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Find opportunities by identifying organizations using specific vendors

Search for organizations that use your competitors and partners, and learn which firms dominate specific markets

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Identifying organizations that use products and/or services from your competitors and partners helps you find opportunities to grow your business. That's why Cause IQ has tools to help you better understand your competition and partners, from pulling client lists to analyzing market penetration. Cause IQ has multiple vendor filters that allow you to search for organizations by the companies they use, from accounting to software. Also, Cause IQ equips you with tools to search for specific vendor profiles, so you can better understand their nonprofit client base.

Search for organizations by the vendors they use

Cause IQ's vendor filters allow you to quickly find the organizations that use specific companies. You can find the following filters within the "Vendors, fundraisers, and fees" section within the search filter sidebar's the "All filters".

  • All vendors and service providers: All companies we've identified as providing products and/or services to organizations
  • Tax preparer firm:Accounting firm used to prepare the organization's Form 990
  • Fundraiser solicitor firm: Fundraising firm paid more than $5k by the organization for their services
  • IT products used: Software (e.g., CRM, CMS, fundraising) used by the organization
  • Form 5500 service providers:Firms used to help put together the employee benefit plans organizations offer

To identify clients of a specific company:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate vendor filter;
  2. Start typing the company name;
  3. Choose the desired company; and
  4. Click "Add filter."

Cause IQ will add the vendor filter to your search's "Current filters" and now only shows the organizations that use the selected company's products and/or services. Here's a summary video showing you where to access the vendor filters in Cause IQ's search filter sidebar:

Many Cause IQ customers use the vendor filters to find organizations that use their competition or already use products and services offered by their partners. Knowing the organizations that use your competitors gives you the opportunity to favorably position your product or service by highlighting what separates you from the competition. Additionally, finding the organizations that use your partners presents the opportunity to leverage your partner relationships to create growth for your business. 

Analyze vendor market penetration

When you're looking into new markets, it's important to know which vendors capture the majority of the market share so you can size up your competition. That's where Cause IQ's analyze tool can help. The analyze tool automatically summarizes the quantitative and qualitative information for the organizations in your search results, with the qualitative information (e.g., All vendors and service providers) summarized in a list. This helps you understand which companies are used most often amongst the organizations that matter to you.

Once you create a new search for a desired target market, click on the "Analyze" tab to access the analyze tool. You can view summary statistics for almost all fields with the analyze tool. For competitive analysis purposes, you want to select appropriate vendor fields, so you can understand which companies are most prevalent. Here's a look at Cause IQ's analyze tool and where you click to select the vendor fields you want to add:

Analyze vendor market penetration

Search for specific vendor profiles

All identified vendors in Cause IQ have a unique profile that you can access using the Vendor search. To get to the Vendor search, click on the New search spyglass at the top-right of the screen, and click "New vendor search." From there you can search for a specific vendor's profile with the Name filter. Here's a summary video showing you how to search for a specific vendor's profile by name with the Vendor search:

Cause IQ vendor profiles include the firms':

  • Description
  • Primary location
  • Number of identified clients in Cause IQ
  • Clients' average size (based on revenues)
  • Clients' median size (based on revenues)
  • Top 10 identified clients (based on revenues)

From a vendor's profile, you can open all their identified clients for further analysis by clicking "Open clients in search." Cause IQ opens the search interface with the selected vendor's client list as the only filter. From there, you can use:

Here's a look at a vendor's profile and where you click to open their clients in the search interface:

Vendor profile