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Understand which vendors and service providers organizations use

View accounting, software, and other firms organizations use so you can understand if they are a good fit for your company

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Nonprofit organizations procure products and services from thousands of third-party vendors each year, and knowing which firms organizations use helps you decide if they're the right fit for your product or service. That's why Cause IQ has multiple data sources dedicated to identifying the vendors organizations use, and features that allow you to easily understand the services the vendors provide to the organizations.

Cause IQ customers use the "Vendors" section on a given organization's profile to view all the vendors we've identified the organization using. Additionally, Cause IQ's Vendor search helps you find specific service providers so you can better understand their nonprofit client base.

View all identified vendors an organization uses

If you're looking to view the vendors we've identified an organization using, the "Vendors" section on their organization profile page is the place to go. Check out this article for more information on searching for specific organizations and accessing their profile. 

Once you've accessed the appropriate organization's profile, click the "Vendors" tab in the middle of the page to view the identified vendors. Depending on the products and services the organization procures, Cause IQ organizes the vendor information in a couple of sections, including:

  • Professional fundraisers
  • Accounting firms
  • Technology tools
  • Form 5500 employee benefit vendors

Within the "Vendors" section, the information available to you includes:

  • Name of the vendor
  • Service the vendor provides to the organization
  • Amount the organization paid the vendor (if available)
  • Most recent date of when Cause IQ confirmed the organization using the vendor

This information allows Cause IQ customers to understand the vendors and service types an organization is willing to spend money on, and this, ultimately, helps them decide if the organization is a right fit for their business. Here's a look at the "Vendors" section within an organization's profile:

Search for vendor profiles to better understand their nonprofit client base

All vendors and service providers within Cause IQ have a unique profile that you can access using the Vendor search. First, to get to the Vendor search, click on the spyglass icon at the top-right of the screen and click "New vendor search." From there, you can search for a specific vendor's profile with the Name filter. Here's a look at how you can search for a vendor profile from Cause IQ's Vendor search:

Search for a vendor profile

Once you identify the appropriate vendor, click on their name from the "List" tab to access their profile. Cause IQ vendor profiles include:

  • Description of the company
  • Primary location
  • Number of identified clients in Cause IQ
  • Clients' average size (based on revenues)
  • Clients' median size (based on revenues)
  • Top 10 identified clients (based on revenues)

Additionally, to help you better understand the organizations that use the vendor's products or services you can open their client list in Cause IQ's search interface by clicking "Open clients in search." Cause IQ opens the search interface with the selected vendor's client list as the only filter. From there, you can compare the company's clients in the table tool, get summary stats with the Analyze tool, and get any relevant client information out of Cause IQ with the export tool. Here's a look at a vendor's profile and where you can choose to open their clients in the search interface:

Vendor profile