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View key financial and descriptive information for a specific organization to help determine if it's the right fit for your business

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Receiving an inbound opportunity is great, but the truth is, not all of them will be a good fit to grow your company's business. Once you receive an inbound opportunity, you want to evaluate the organization to see if they're worth the time and effort it will take to turn them into a client or customer. That's where Cause IQ can help. Cause IQ mines organizational information from over a dozen data sources and displays all details for a specific organization in one place, their profile page. Cause IQ customers access an organization's profile to view key descriptive and financial information that helps them determine if they should pursue the opportunity.

Quick fields

Cause IQ's Quick fields -- in the grey box -- at the top of our organization profile pages let customers bring the most relevant qualitative and quantitative organization details to the very top of the page. We designed this section to help our customers view qualifying characteristics when researching an organization. For example, if you're an accounting firm, you can add the Tax preparer firm and Accounting fees fields here to quickly learn which firm the organization uses to prepare their 990 and how much they spend on tax and audit services. If you're a nonprofit seeking funding opportunities, you can add the Number of grants and Median grant amount fields to this section to quickly get a high-level understanding of an organization's grantmaking characteristics. We advise you to access an organization's "Grantmaking" section on their profile page to view more in-depth grantmaking details.

You can add almost all available Cause IQ fields to the Quick fields section of an organization's profile. To choose the fields you want to display at the top of the page, click the settings button at the top of an organization's profile and select the appropriate fields. Once you choose the Quick fields on one organization profile, they'll become the default fields that are displayed on all profiles you access. Here's a look at the Quick fields section on an organization's profile and where you click to choose the fields you want to be displayed:

Quick fields

Key performance indicators

Cause IQ customers use the "Key performance indicators" (KPIs) on organization profile pages to bring the quantitative information that's most relevant to them front and center on an organization's profile. For example, if you're a financial firm, and a deciding factor for determining if an inbound opportunity is worth pursuing is the organization's investable assets -- represented by Cause IQ's All cash, savings, and investments field -- you can add that field to the KPI section. On the other hand, if you're more worried about what the organization spends on tax and audit services or their total contributions, you can add the Accounting fees and Total grants, contributions, etc. fields respectively. For the fields added to the KPI section, Cause IQ displays the most recent value, the percent change over the past year, and provides a line graph that shows how the fields' value has changed over the past five years.

You can add all available quantitative fields to the KPI section on an organization's profile. To choose the information you want to add to the KPIs, click the settings button at the top of the organization's profile and select the appropriate fields. Here's a look at the KPI section on an organization's profile page:

KPIs on an organization's profile page

Once you select the quantitative details you want to add as KPIs on one organization profile, they become the default on all profiles you visit. This way the KPI section will populate with the information that matters to you most for all your inbound opportunities.

Download detailed Excel reports

To help you evaluate organizations and determine if they're the right fit for your company, Cause IQ packages all available information for a given organization in a detailed Excel report. Many Cause IQ customers download these reports for further analysis and email them throughout their office to share the insights they discover. Cause IQ packages the organizational information into the following worksheets in Excel:

  • Overview: Description, location, categories, key performance indicators
  • Program areas: What the organization is self-reporting as the most important areas of its mission
  • Funding: Grants we've identified an organization receiving, including the grantmaker, the amount, what the grant was for, and fiscal year
  • Grantmaking: Grants we've identified an organization making, including the grant recipients, the amount, what the grant was for, and fiscal year
  • Financials: Line-item financials from Form 990, including information for the past five years (if available)
  • Personnel: Key staff and board members, including phone numbers, email addresses, and compensation information (if available)
  • Schedule J: Executive compensation information for certain officers, directors, key employees, and highest compensated employees (if available)
  • Vendors: Service providers we've identified working with the organization, including the name of the vendor, amount paid to the vendor (when available), and service provided
  • Related entities: Related tax-exempt organizations, private companies, transactions with them, and disregarded entities (if available)

To download an organization's detailed Excel report, click "Detailed Excel report" within "Downloads" on the right of the screen and access the report from your computer's "Downloads" folder.

Pack organizational information in a detailed Excel report

View which saved searches and/or lists an organization belongs to

The top of an organization's profile displays all the saved searches and lists the specific organization is a part of. Cause IQ customers use the "Your list members" and "Your search members" tags to help them quickly understand if they've come across a given organization before and to help them determine if the organization is a good fit for their products and services.

Many customers create and save searches that identify organizations using their partners or competitors. This way, when you come across an organization working with a relevant vendor, that information is readily available for you within the organization's profiles. Quickly understanding which vendors an organization works with helps you decide if they're in your target market.

Along with tagging organizations working with specific vendors, many customers save searches to identify organizations in specific market segments (e.g., Washington DC organizations, > $10M in revenue). This way, when you go to search for and research an inbound opportunity, you can quickly understand if the organization belongs to one of your relevant market segments.

Additionally, many customers create lists of their current clients and qualified prospects they're actively pursuing. This way, once they enter the profile of an organization they're already working with or one that's on their radar, Cause IQ quickly informs them. Here's a look at the "Your list members" and "Your search members" on an organization's profile:

View which saved searches and/or lists an organization belongs to

If you click on a search member tag, Cause IQ opens the search interface with all the organizations belonging to the saved search. If you click on a list member tag, Cause IQ opens the list's profile. From there you can click "Open in search interface" and Cause IQ opens the search interface with the list as the only filter.