage stats

For Cause IQ customers on usage-based plans, you can view your usage stats on the right side of the dashboard. You'll see your number of unique records exported/enriched for the usage term and your usage reset date. For our enterprise customers, you'll also see the company-wide usage stats.

Here's a look at where you can view your usage stats on the right side of the dashboard:

Stay on top of your Cause IQ usage