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Salesforce integration: Setup and creating new objects

Create new Leads, Accounts, and/or Contacts from Cause IQ, with deduping and custom fields

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You link Cause IQ to Salesforce by authenticating with Salesforce, via OAuth. In your Account Settings, click "Manage Salesforce integration" on the right menu. Click the "Link your Salesforce account to Cause IQ" button, and you'll be forwarded to Salesforce, where you'll log in and allow your Salesforce instance to talk to Cause IQ via API.

Authorizing your Salesforce account to talk to Cause IQ

Leads, or Accounts and Contacts

You can create either Leads, or Accounts and Contacts, from Cause IQ. The first part of configuring your Salesforce integration is selecting which of the two you want to use. For Leads, a combination of organization and personnel information will populate the fields in the Lead records. For Accounts, organization information will populate the fields in the Account records. For Contacts, personnel information will populate the fields in the Contact records.

When creating Contacts, if the Account corresponding to the person's organization doesn't currently exist, Cause IQ will create the Account record automatically, and then create the Contact linking it to the Account.

Choose Leads or Accounts and Contacts

Map custom fields and default values

Cause IQ fully supports your custom fields, with advanced ways to map your custom fields to their corresponding fields in Cause IQ. Here are the different types of fields and field mappings to configure:

Default field values

These are the fields that Salesforce automatically includes by default for Leads, Accounts, and Contacts. The are picklist (dropdown) fields with multiple potential options. Select the default values you want when creating objects from Cause IQ.

Pro-Tip: Create a new Account Source or Lead Source option of "Cause IQ", so all records created from Cause IQ are easily identifiable in your Salesforce instance.

Default field values to map

Picklist fields

These are the dropdown fields with multiple predefined choices. There are two ways to map them in Cause IQ. First, you can map to individual values. Do this when all records created from Cause IQ will have the same picklist field value. 

Second, you can map the Salesforce picklist field to a field in Cause IQ, and then map individual picklist options to the corresponding field options in Cause IQ. For example, if you have a Nonprofit Industry custom field in your Salesforce instance, you could map it to Cause IQ's Types field. Then, map the individual picklist options; your custom field might have options for Environmental and Animal-related nonprofits, which you could then map to the Environmental organizations and Animal organizations options of Cause IQ's Types field.

Salesforce picklist mapping

EIN fields

Many of our customers create an EIN custom field, to more exactly identify, match, and dedupe organizations. If you have a Cause IQ field, select the EIN field option. Because some customers have EINs with dashes (e.g., "12-3456789") or without dashes (e.g., "123456789").

Salesforce EIN field mapping

Financial and numeric fields

For your quantitative custom fields, you can easily map them to their corresponding fields in Cause IQ. This involves two easy steps. First, select the field you want to map to (e.g., Total revenues). Second, chose the metric of the field you want for the field (e.g., One-year growth).

Salesforce financial or numeric field mapping

Yes/no fields

Boolean yes/no custom fields are easy to map. Just choose whether the values for records created from Cause IQ should be "Yes" or "No" and you're done! If you need to map these yes/no fields to corresponding fields in Cause IQ, just let us know and we'll make it happen.

Salesforce boolean field mapping

Custom export name field

Cause IQ customers create a custom text field and map it to the Cause IQ Custom export name field. This allows them to tag a group of organizations before creating their new Salesforce objects in bulk. To do so, first, create your custom text field, and then map it to Cause IQ's Custom export namein your Salesforce settings. Once you're ready to run your Salesforce export to create the new objects in bulk, choose a custom export name in the Salesforce step of the export process. Once the export is finished, your custom text field will populate with the name you entered in this step. Here's a look at where you map your custom text field (e.g., Cause IQ pull name) to Cause IQ's Custom export name field:

Salesforce custom text field mapping

Pre-mapped fields

Cause IQ maps a couple of fields behind the scenes for our customers using the Salesforce integration. On Accounts, these fields include:

  • Billing address
  • Organization description
  • Number of employees
  • Annual revenue
  • Website
  • Phone number
  • Year started

For Leads, these fields are automatically mapped at the contact level:

  • Email address
  • Personnel bio (if available, if not, organization description)
  • Job title
  • First name
  • Last name

Individually create new records

You can individually create Leads, Accounts, and/or Contacts from multiple places in Cause IQ. These largely apply equally for Leads versus Accounts and Contacts. The exception is if you just want to create a new Account corresponding to an organization in Cause IQ. To do this, open up an organization profile, click the Salesforce download button at the top-right of the page, and then click the "Create Account in Salesforce" button.

Salesforce organization profile create account

There are two ways to individually create personnel records, whether Leads or Contacts. If you're on an organization's profile, click open the "Personnel" tab. On each staff member, you have a link to create the Lead or Contact in Salesforce. Just click the Salesforce icon for that person and the Lead or Contact will be created. If you are creating Contacts and the corresponding Account doesn't exist yet, Cause IQ will automatically create the Account.

If you have already created a Lead or Contact for a staff member, the Salesforce link will change to a link that opens up that person's Lead or Contact record in Salesforce.

Salesforce organization profile create leads

Second, you can also create Lead or Contact records from individual people's profiles. On the right sidebar, just click "Add Lead to Salesforce" or "Add Contact to Salesforce". If you go to a person's profile that already has a corresponding Lead or Contact, the link will change to "View Lead in Salesforce" or "View Contact in Salesforce", where you can click to open up the record in your Salesforce instance.

Salesforce person profile create lead

Bulk create new records

Using the export tool in the search interface, you can bulk create new Lead or Account and Contact records in Cause IQ. This includes full deduping as well. First, there will be a setting in the What step of the export tool. This step, aptly named "CSV or Salesforce", let's you chose where you want to create your exported objects. 

If your Salesforce integration is configured for Accounts and Contacts, when you select "Organization details" in the "What to export" setting Cause IQ will create Account records. When you select "Personnel, with organization details" in the "What to export" setting Cause IQ will create both Account records and Contact records. 

If your Salesforce integration is configured for Leads, you will need to be exporting personnel.

Salesforce export wizard what step

When exporting records to Salesforce, a new Salesforce step will appear. This is where you can set your dedupe options, override some default fields, and some further customizations. Here are a few of the settings:

Lead de-duping: Cause IQ will query your Salesforce records to see if there are existing Leads that match the option you select. Note that Lead deduping can either be at the person level, or at the organization level, so that Cause IQ won't create new Leads when existing Leads exist for a given organization.

Account de-duping: Cause IQ will query your Salesforce records to see if there are existing Accounts that match the option you select. If you have an EIN field mapped, Cause IQ can dedupe by these EIN fields. If you don't, Cause IQ can still dedupe by organization name and zip code.

Contact de-duping: Cause IQ will query your Salesforce records to see if there are existing Contacts that match the option you select. Most of our customers dedupe on Email, but deduping on last name and first initial (combined with Account dedupe / matching) is also popular.

Skip personnel if existing Account is found: For Account / Contact personnel exports, this will prevent Cause IQ from creating new Contact records if an Account for an organization already exists (either previously created by Cause IQ, or found via deduping).

Do not create Account if no corresponding personnel: For Account / Contact personnel exports, this will prevent Cause IQ from creating an orphan Account record with no corresponding personnel. This happens when an organization matches your search, but no personnel at the organization match your personnel criteria set in the Personnel export step.

Salesforce export wizard Salesforce options