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Use the Categories, NTEE code, and NAICS code filters to find specific types of organizations by their missions, structures, and activities

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Cause IQ has three classifications systems to identify types of organizations: Our proprietary categorization system (Categories); the official IRS classification system, the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEEcodes); and the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS codes). You can use any combination of them to identify organizations in specific segments.

Cause IQ Categories

The proprietary Cause IQ categorization system combines a half-dozen different sources of information on nonprofits to categorize nonprofit organizations. The categories represent organizations' missions (e.g., "Jobs and Employment"), structure (e.g., "Donor Advised Fund"), and activities (e.g., "Lobbying Activities"). There are approximately 100 unique categories in Cause IQ. Organizations are assigned multiple different categories, and the categories are not mutually exclusive. 

You can access Cause IQ categories either in the "Common" filters tab under the Categories filter, or in the "All" filters tab by selecting Categories within the " Categories and characteristics" section.

Here are the 30 most common categories of organizations in Cause IQ:

  1. Independent (326,527)
  2. Tax-Deductible Donations (325,656)
  3. Charitable (196,603)
  4. Human Services (130,684)
  5. Societal Benefit (104,849)
  6. Education Institution (77,954)
  7. Private Foundation (70,791)
  8. Child within group of nonprofits (57,817)
  9. Grantmaking and volunteering (53,561)
  10. Health (45,211)
  11. Educational (42,482)
  12. Arts, culture and humanities (39,623)
  13. General and rehabilitative healthcare (32, 818)
  14. Community improvement (31,053)
  15. Association (30,792)
  16. Membership-based (29,136)
  17. Religion and spirituality (29,127)
  18. Sports and leisure (29,041)
  19. Mutual benefit (27,772)
  20. Housing (23,024)
  21. Non-profit trust (20,711)
  22. Jobs and employment (16,242)
  23. School (15,644)
  24. Organization support (14,192)
  25. Youth development (13,762)
  26. Church (13,166)
  27. Lobbying activities (10,955)
  28. Business league (10,760)
  29. Social or recreational club (10,137)
  30. Labor union (9,291)

NTEE codes

The IRS developed an official categorization system for nonprofits in the late 1980s, called the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE). Cause IQ has the official IRS database of how the IRS classifies organizations according to NTEE codes. However, many Cause IQ customers report that the IRS's NTEE classifications are incorrect or missing. Because of this, Cause IQ manually updated NTEE classifications for organizations. Cause IQ has two NTEE fields per organization: one with the primary NTEE code (NTEE code, primary)  and one with up to five relevant NTEE codes (All NTEE codes).

You can access the NTEE code filters in the "All" filters tab within the "Categories and Characteristics"section.

Here are the 30 most common NTEE codes of organizations in Cause IQ:

  1. T20: Private Grantmaking Foundations
  2. T22: Private Independent Foundations
  3. B: Education
  4. Y: Mutual and Membership Benefit
  5. J40: Labor Unions, Organizations
  6. S41: Promotion of Business
  7. X: Religion-Related
  8. B82: Scholarships, Student Financial Aid Services
  9. W30: Military, Veterans Organizations
  10. M24: Fire Prevention, Protection, Control
  11. N: Recreation and Sports
  12. B83: Student Sororities, Fraternities
  13. P20: Human Service Organizations
  14. T90: Named Trusts
  15. L22: Senior Citizens Housing/retirement Communities
  16. L20: Housing Development, Construction, Management
  17. A: Arts, Culture and Humanities
  18. X20: Christian
  19. T30: Public Foundations
  20. D20: Animal Protection and Welfare
  21. B11: Education Single Organization Support
  22. N50: Recreational, Pleasure, Or Social Club
  23. P80: Services To Promote the Independence of Specific Population Groups
  24. P33: Child Day Care
  25. B99: Education, Not Elsewhere Classified
  26. L21: Public Housing Facilities
  27. S: Community Improvement and Capacity Building
  28. B20: Elementary, Secondary Education
  29. E22: Hospital, General
  30. B28: Special Education Institutions, Programs

NAICS codes

The governments of the United States, Mexico, and Canada developed the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) in 1997 to establish a standard way to classify and measure the North American economy. This system is very standardized and is updated every five years. Nonprofits do not self-report NAICS codes, so the Cause IQ team spent many hours researching and analyzing organizations to determine which codes best classify them. Cause IQ has two NAICS fields per organization: one with the primary NAICS code (NAICS code, primary) and one with up to five relevant NAICS codes (All NAICS codes).

You can access the NAICS code filters in the "All" filters tab within the "Categories and characteristics"section.

Here are the 30 most common NAICS codes of organizations in Cause IQ:

  1. 813211: Grantmaking Foundations
  2. 813410: Civic and Social Organizatoins
  3. 62422: Community Housing Services
  4. 813110: Religious Organizations
  5. 621: Ambulatory Health Care Services
  6. 7112: Spectator Sports
  7. 813910: Business Associations
  8. 813930: Labor Unions and Similar Labor Organizations
  9. 813312: Environment, Conservation and Wildlife Organizations
  10. 611110: Elementary and Secondary Schools
  11. 813920: Professional Organizations
  12. 813319: Other Social Advocacy Organizations
  13. 7121: Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions
  14. 922160: Fire Protection
  15. 713910: Golf Courses and Country Clubs
  16. 525120: Health and Welfare Funds
  17. 624410: Child Day Care Services
  18. 624190: Other Individual and Family Services
  19. 622: Hospitals
  20. 624310: Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  21. 813212: Voluntary Health Organizations
  22. 624110: Child and Youth Services
  23. 926110: Administration of General Economic Programs
  24. 5313: Activities Related to Real Estate
  25. 624120: Services for Elderly and Persons With Disabilities
  26. 711130: Musical Groups and Artists
  27. 813940: Political Organizations
  28. 7113: Promoters of Performing Arts, Sports, and Similar Events
  29. 62331: Continuing Care Retirement Communities and Assisted Living Facilities for the Elderly
  30. 711110: Theater Companies and Dinner Theaters