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Find specific vendors and service providers

See which organizations are clients of specific service providers and open client lists for further analysis.

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Identifying client lists of competitors or partners is easy with Cause IQ. Cause IQ's vendor search allows you to:

  • Search for specific vendors by company name
  • Search for vendors providing specific services
  • View vendor information in a tabular format
  • Pull client lists of specific service providers
  • Create organization searches with vendor firm as a filter
  • Export vendor information in bulk

To access the vendor search, either click the spyglass icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen (then select "New vendor search), or click the "New search" button on the search interface and select "Vendor search":

Cause IQ's vendor search

Search specific vendors by name

If you know the service provider you want to pull a client list for, simply type the company's name in the Name filter that is displayed in your search filter sidebar on the left side of the page.

Adding the desired vendor's name to the Name filter pulls all the vendors in Cause IQ that are associated with the given name. Here's a look at where you'll find the Name filter within the vendor search:

Name filter - vendor search

You can also search vendors using the "Search vendors in Cause IQ..." search bar at the top of the vendor search interface. This search bar identifies vendors by primary name and any other associated trade names. Here's a look at where you can access the "Search vendors in Cause IQ..." search bar:

Search vendors using the search bar

Create organization searches with vendor firm as a filter

Once you've searched for a competitor or partner you can open their identified clients in Cause IQ's organization search for additional analysis and filtering. To do so, click on the vendor's name, this takes you to their profile page. 

To open all identified clients in the Cause IQ search interface, simply select "Open clients in search." Here's a look at where to open a vendor's identified clients in Cause IQ's organization search:

Open a client list of vendors in Cause IQ's search interface

Search for vendors providing specific services

Cause IQ's vendor search also allows you to search vendors based on the type of services they provide (e.g., accounting, insurance, legal). This allows you to gain insights on all vendors operating in a specific field. You can access the Service types provided filter from the search filter sidebar. Here's a look at where to access the Service types provided filter:

Service types provided filter - vendor search

Compare vendor information with the table tool

You can easily compare vendors side by side using the table tool within the vendor search. To access the table tool, simply click the "Table" tab from the vendor search interface. 

The table tool has a couple of default fields displayed (that can be changed) , including: vendor's name, service type they provide, number of identified clients and their clients' average revenue. You can add any of the available fields within the vendor search as columns by clicking "Change columns" on the right of the screen. Here's a look at the table tool within the vendor search:

Table view within the vendor search

Download vendor information to an Excel file

Customers with subscriptions that include bulk exporting can download vendor details directly from the table tool within Cause IQ's vendor search.

Once you've chosen which columns of information you want included on your spreadsheet (click the "Change columns" link to set your columns), click the "Download table" link in the upper right of the page. Here's where you'll find that link within the table tool:

Table tool download - vendor search

Here's a look at an Excel file from a vendor search download:

Excel file from vendor table download