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Find relevant organizations that aren't on your radar

Exclude existing clients, customers, or prospects and monitor your target segments for new entrants

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You work hard to add organizations to your prospect and client lists. At times, you may think you've exhausted all of your options and there aren't any new organizations in your target segments to identify. That's where Cause IQ can help! Cause IQ has tools and features to help you exclude lists of specific organizations from your search results so you're left viewing your whitespace opportunities.

Typically, Cause IQ customers look to exclude lists of clients, prospects, and/or organizations they know aren't a good fit for their products or services. You can create lists of specific organizations with the CSV upload tool, by manually selecting the organizations, or with Cause IQ's Salesforce integration by creating new objects and bringing in existing ones for matching. All lists you create in Cause IQ are automatically stored and the My saved lists filter allows you to exclude the specific organizations from your searches.

Additionally, Cause IQ allows you to save and monitor your search queries. Cause IQ customers use this feature to stay up-to-date on their pipeline so they know when new opportunities enter their target segments.

Create lists of organizations and exclude them with the My saved lists filter

You can use the CSV upload tool or manually select organizations to create lists of specific organizations you want to exclude from your search results. Excluding these lists helps you identify opportunities you didn't know about. Here are the general steps:

  • Step 1

    For CSV upload tool users, generate a report in your CRM

    If you're tracking your customers or prospects in Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, Zoho, or any other CRM, generate a report of organizations that you want to exclude from your Cause IQ search results. Cause IQ matches your records to corresponding organizations by name, EIN (if available), city, state, zip code, and/or website URL, so make sure to include these columns in the report if they're available. It's not necessary to add all these as columns in your report, but the more you can include the easier it is for the system to complete the matching process. Please note that your report must be saved as a CSV file.

  • Step 2

    Create your list of organizations

    For customers using the CSV upload tool, upload the organization records within your CRM report and match them to the corresponding organizations in Cause IQ. Once the matching process is complete, the uploaded records are stored as a list in Cause IQ.

    For customers manually adding specific organizations to a list, search for the appropriate organizations in the search interface. Once you find the organization you want to add to your list, select "Add to list" on the right and either create a new list or add the organization to an existing one.

  • Step 3

    Narrow down on your desired target segment

    From the search interface, create a new search by adding appropriate filters from the search filter sidebar to narrow down on a desired segment of organizations.

  • Step 4

    Add a My saved lists filter with an "Exclude matches" method

    You can access the My saved lists filter from the search filter sidebar's Advanced search. After you click the "Advacned search" bottom, search for "My saved lists" and select the filter. Then, type in the name of the list that contains the organizations you want to exclude from your search. Once you select the appropriate list, select the "Exclude all organizations with these values" option, click "Add filter", and choose "Show results" on the right.

    For Salesforce integration users, Cause IQ keeps track of all your Salesforce Accounts (or Leads) that you've created in Cause IQ and the objects that you've brought in and matched in one list. If your integration is configured with Accounts, the name of the list that you want to exclude is "Salesforce Accounts." If your integration is configured with Leads, the name of the list is "Salesforce Leads."

    Since you're excluding the organizations you already know about, Cause IQ shows your whitespace opportunities.

Here's a summary video showing you how to exclude specific organizations with the My saved lists filter:

Monitor your target segments to receive notifications on new opportunities

Organizational information changes regularly, and Cause IQ has a dozen data sources to make sure the organizations in the website are as up-to-date as possible. When you save and monitor your search queries, Cause IQ works for you to identify new organizations that meet your target requirements. Cause IQ customers use the saving and monitoring search feature to receive notifications on new organizations that now match the saved search criteria that didn't previously. Here are the general steps:

  • Step 1

    Add appropriate filters to narrow down on your target segment

    Cause IQ's search filter sidebar has 400+ fields available for filtering. Add both quantitative and qualitative filters to narrow down on the organizations that meet your target criteria.

  • Step 2

    Save your search query

    Click the "Save" button at the top-right of your search interface screen to access the "Save organization search" page. Then, enter a name in the "Name" text box that you want associated with your search segment. We advise that you name your searches something that allows you to quickly know what types of organizations the search contains e.g., "DC large associations, > $5M in revenue." That way you can stay organized with all the segments that you save in Cause IQ.

  • Step 3

    Monitor your search query

    Select the "Monitor this search" checkbox so you're notified when new organizations match your search criteria or when previously-matching organizations are no longer present. Then, click "Save" to save your search to your Dashboard. It's important to note that your search must have fewer than 2,500 results for Cause IQ to monitor it.

    Please note, you can still save a search and choose not to monitor it. The search is saved to your Dashboard, but you won't receive notifications on any updates to the search query.

  • Step 4

    View updates on your target segments

    Once a week Cause IQ takes a look at the searches you chose to save and monitor for updates. You can view any updates to your saved and monitor searches right from your Dashboard. To do so, click on "Searches" on the left, choose the name of the search you want to get updates on, and scroll down to the "Updates to search results" section on the right. From there, click "More info" to see your new opportunities that now meet the search criteria and the organizations that are no longer present in the search.

    Also, Cause IQ sends you a weekly email that provides any updates to all of your saved and monitored searches.

Here's a summary video showing you how to save and monitor your search results and where you can view their updates from the "Searches" section of the Dashboard: