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Augment and make better use of existing spreadsheets, lists, and CRM records

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Accurate and up-to-date information on your nonprofit prospects and clients is necessary to have effective campaigns and provide quality client services. However, information in CRMs can become stale or contain records with many blank fields. Attendee lists from webinars and conferences have missing information -- from nonprofit revenue sizes to email addresses -- that make them hard to act on. Or so many organizations enter (or leave) your target market that you don't even know if your CRM contains the right records anymore. Cause IQ can help you solve these issues, in additional to other areas of enriching your information.

Identify whitespace opportunities

You work hard to grow your client and qualified prospect lists, and, at times, you may think you've exhausted all your options to identify new organizations in your target market. Cause IQ's My saved lists filter allows you to exclude specific organizations from a search, which helps you find opportunities you didn't know about. Cause IQ customers use our list-building capabilities to create lists of organizations they work with or have come across in the past. These lists are automatically stored within the My saved lists filter, and you can use the filter with an exclude method to remove specific organizations from a search. For example, you can create a search to segment organizations in your target market and exclude lists of clients, known prospects, and bad-fit organizations. For more information on identifying whitespace opportunities in Cause IQ, check out these links for best practices:

Here's a video showing you how to use the My saved lists filter to exclude organizations you know about from a search query:

Stay up-to-date on personnel and organizations

Organization information and key employees working at organizations change regularly. It's important to stay up-to-date with these changes, especially for organizations that matter to you. Cause IQ equips customers with the tools they need to only export records they haven't previously exported and monitor organizations meeting their target market criteria. For example, you can track your custom exports for future deduping purposes and monitor your saved searches to receive updates on your target market. For more information on how you can use Cause IQ to stay-up-to-date on personnel and organizations that matter to you most, check out the links below:

Here's an overview video showing you how to only export records you haven't previously and save and monitor your searches:

Make attendee lists more actionable

When attending events -- conferences, trade shows, webinars -- to promote your products or services you want to make sure you spend time talking to attendees that are a good fit for your business. Also, contacting attendees before the event allows you to set concrete meeting times with representatives from organizations you want to connect with. Cause IQ's purpose-built tools allow customers to upload an attendee list, narrow down on the attendees that meet specific search criteria, and enrich the attendee records with up-to-date organization and personnel information. For example, you can upload attendees for the annual technology conference, find organizations that have increased their revenue by 10% over the past year, and export contact information for key personnel that focus on fundraising efforts for their organization. To learn more about how you can use Cause IQ to make attendee lists more actionable, check out these links for best practices:

Here's a video showing you how to add filters to narrow down on attendees and add personnel and organization information to the records:

Fill in missing record information

It's a fact that CRM information eventually becomes stale. And when the CRM information is from multiple sources, there's oftentimes mismatches or missing fields. Your CRM records are only as good as the details they contain, and it's crucial to keep the information as up-to-date and complete as possible. Cause IQ customers use our tools to upload existing CRM records, match them to the corresponding organization records in Cause IQ, export the uploaded records with augmented details, and then follow their CRM's data loading process to get the enriched information back in their system. For example, you can upload a list of the opportunities you're working and enrich the records with new contacts and up-to-date financial information. Check out these links for best practices on filling in missing record information with Cause IQ:

Here's a video showing you how to augment records from an uploaded CSV in Cause IQ: