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View categories and descriptions for organizations to determine if your inbound opportunities are the right fit for your company

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It's great to receive an inbound opportunity, but the journey of turning that lead into a customer or client requires a lot of time and effort. You want to be sure that you're spending your time on qualified opportunities. That's where Cause IQ can help. To help you fully understand what organizations do and how they're structured, Cause IQ mines a plethora of organizational data to categorize their types, activities, and issue areas, and makes this information readily available to view. Cause IQ customers:

  • Access an organization's profile page to view all of their categories;
  • Access an organization's profile page to read a detailed description on a given organization; and
  • Use the table tool to view descriptions and categories for multiple organizations at once.

View an organization's categories

Cause IQ uses multiple fields to help categorize organizations by their types, activities, and issue areas. You can view all these fields for a given organization in one place, their profile page. The following categories are available within an organization's profile:

  • Types: Cause IQ's proprietary category of what the organizations is (e.g., Community Action Program, Trade Association)
  • Issues: Cause IQ's proprietary category of the main issues the organization cares about (e.g., Hunger, Education)
  • Characteristics: Cause IQ's proprietary category of the organization's general characteristics (e.g., Lobbying, Memberships)
  • NTEE codes: The official categorization system for nonprofits established by the IRS (Cause IQ has two NTEE fields per organization: one with the primary NTEE code and one with up to five relevant NTEE codes)
  • NAICS codes: The standard classification of the North American economy, including for-profit corporations (Cause IQ has two NAICS fields per organization: one with the primary NAICS code and one with up to five relevant NAICS codes)
  • Parent/child status: The organization's relationship status to a parent, child, or subordinate organization (if any)

Here's a look at the top of an organization's profile page. This is where you can view the organization's corresponding Types (blue),Issues (gold),and Characteristics (green)

An organization's Types, Issues, and Characteristics

Here's a look at the bottom of the "Summary" section of an organization's profile. This is where you can view the NTEE codes and NAICS codes that an organization is associated with, along with their Parent/child status:

General details on an organization's profile page

After Cause IQ customers receive an inbound opportunity, most of them go directly to the organization's profile and view these fields. These details help our customers decide if the opportunity is the right fit for their business, and ultimately, helps them decide if they're worth the effort required to turn them into a customer. To access an organization's profile page, search for the appropriate organization with the smart search box on your Dashboard or at the top of the search interface.

View a detailed description for a given organization

Cause IQ has manually researched tens of thousands of organizations to help our customers better understand what they do and what they care about. From this research, Cause IQ's researchers create detailed descriptions for organizations, and our customers access these descriptions regularly to get more context for specific organizations.

You can access an organization's detailed description right from their profile page. Here's a look at the top of an organization's profile and where you access their detailed description:

View descriptions and categories for multiple organizations

One inbound opportunity is great, but many Cause IQ customers get multiple and want to view categories and descriptions for all of them at the same time. That's when Cause IQ customers create a list of their inbound opportunities and access the table tool. Here are the general steps:

  • Step 1

    Create a list of your inbound opportunities

    Search for your inbound opportunities and manually add them to a peer list, or use the CSV upload tool to create a list in Cause IQ.

    Please note that the CSV upload tool is available for Cause IQ Pro and Enterprise customers.

  • Step 2

    Open your list of inbound opportunities in the search interface

    From your Cause IQ Dashboard, go to the "Lists" section on the left and select "Manual" or "Uploaded from CSV" as appropriate. Select the name of the list that contains your inbound opportunities, and click "Open in search interface". Cause IQ opens the search interface with the list as the only filter.

  • Step 3

    Access the table tool and add appropriate descriptive fields as columns

    Click on the "Table" tab from the search interface to access Cause IQ's table tool. Then, click "Change columns" on the right to add desired descriptive fields as column headers.

Many Cause IQ customers choose to export the details that they add to the table tool, so they can share their insights with colleagues. To do so, click "Download table" at the top-right of the screen. Here's a look at Cause IQ's "table tool with descriptive details as column headers, and where you choose to download the information:

Cause IQ's table tool with descriptive details