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Learn more about the specific tools and sections of the Cause IQ website

Cause IQ's organization profile pages

 View an organization's financials, personnel, vendors, and more in one place

Analyze search results

Gain market insights by automatically summarizing quantitative and qualitative trends of organizations right from the search interface

Salesforce integration: Setup and creating new objects

Create new Leads, Accounts, and/or Contacts from Cause IQ, with deduping and custom fields

Upload CSV spreadsheets to create lists

Use uploaded CSVs to enrich data, augment information, and further segment lists

Cause IQ's personnel profile pages

View key personnel contact information, compensation, and more in one place

Find specific vendors and service providers

See which organizations are clients of specific service providers and open client lists for further analysis.

Foundation search tool overview

The ins-and-outs of Cause IQ's foundation search tool

Salesforce integration: Enrichment and augmentation

Update existing Accounts and Leads by filling in missing fields or updating existing fields

Search interface overview

The ins-and-outs of Cause IQ's search interface

Search table tool

View key organizational descriptive and financial information in a tabular format

Search filter sidebar

 The search filter sidebar helps you narrow down to organizations in a specific target segment

Group returns, chapters, and consolidated financials

Find organizations with group or parent/child structures, including headquarter organizations, and their consolidated financials

Types of services organizations are procuring

Use expenditure characteristics to determine the types of services that organizations are buying from vendors and other contractors

Cause IQ's "Custom export name" for Salesforce integration users

Map a custom text field to Cause IQ's "Custom export name" to tag the new Salesforce records you create in bulk


See all relevant Cause IQ information in one place and manage your account settings

Foundations and grantmaking organizations

Use the Types filter to find foundations and grantmaking organizations

Membership, grant-based, fundraising-event, and business-like organizations

Using revenue sources to find membership, grant-based, and other types of organizations

Search funding tool

View which foundations give to an organization segment

Search "List" view

Quickly see the organizations that meet your search criteria, add them to a list, and access their profile pages