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Salesforce integration: Enrichment and augmentation

Update existing Accounts and Leads by filling in missing fields or updating existing fields

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Note: Your Cause IQ account will need to be initialized with our Salesforce integration, including all custom fields mapped, prior to using the Salesforce enrichment and augmentation functionality.

Load existing records

To enrich your existing Accounts or Leads in Salesforce, you first must load the existing records into Cause IQ that you want to enrich. To do so, go to your Salesforce Dashboard and select the "Load accounts" tab. In the "Choose Salesforce Account list view to load from" section, select the Salesforce list view that contains the existing records you want to enrich. After you review and confirm the details of the list view, select "Load Accounts for matching" and Cause IQ will process the records in the background. Once all the records are loaded, click the "Match Accounts" tab to match your existing records to the corresponding organizations in Cause IQ.

Here's a look at where you load your Account or Lead records from a specific list view in Cause IQ:

Load your existing records into Cause IQ

Match existing records

After you load the records you want to enrich, the next step is to match your Accounts (or Leads) to the corresponding organizations in Cause IQ. Based on a combination of name, address, EIN, website URL, and other fields, Cause IQ will find the most appropriate match for the Salesforce records you brought in. You can choose to auto-match your Salesforce records in bulk by selecting "Bulk auto match" on the right side of the screen. Cause IQ automatically accepts every record's auto-match, if one exists.

Here's a look at the matching wizard and where you can choose to bulk auto-match your Salesforce records to the corresponding organizations in Cause IQ:

Match your Salesforce records to the corresponding organizations in Cause IQ

If an auto-match doesn't exist, you can still match your records with the "Recommended" organizations or "Search" for the organization you want to match your record to. Here are the options for matching your Salesforce records to organizations in Cause IQ:

  • Auto match: The best-fit match, when Cause IQ can identify an organization that corresponds with the Salesforce record with good confidence, based on name, website URL, address, EIN, or other information
  • Recommended: The top five best-fit matching organizations to the Salesforce records
  • Search: Manually search for a corresponding organization based on name, metro, state, and/or revenue range
  • Ignore: If you don't want to match the Salesforce record, then ignore the record

Your matching progress is constantly saved and you can always come back to the matching wizard later. To do so, go to the Salesforce section within your Dashboard and click the "Match Accounts" tab. The Salesforce records you loaded for enrichment are organized in the following sections:

  • Unprocessed: Salesforce records that you haven't matched to corresponding organizations in Cause IQ yet
  • Ignored: Salesforce records you've chosen to ignore, perhaps because they aren't a nonprofit
  • Matched: Salesforce records you've previously matched

Summary video

Here's a summary video that shows you how to load your Salesforce records for enrichment, and auto-match them to the corresponding organizations in Cause IQ: 

Bulk update records

Now that you've matched your Salesforce records to the corresponding organizations in Cause IQ you can enrich your existing records in bulk. Within the "Enrich Accounts" tab of the Salesforce dashboard, you first need to select if you want to enrich records from a specific Salesforce list view, or if you want to enrich all the records you've previously matched and created in Cause IQ.

The next step is to choose which fields you want to update. You can update any Salesforce field that has been mapped to a corresponding field in Cause IQ. 

Next, you have two options on how you want Cause IQ to update your Salesforce fields:

  • Only update above-selected Account fields with Cause IQ values when the Salesforce value is blank / missing: Bulk update will only update the fields that you selected when the field isn't currently filled out.
  • Overwrite all above-selected Account fields with Cause IQ values: Bulk update will overwrite all values for the fields that you selected, whether the field is filled out already or not.

We recommend starting with the "Only update Account fields when the Salesforce value is blank / missing" option.

After you confirm your selections, select "Start enriching Accounts" to start the enrichment process. You can track the status of the enrichment from the progress bar at the bottom of the page. Cause IQ will send you an email when the enrichment is complete, with a record-by-record status of the updates.

Summary video

Individually update records

To update your Salesforce records from Cause IQ on an individual basis, go to the organization's profile. On the right side of the screen, there is a "Salesforce" section. Click the "Update fields" link to go to the page to select the fields you want to update.

Individually update Salesforce record information

This "Update Salesforce information" page will show the fields that are different between the Cause IQ organization information and the Salesforce record information. Cause IQ checks for the current values of the Account or Lead against the information in Cause IQ to see which fields can be updated. Select which fields you want to update and then click "Update Salesforce object".

Select the fields you want to update

You can unlink Cause IQ organizations and personnel that you've previously matched to your Salesforce records. To do so, go to the organization's profile. On the right side of the screen, in the "Salesforce" section, click "Unlink Account from Cause IQ" to unlink the organization from your Salesforce record.

Unlinking the organization will not change any of the existing information on your Salesforce record. You can always come back to the organization's profile to re-link it to your Salesforce. Here's where you can unlink an organization from your Salesforce:

Unlink organizations from Salesforce records

If you have any questions about our Salesforce integration, need additional help, or have suggestions for additional functionality, please contact us by clicking the orange chat circle in the bottom-right corner of this page.