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Want to deep-dive into Cause IQ's features and functionality? Check out these how-to articles.

Benchmarking organization details

 Compare organizations financial information to a peer group

Searching text with keywords and phrases

 Search text fields by keywords, phrases, and groupings of words to find what you're looking for

Deduplication: Exporting only new personnel and organization records

Built in deduplication feature allows you to only export personnel and organization records you haven't previously

Identifying IT vendor usage

Using Cause IQ you can identify which IT products organizations are using. This information is available both within the search interface and on organization profiles.

Analyze vendor pricing of relevant organizations

Compare fee-for-service expenses, understand vendor use trends, and view how much specific organizations spend on vendors

Benchmark clients with Cause IQ

Compare an organization's financial and descriptive information to its peers

Discover characteristics of your clients and qualified prospects

Better understand the organizations that matter to you the most and find ones that share similar qualities

Enrich your CRM records with the most up-to-date information

Upload your current CRM records and augment them with new or updated details from Cause IQ

Find opportunities by identifying organizations using specific vendors

Search for organizations that use your competitors and partners, and learn which firms dominate specific markets

Find relevant organizations that aren't on your radar

Exclude existing clients, customers, or prospects and monitor your target segments for new entrants

Isolate organizations by geographic areas

Use Cause IQ to find organizations in states, metro areas, cities, or zip codes

Research an organization's trends and operations

See a nonprofit's historical financials, operational activities, and administrative functions

See if an organization is in your target market

View key financial and descriptive information for a specific organization to help determine if it's the right fit for your business

Understand which vendors and service providers organizations use

View accounting, software, and other firms organizations use so you can understand if they are a good fit for your company

Finding organizations using specific accounting firms

 Use a simple filter populated with the most common CPA firms to easily find organizations using specific companies

Benchmark compensation of key personnel

View and benchmark Form 990 and Schedule J compensation figures in a bulk report

Finding specific types of niche nonprofits, when nothing else seems to work

Tips and tricks to find niche organizations when Cause IQ doesn't have specific categories, NTEE codes, or other fields

Saving and monitoring searches for updates

Save and monitor your searches to stay up-to-date on a segment of organizations

Answer client questions on industry trends

Discover details about how your clients (and their personnel) compare to their peers and understand specific subsegment insights

Determine if an organization can afford your products or services

View vendor contract amounts and fee-for-service expense fields to determine if your inbound opportunities are the right fit for your company

Enrich information with Cause IQ

Augment and make better use of existing spreadsheets, lists, and CRM records

Find a specific person by name, title, or keyword

Using Cause IQ's people search, you can easily find specific individuals and access their profiles

Find organizations according to their missions and programs

Use the Categories, NTEE code, and NAICS code filters to find specific types of organizations by their missions, structures, and activities

Getting started with Cause IQ

Learn the basics of Cause IQ to help you get underway with the website

Manually create lists of organizations

Add organizations to lists for further analysis, comparison, and prospecting

Search for a specific organization

Find an organization using the smart search box by Name, EIN, or Website domain

Understand what organizations do and how they're structured

View categories and descriptions for organizations to determine if your inbound opportunities are the right fit for your company

Weeding out organizations that don't matter

Many organizations don't buy software or services, or otherwise aren't in your addressable market. Exclude them from your search results