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When preparing for a meeting with a prospect, learning more about a client's needs, or assessing a peer organization, it never hurts to have an abundance of organization-specific details. To help you perform due diligence on a specific organization, Cause IQ mines quantitative and qualitative nonprofit information from over a dozen data sources and makes all available information for a specific organization accessible in one place, their profile page.

Cause IQ built our organization profile pages to show as much detail as possible on an organization in an easy to digest format. Our customers access a specific organization's profile page to view industry-specific information on an organization, download historical financial information and available organization details, access raw Form 990s, and view descriptive details on the organization.

Access industry-specific information on an organization

Cause IQ's organization profile pages are chock-full of quantitative and qualitative details that help you understand a nonprofit's trends, activities, and operations. An organization's profile is the first place you want to go in Cause IQ to learn as much as possible about a specific nonprofit. Depending on the information available for an organization, you'll see up to 10 sections at the bottom of a given organization's profile page in Cause IQ. Each section serves a purpose and is designed to help indulge in quality nonprofit research.

Here are a few sections that you have access to (if the information is available) from an organization's profile page in Cause IQ:

Program areas

View the organization's most important areas and activities of its mission, including:

  • Program-related expense and revenue amounts
  • Self-reported description(s) of the organization's most important program service accomplishments 
  • Overview of assistance provided to individuals in the United States


Learn where the organization gets its funding, including: 

  • Grants and contributions, program service, and investment revenue summary
  • Top fundraising events the organization throws
  • Detailed list of the grants the organization receives from other nonprofits and individuals, including amounts
  • Detailed list of federal contributions the organization receives, sourced from A-133 audits


Understand the grants (if any) the organization makes to other nonprofits, including:

  • Detailed list of grants a foundation makes to other nonprofits, including amounts and past grants made
  • Listing of grant recipient NTEE codes, types, issues, characteristics, states, metro areas
  • Geographic focus of grantmaking activity
  • Number of grants made
  • Average grant size
  • Smallest grant amount
  • Mediant grant amount
  • Largest grant amount

Hospital facilities

View Form 990 Schedule H information on hospital facilities, including:

  • List of all facilities in the hospital network
  • Location of the facilities
  • Facility characteristics

Related entities

See details on any other nonprofit, corporation, or partnership that has a legal relationship with the organization, including:

  • Entity name
  • Relationship type
  • Entity location
  • Transactions the organization engaged in with their controlled entities
  • Transaction type
  • Transaction amount 
  • List of disregarded entities

Similar nonprofits

View a list of organizations with similar characteristics (as defined by Cause IQ secret sauce) and narrow down to those in the same state or metro area, with organization details including:

  • Organization name
  • EIN
  • Location
  • Total revenues

Here's a look at the above sections of an organization's profile page in Cause IQ:

Download detailed Excel reports

You can download most of the information Cause IQ displays on an organization's profile in a detailed Excel report, including the past five years of digitized financial details. Many Cause IQ customers download these reports for further analysis and pass them along to team members. These reports help you discover insights on a specific organization and allow you to understand their financial trends.

Cause IQ packages an organization's information into the following worksheets in Excel:

  • Overview: Description, location, categories, key performance indicators
  • Program areas: What the organization is self-reporting as the most important areas of its mission
  • Funding: Grants we've identified an organization receiving, including the grantmaker, the amount, what the grant was for, and fiscal year
  • Grantmaking: Grants we've identified an organization making, including the grant recipients, the amount, what the grant was for, and fiscal year
  • Financials: Line-item financials from Form 990, including information for the past five years (if available)
  • Personnel: Key staff and board members, including phone numbers, email addresses, and compensation information (if available)
  • Schedule J: Executive compensation information for certain officers, directors, key employees, and highest compensated employees (if available)
  • Vendors: Service providers we've identified working with the organization, including the name of the vendor, amount paid to the vendor (when available), and service provided
  • Related entities: Related tax-exempt organizations, private companies, transactions with them, and disregarded entities (if available)

To download an organization's detailed Excel report, click the "Download" button at the top-right of an organization's profile, choose "Detailed Excel report", and access the report from your computer's "Downloads" folder.

Here's a look at where you download an organization's detailed Excel report from their profile page:

Download an organization's detailed Excel report

Download Form 990s in a PDF format

If you're someone that likes to dig through raw Form 990s to view key financial fields and line item details, Cause IQ has what you need! The "Financials" section on an organization's profile page gives you access to the most recent and historic tax returns for the specific organization (going back about 10 years). Once you've accessed a specific organization's profile page and clicked the "Financials" section, you just need to click the appropriate "PDF" link on the right to download the Form 990 (or 990-PF, 990-EZ, 990-N). 

Here's a look at the top part of an organization's "Financials" section and where you can download 990s in a PDF format:

Download PDF 990s

View an organization's detailed description

The Cause IQ team has manually researched tens of thousands of nonprofits to help you understand what they do and what they care about. From this research, Cause IQ creates detailed descriptions for organizations, and you can easily access these descriptions to get more context on specific organizations.

You access an organization's detailed description from their profile page. First, search for the specific organization with the smart search box from your Dashboard or at the top of the organization search interface. Once you're in the profile, you'll see a summary description at the top of the page, and you click the "View full description" button to access Cause IQ's detailed description of the organization. 

Here's a look at the top of an organization's profile page and where you click to view their detailed description: