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Enrich your CRM records with the most up-to-date information

Upload your current CRM records and augment them with new or updated details from Cause IQ

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Your CRM records are only as good as the information they contain, and oftentimes CRM records are missing key details or are outdated. That's why Cause IQ has tools to help you enrich your existing CRM information, both filling in missing fields and updating out-of-date fields, individually or in bulk. For Salesforce users, our Salesforce integration provides built-in tools to match and update your Leads, Contacts, or Accounts. For non-Salesforce users, our CSV upload tool allows you to bring your existing CRM records into Cause IQ, match them to the corresponding organizations, and augment their details with the most up-to-date information available.

For non-Salesforce CRMs, enrich with the CSV upload tool

If you're tracking your customers or prospects in Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, Oracle, or any other CRM that supports data loading with CSV files, you can use Cause IQ's CSV upload tool to add information from Cause IQ to enhance your CRM records. Here are the general steps:

  • Step 1

    Generate a report in your CRM

    With your CRM, generate a report of organizations that you want to upload to Cause IQ for enrichment. Cause IQ matches your records by organization name, EIN (if available), city, state, zip code, and/or website URL, so make sure to include these columns in the report if they're available. It's not necessary to add all these as columns in your report, but the more you can include the easier it is for the system to complete the matching process.

    Additionally, you should include a CRM object ID column (or equivalent), which will allow you to easily match the records when you load the enriched information back into your CRM.

  • Step 2

    Upload the CSV

    Use Cause IQ's CSV upload tool to upload the records within your CRM report and match them to the corresponding organizations in Cause IQ.

  • Step 3

    Open the uploaded records in the search interface

    From your dashboard, go to the Lists section on the left, select the "Uploaded from CSV" option, select the list you just matched, and then click the "Open in search interface" button at the top to open the search interface with the list as the only filter.

  • Step 4

    Create your enriched export

    Select the "Export" tab to open the export tool and start the enriching process. The "Columns" step is where you have the option to add any of the original columns that you included in your uploaded CSV file (e.g., CRM ID); simply select the box next to the column name(s) to include the original information in your enriched export. Make sure to select the CRM object ID column.

    The "Columns" step is also where you choose the new or updated organization details that you want to include in your enriched export. Select "Change columns" on the right and search for the fields you want to add to your export by keywords or find them by categories.

    To finish creating your enriched export, navigate to the "Confirm" step and select "Create spreadsheet." You can access your enriched spreadsheet right from Cause IQ's in-site notifications, or retrieve the file we send to your email.

  • Step 5

    Load the enriched information back to your CRM

    Now that you have your enriched spreadsheet, follow your CRM's data loading process to load the augmented information back to your CRM. Since you have the option to include the original CRM object ID in your enriched export, the process of getting the augmented information back in your CRM is seamless -- no more VLOOKUPs in Excel.

For Salesforce, enrich with the built-in Salesforce integration

Cause IQ's Salesforce integration allows you to match your existing Salesforce Accounts (or Leads) to the corresponding organizations in Cause IQ and enrich their details. The enrichment process can be done in bulk from the Salesforce section of the Cause IQ Dashboard. To do so, first connect your Salesforce instance and map your Salesforce fields

Then, in your Dashboard, click the "Salesforce" section on the left, and select "Leads" or "Accounts" as appropriate. To enrich your existing Accounts or Leads in Salesforce, you first must load the existing records into Cause IQ that you want to enrich. To do so, click the "Load accounts" tab and select the list view that contains the existing records you want to enrich from the "Choose Salesforce Account list view to load from" section. Next, confirm the details of the list view and click "Load Accounts for matching" and Cause IQ will process the records in the background.

Next, click the "Match Accounts" tab to match your Salesforce records to the corresponding organizations in Cause IQ. You can choose to auto-match your Salesforce records to by selecting "Auto" on the right side of the screen. Cause IQ automatically accepts every records auto-match, if one exists. If Cause IQ can't find an auto-match, you can select a match from the "Recommend" organizations or "Search" for the organization that you want to match your record to. If you don't want to match your record to an organization in Cause IQ, select "Ignore" and click the thumb down icon. Here's a summary video that shows you how to bring in your Salesforce records for enrichment, and auto-match them to the corresponding organizations in Cause IQ:

Now that your records are matched, you can now enrich them. Within the "Enrich Accounts" tab of the Salesforce dashboard, you first need to select if you want to enrich records from a specific Salesforce list view, or if you want to enrich all the records you've previously matched and created in Cause IQ. 

The next step is to choose which fields you want to update. You can update any Salesforce field that has been mapped to a corresponding field in Cause IQ. 

Next, you have two options on how you want Cause IQ to update your Salesforce fields:

Only update Account fields when the Salesforce value is blank / missing: Bulk update will only update the fields that you selected when the field isn't currently filled out.

Overwrite all Account fields with Cause IQ values: Bulk update will overwrite all values for the fields that you selected, whether the field is filled out already or not.

We recommend starting with the "Only update Account fields when the Salesforce value is blank / missing" option.

After you confirm your selections, select "Start enriching Accounts" to start the enrichment process. You can track the status of the enrichment from the progress bar at the bottom of the page. Cause IQ will send you an email when the enrichment is complete, with a record-by-record status of the updates.

You can also individually enrich your Salesforce Accounts (or Leads) that are linked to corresponding organizations from the organizations' profiles. To do so, click the "Update Account fields" link within the "Salesforce" section on the right of the screen, and then choose the fields you want to augment in the update account page. Here's where you can enrich your Salesforce Accounts (or Leads) individually from an organization's profile:

Enrich your Salesforce objects individually